jackson new jersey

out on the main streets

Pairing: Mavin, slight AHOT6 if you squint (Fake AH Crew)
Summary: An old rival from Michael’s past arrives in Los Santos, resulting in a mission, a high-speed chase across the city, and some unfortunate bullets.
Warnings: mild violence, sexual themes
Word Count: 5147

AO3 [x]

In a club located in the heart of downtown Los Santos, Gavin sips his drink with extreme caution. Loud music pulses against his eardrums to the beat of his ramming heart and pounding headache. He can feel his eyes rolling back into his head as someone smacks into him from behind. It’s not the first time someone has hit him tonight and he anticipates that it probably won’t be the last. While he typically enjoys the party scene on a casual Friday night, everything was overpoweringly loud and he was too stressed out to have a good time.

If he miscalculates any single action, he would be the one responsible for a failed mission. The weight feels heavy on his shoulders.

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Roller Coaster Post #2

This beautiful roller coaster is called Kingda Ka, and it’s located at Six Flags Great Adventure, in Jackson, New Jersey, USA. It is the world’s tallest roller coaster and used to be the fastest one too. It’s speed is 206 km/h and 139 m high, thus it must be quite a thrill!

Another great roller coaster added on the list.