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From barn to bibliothek, a library emerges from history

By LibraryLab at 1:49 pm Monday, Mar 26

Most libraries aren’t found in barns, butJackson (N.H.) Public Library happily makes its new home in one. It’s not just any barn, either. Built in 1858 as part of the town’s first inn, the barn was dismantled and stored away in 2008. At about the same time, the library was looking to open a new facility. As the recession made following through on an architect’s design fiscally impossible, the library partnered with the Jackson Historical Society, itself looking for a way to re-erect the barn.

Jackson Public Library is one of several recent libraries to adapt existing non-library buildings (including a factory, a roller rink, and a department store) as new homes. In addition to generally costing less than a new building, and the potential historic value, the practice helps rejuvenate neighborhoods. See the library in a roller rink (and more) atReused Libraries Rejuvenate Communities [atyourlibrary.org]

— posted by Greg Landgraf, American Libraries


boyfriend and I will be staying at the Wentworth in NH later this month to celebrate the last four years we’ve spent together as well as the years we will spend with eachother until this world ends. We thought we were two, but over time realized we have become one; the pain, the fear, and also the happiness we feel is one that is shared together. There is nothing to hide, there is also nothing to run from, either. Love. It’s the most amazing feeling yet a very terrifying one at the same time. I do know that the feelings I have inside for this man are ones that can never be replaced, even though at times I had wished they could- his love is just too strong. And that’s okay, because I no longer hold onto the doubts of his love for me or his loyalty. He has proved himself just about full worthy of me, and I feel that taking this trip will help us truly realize how much love we have stored up for eachother, and how powerful that can be once you use it at its fullest extent. We have no plans to marry at the moment, but I do believe within the next three years I may no longer carry my Martel name on my shoulders, just in my heart. Life is still changing so much, I really am excited to see this continue to bloom.