jackson is the type of girlfriend to give in to aegyo and sweet talks

Got 7 reacting to breaking something valuable to their S/O


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Originally posted by wangpxppy

I don’t think Jaebum would try to sweet talk anyone, even if it’s his girlfriend. I just think he’ll straight up apologise profusely and if you’re still mad, he’ll make it up to you by buying you your favourite food or something.


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Mark would swear at the sound of your photoframe breaking. He was only trying to clean your room, but he had accidentally knocked it down. Immediately, he’ll call you.

“It was my fault, I’ll make it up to you. Actually, I’m already on the way to buy a new frame. I’ll get your favourite ice cream as well.”

When he gets home and sees you, he’ll pick you up in his arms and hug you tightly.

Someone looks extraordinarily stunning today..


Originally posted by suga-pills

Jackson would freak out at first, pacing around the room figuring out what to do. Eventually, he’ll wait till you come home to break the bad news to you because he thought that telling it to you face to face was the best option.

Babe you look really good today. Did you do something to your hair?”

After noticing his constant compliments, you ask him to spill it.

“Okay..I kinda broke your favourite cup. I’ll buy you a new one okay? Please don’t be mad. Look, I’ll do aegyo for you.” *Pouts*


Originally posted by jypnior

I also don’t think Jinyoung would be the type to sweet talk anyone, unless it was in just a jokingly manner. He’d be so shocked when he sees it broken. He’ll quickly clean up the broken pieces and immediately buy a replacement for you- though he knows it can’t be so easily replaced. 

Darling, I’m so sorry. It was my fault. I’ll do whatever to make it up to you!


Originally posted by youngjai

You look amazing today! So pretty..

You’ll raise an eyebrow at him before he loses it and confesses.

Jagi.. please don’t be mad at me!” He’ll cry, scared of how you’ll react. He’ll hold your hands tightly and try to calm your anger.


Originally posted by wassereis

You look amazing today. Is that a new dress? Wow, we need to bring you out on a nice date.”

“Is there something you need to tell me?” You’d ask.

He’ll rub the back of his neck as he gives a shy smile.

I broke your favourite cup. You’re not mad right? It’s just a cup afterall.


Originally posted by chichangyu

Oh no!” 

He’ll shriek upon seeing the broken photo frame on the floor. He’ll be in a state of panic, wondering how you’ll react. Scared that you’ll leave him because of this one mistake. He’ll message the got7 group chat, asking them what’s the best thing to do. 

When you come home, he’ll run to you with a box of chocolates. He wouldn’t plan to tell you immediately, but maybe only once you questioned him.

I just thought you would want these, not because anything happened..

Got7 React: When their crush/girlfriend is serenaded by another Got7 or Day6 member.

Finished this up so late, but I finished it! Hopefully this turned out great! I’m still trying to get the hang at reactions and hopefully I will improve as time moves on….hopefully haha. Anyways it’s 1 AM right now and I wanna wrap this up so here is the request from the wonderful @sercarverhawke! I hope you like it!

Hi! Could you do a reaction for Got7 please? When their crush/girlfriend is serenaded (full on serenade by the piano as everyone watches lmao) by a member of Day6 or another member of Got7. Thank youuuuuuuu (ily for this).


Originally posted by eatmark

This boy would be fuming. Fuming to the point where you can practically see smoke coming out of his ears. He did not like the fact that Mark was serenading to you…in front of the rest of the members. Half of him was trying to reason that Mark didn’t know that you and him were in a relationship since the two of you were keeping it on the downlow, but the other half wanted to go JBzilla on everyone and rip you away them. The fact that Mark was playing the piano oh so romantically as he stared into your eyes, didn’t make this short-tempered leader feel any less pissed. After Mark was finished, JB would be extra harsh towards the ignorant boy, which caused you to secretly intervene.

“Babe, you know that he doesn’t know that the two of us are together right?”

“I know…”

“Then why are you still glaring at him as if you’re trying to bore holes into him.”

“I’m not trying to a bore a hole in him, Jagi. I’m trying to bury him.”


Originally posted by bambamn

He would silently boil with anger. Mark is usually the quiet and non-combative type, keeping to himself most of the time, except when it comes to you. The fact that Youngjae had decided to serenade you in front of the entire group, and that you were giggling at some of the silly antics he was doing made Mark’s glare even more intense. He couldn’t entirely blame Youngjae since the two of you decided to keep your relationship a secret, but at this point he didn’t care. Youngjae was flirting with his girlfriend and Marky no likey. Once the serenade was over, you can bet that this boy would throw sarcastic and sassy quips at Youngjae for as long as he can before he either forgets or you tell him to stop. Goodbye nicey nice aegyo mark and hello gangster bully Mark.

