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people scared of jyp when got7 get back lol but then there’s this guy


Teen Wolf AU: The pack decide to take a road trip to try and forget about all the bad things that have happened to them over the past few months. Scott takes it upon himself to document the trip, recording everything. Everybody is happy, nobody’s dead and everything is beautiful. (part 1) (part 2)

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Could u do a HC where Thalia is les?? If it doesn't make u uncomfortable or anything like that. Les-Lesbian

yo it’s @vivilevone in da house again

Important thing to note: the idea of a lesbian character should never make someone uncomfortable. If it does, that person’s views are flawed and they need to be properly educated on why being lesbian is perfectly normal and fine. 


I am extremely down for this. The Hunters are sworn off of romantic relationships with men, BUT:

  • Thalia has never really liked men
  • She’s a very outspoken, proud sort of person, and had never been ashamed to like girls
  • When she joins the Hunters, Artemis is well aware that Thalia is a lesbian
  • When Thalia asks if this will affect her fitness to be a Hunter, Artemis answered, eyes sparkling, “Not at all.”
    • (Artemis is a lil bit gay herself let’s be honest)
  • Thalia has a very lowkey crush on the Hunters as a whole
    • They’re all so glowy and talented and flawless and strong
  • But full disclosure: Thalia’s in love with a girl from home
    • They haven’t spoken in awhile on account of the whole “running away from home” thing, but before she left, Thalia was head over heels for this girl named Elisa
    • She was perfect; bold but not overly so, determined and loyal, and she loved so deeply
    • Basically she balanced out Thalia’s stubborn, headstrong, prideful nature
  • Thalia maaaaaaaaaaay have kissed her just before she left and maaaaaaaaaaaaaay have never forgotten it
  • she fully intends to return home one day and rekindle her relationship with Elisa but for now all she can do is dream
  • Another note: like, half the Hunters are some form of sapphic
  • And a lot of the time they just sit around discussing pretty girls
    • “Have you seen Emma Watson’s recently?” “Who is this Emma Watson? I personally like Coco Chanel” “Krista, Coco Chanel is from decades ago” “Well, she was PRETTY”
    • they aren’t exactly caught up with modern culture or anyone who’s actually relevant today but that sure as hell doesn’t stop them
  • Artemis is just the love-all mother who sits in on her adoptive childrens’ conversations sometimes and once or twice will put in, “Yes, I was once with a girl like that. She had a fiery temper, though.”
  • no one is even surprised
Got7 Reaction To Their Girlfriend Being Affectionate/Clingy

Reaction Masterlist

deeimana said:

got7 reaction to their gf being very affectionate and clingy?

Mark: *totally into it. He’s already pretty clingy with some of his members and he’d want to be even more skinshipy with his girlfriend. Literally makes him unable to stop smiling*

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JB: *just embarrassed and happy all at once in a totally adorable way. He would probably be shy about reciprocating the same stuff himself, he go with his girlfriend doing it, praying the other members don’t tease him too much for it*

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Jackson: *He’s just generally very affectionate towards the people he cares about anyway, so they would just be a super skinshipy couple all the time, almost like if they were together some part of them had to be touching so they would be reassured they were still around*

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Jinyoung: *a bit more embarrassed like JB although not that embarrassed, probably falling about where mark would be on the spectrum, he’d love that his girlfriend was affectionate and would be affectionate with her as well even if he got shy about it.*

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Youngjae: *I think he’d also get embarrassed and when he gets embarrassed or feels uncomfortable, he laughs. Over time, his girlfriend’s affectionate actions would get less of a reaction as he got used to them and he’d never push her away, just get a little uncomfortable*

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BamBam: *As always, a little extra. I picture him alternating between overreacting to her actions like yah what are you doing? and then going along with it too far like why hello there jagi, did you want a kiss? Either way, he’d be into it, but he’d also be really into lovingly teasing his girlfriend about it too.*

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Yugyeom: *another one who is going to be a bit shy and awkward but he’d also like it. Each time his girlfriend was affectionate, he’d get a big dopey smile on his face and subtly pull her closer. He’d really enjoy being close to her, there’s something about skin to skin contact (oxytocin is amazing) that made him feel amazing*