“Marky, he was just singing to me. It wasn’t like he was confessing his undying love for me.”

“It’s his job to sing. To a crowd of fans. That’s what JYP pays him for….”

“You get really salty when you’re angry, you know that?”

“I’m salty, angry, and bitter wrapped up in a cute package, Jagi.”


Originally posted by fashionableoppa

Talk about hell hath no fury like Jackson’s scorn. He would be very vocal about his displeasure and definitely interrupt Bambam in the middle of his serenade to you, ripping you away from the group. It would be almost impossible for him not to slip that the two of you were dating and would act like a mistress catching her husband being seduced by his secretary. Bambam would obviously apologize for serenading to you since he didn’t know that the two of you were together, but the Jackson would bear a grudge probably until your wedding.

“Yah, are you unhappy that Bambam isn’t singing to you at our reception?”

“Oh my God, Jackson, that was like years ago!”

“So you do remember the serenade!”

“Honey, just eat cake and shut up.”


Originally posted by markificent

He would keep his poker face on as much as physically possible, smiling as Wonpil from Day6 was serenading you in front of both Day6 and Got7. He would maintain that calm, angelic smile as he watched this whole scene go down. This would make you more uncomfortable as you eyed your boyfriend, not even paying attention to Wonpil (though it was difficult since that boy had a voice of an angel). Once the serenade was over, Jinyoung would slow clap, still with that creepy as hell perfect smile, and come by your side as you had a quick conversation with Wonpil, putting his arm around your shoulder and pulling you close.

“You’re not mad? You know he didn’t know that we’re together right?”

“Of course, I’m not mad. Why would I be mad?”

“You’re a good actor Jinyoung, but you can’t hide the malicious intent rolling off you…”

“You’re just not allowed to leave my side for the next 30+ years, okay?”


Originally posted by jypnior

*Ignore the subtitles*

Talk about savage maknae. This guy already is a savage in front/around his hyungs, but the moment he witnesses you being serenade by Jinyoung with the piano in front of the rest of the members, you can be sure that this boy will throw some shade. He would glare at his hyung the entire time and be extra salty when the song was over. You can be sure that Yugyeom will act like a little shit towards Jinyoung since no one is allowed to serenade to his girlfriend except him (even though no one knows that the two of you are dating).

“Yugyeom, can you pass me the Jinyoung’s water bottle?”

“Why do you have to get it? He has two legs. Why can’t he?”

“Because it’s my job as assistant manager to help you guys out? Like giving you water?”

“Can’t you just…I don’t know… quit?”

“….Honey, he serenaded to me once….and he didn’t even know that that two of us are dating. Calm your tits.”


Originally posted by jitonic

Aww this little baby will be so torn. Though he is technically not the maknae of the group this sweet gumdrop who has tried to turn from cute to sexy (even though he will always stay cute, would be so flustered. He would stare wide-eyed and dumbfounded that Jae hyung from Day6 was serenading you in front of both Got7 and Day6 while playing the piano. He would want to be upset, but he wouldn’t release his anger out on Jae since Jae was older. Once the song was over Bambam would just sulk and pout the entire day, not happy that you were receiving romantics gestures from another man, requiring you to comfort him and cheer him up.

“Bammie, what’s wrong?”


“It’s not nothing if you’re pouting like that….”


“*pecks on the lips* You feel better now?”

“Yeah *grins*”


Originally posted by jiminthebun

This silly cutie would be upfront about his unhappiness, but not go on a tirade like Jackson. He would laugh in disbelief that JB was full on serenading you in front of the other members. Granted JB didn’t know that the two of you guys were dating, but that didn’t mean Youngjae wouldn’t be angry. He would be in slight denial about what’s going on until it finally sunk in, which would make him decide to step in. He wouldn’t lash his anger out at JB, of course, but he would definitely put his arms around you and brightly smile at his leader to hint at the fact that you were off limits.

“Did you enjoy his serenade, Jagi?”

“Are you jealous Youngjae?”

“No! O-of course not!”

“Suuuuure you’re not, you’ve just been clinging to me for the past 5 hours for shits and giggles.”

“Aiiiish! Jagi! Why did you have to say that out loud *dies of embarrassment*”

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