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  • I have a huge clothes sharing thing for these two.  Jackson grumbles about Stiles borrowing his expensive shirts, especially when he’s eating, but he also kind of really loves it.  he finds it hot when he finds Stiles lounging in a pair of his silk boxers, and he finds it really cute when Stiles has stolen another of his floral sweaters, and he just loves to cuddle up and breathe in the scent of Stiles on his clothes.  when Stiles first catches Jackson in one of his plaids, he ends up spending an hour and a half snuggling him on the couch, smiling because his boyfriend is secretly a romantic dork. 
  • Jackson tries to teach Stiles some self defense.  it won’t do much against werewolves, but if another evil geriatric decided beating up the human was a good idea, he’d be better prepared to fight.  it doesn’t go so well, mostly because Stiles keeps distracting Jackson by stroking his hands down his stomach and thighs, a shit eating grin on his face when Jackson finally gives in and presses him against the wall, kissing him.
  • I have a headcanon that Jackson wears glasses.  he usually wears contact lenses during the day, because he hates the way he looks with his glasses.  but he has a pair of floral rimmed glasses for emergencies and when he’s home alone.  the first time he wears them around Stiles, it hits Stiles that this is Jackson trusting him, completely and wholly, and showing him in small ways like this.  he ends up gently nudging the glasses up Jackson’s nose for him before kissing him softly. 
  • I have a headcanon that Jackson wears a lot of floral.  I just love the thought of him in floral shirts, boxes, snapbacks, glasses, etc.  So with Jackson in floral and Stiles in plaid, they definitely draw some gazes.  
  • Jackson and Stiles in crop tops.  That’s all I’m saying.
  • for all he comes across as arrogant and sometimes aggressive, Jackson generally tries not to get into fights, usually trying to resolve things other ways.  so usually it’s him gently dragging Stiles back before he can get into a fight.

Thank you! <3

send me a character/ship and I’ll list a few of my headcanons for them 


“It was scarlet fever. The children are alright, they’ll be fine. Except… I’m so sorry, sir. The little girl, Jane, she did not survive. She died, sir.”

“What is it? He’s never cried before. Not for all the blood and all the death, not for his young students from VMI, not for his friends, not for anyone.”

“Not so, Sandie. I think he is crying for them all.

Gods and Generals (2003)

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drinkify.org - Find out what you should drink when you’re listening to ________.

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youtube.com/leanback - Enjoy a never ending stream of YouTube videos in full-screen.

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hackertyper.com - Type like a hacker on television/in movies.

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Yes! Stackson is my life, so could you write me something fluffy of them? Like a snow day one or something, complete with hot chocolate and cuddles? I would die happy.

Stiles is pissed, honestly.

He saved up for months to take this trip to London, and he did it so that he could get some sense knocked into him. Literally, if necessary. Because ever since the nogitsune, all his friends have been dancing around him, with no idea what to say. And he gets it. It takes a special kind of fucked up to know how to help someone get past being possessed. But if there’s anyone who’d know what to say without treating Stiles like he could break at any moment, it’s Jackson. He figured, Jackson’s been through it before, and as an added bonus, he’s an asshole, so he’d know what to do, what to say. He wouldn’t sugar coat it. It’d be good.

But then he got there, and Jackson met him at the airport and greeted him with an “Alright?” with his new British slang and a hint of a British accent (which was admittedly adorable), and he carried his bags and bought him lunch and was generally un-Jackson-like, so yeah, Stiles is pissed.

“Dude,” Stiles says over dinner that night. “Seriously, what the hell?”

“What?” Jackson asks, raising a brow.

What?“ Stiles asks incredulously. "It’s been eight hours and you haven’t said anything sarcastic, snarky, or douchey. That’s what.”

Jackson just shrugs. It’s infuriating.

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"Looking Too Closely", a post season eleven Japril narrative fanfiction

Set following the season eleven finale, April reflects on her and Jackson’s relationship and how far they’ve come to be where they are now. Contains mild angst.

This was originally set out to be a tragedy, but the writing took a turn and things just kind of took off from there. I went with it, and ended up here. So basically, it’s a narrative on their relationship from the get-go, and tackles the way I think April is currently feeling right now. So, please let me know if you enjoyed this, and hopefully it’s in-character and great. :)

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The Generals have an infielder from South Korea named Ji-Man Choi. When he first came up to Jackson from Single-A, we made his walk-up song “Ain’t Nuthin’ But A G (Ji) Thang,” which I thought was hilarious.

About a week later, we got a request from the Clubhouse to change his song to “Gangnam Style.” I assumed the request was from Choi, but it turns out it was from our manager, Jim Pankovits.

In 49 games with Jackson, Choi has hit 8 homers including 2 grand slams. Six of those home runs have occurred at home, and we always play “Gangnam Style” as he rounds the bases.

Today, I made an animated slide to put on GeneralsVision as he runs the bases. Our GM said we had to run it by Choi first, so we did.


I’m so incredibly excited about this and I hope he rides his invisible horse around the bases.