jackson frederick

In-laws meeting
  • sally jackson: you may also have the smartest daughter with super intelligence and half a goddess and very beautiful BUT
  • frederick chase: your point?
  • sally jackson: BUT-
  • percy: mom please don't
  • sally jackson: but I BANGED a god and you DIDN'T
  • percy: I knew it
  • annabeth: she's doing it again
  • frederick chase: goddamnit

I want Sally Jackson and Frederick Chase to become friends, them bonding over having powerful demigods as their kids and finally talking to someone who gets it, gets what is to wake up one day, so young, and have your world changed by gods. I want Frederick and Paul talking about teaching and helping Sally with the research for her book; Paul, Sally and Frederick having dinner nights and talking about their kids (because Paul considers Percy his) and drinking wine. 

And then we have Annabeth, who is absolutely over the moon that her dad is flying to NYC to spend time with her, no stepfamily (because they never managed to get close) and she loves seeing her dad interact with Sally and Paul, because they are also her family. She went from being a little girl feeling like she had no one to Sally, Percy and Frederick in the kitchen cooking while she and Paul talks about history and architecture while playing with Baby Blofis. Sally, Paul, Percy, Frederick and Baby Blofis are her family and it’s just makes her so happy to see them together and happy.

i think that annabeth hurts about her father ignoring her more than she really should because she knows in the back of her mind that being busy is just a matter of priorities, and her father decided that his job was more important than spending time with her. It’s also the feeling of being unwanted i think that really got to her. As a child, she never knew her mom and she probably was that one kid in her 1st grade class whose parent wasn’t able to attend “bring your mother/father to school day”. Sometimes her being independent is mistaken for her being strong (emotionally), and i hate that it is such a common misconception. It’s more of the fact that she is really good as masking emotions and she isn’t used to being doted on and wants someone to love her and be with her forever, but just doesn’t know how to let them in.


As a single image can destroying so many feelings at once?

Como uma única imagem como destruir tantos sentimentos de uma vez só?

Chase Siblings

Okay, but Annabeth bonding with Bobby and Matthew.

-building massive Lego monuments in the yard, the kind that makes her stepmother mutter under her breath, but Mrs. Chase is glad that Annabeth is finally accepting her brothers.

-teaching them self-defense when she learns that they get bullied for being know-it-alls in school.

-Iris messaging them whenever during the school year. Leaving drachmas for them to call her in case of emergencies, or if they just really need to talk.

-the three of them watching old classics with their dad, and teasing him about tearing up at the romantic scenes.

-the two of them pitching in to buy Annabeth a new bronze dagger from Amazon for her birthday. Annabeth tearing up and giving them a bone-crushing hug.

-Annabeth ruffling their hair affectionately and calling them squirt and pipsqueak respectively, and them being mock annoyed, but secretly really happy to finally be close to the sister they always looked up to.

-Annabeth bringing them back souvenirs from her quests whenever she can. Their collection now includes a Drakon tooth, a silver harpy feather, some ancient pieces of armor and weaponry that their dad drools over, and two ferocious saber-toothed kittens that Annabeth named Damascene and Bob. (P.S. Mrs. Chase is still mad about the ruined carpets)

-them giving Percy a stern talking to before he and Annabeth move in together. Percy taking it seriously even though he knows Annabeth would just kick his ass if he ever did anything dumb.

Matthew Chase had spent his whole life hearing about gods. How they’re real. How they ruin lives. How they’re beautiful. How their children are powerful. How their children are assaulted by monsters daily.
Matthew himself had never experienced a god before, but he knew demigods. His sister, cousin, and brother-in-law were some of these. When he was younger, he used ti sit on their laps and listeb to them tell amazing stories. He remembered when he and his brother would sit in their San Francisco house while their sister’s then boyfriend would talk about getting attavked by pirates, or hear the story of how he’d beaten the Minotaur when he was not,much older than they were then. Sometimes their sister would interrupt and tell it how it really happened. Matthew especially liked the part where he pulled her out of an amusement park ride when they were twelve because she was screaming herself silly. He loved his sister, but it was nice to know sometimes that she was still at least half human.
Matthew wasn’t like his twin brother, who sometimes resented the demigods and called them arrogant and egotistical. He’d seen his sister consoling her husband after he had a nightmare about a place called Tartarus in their kitchen. He knew they went infallible. Sincere he thought Bobby was jealous because their sister was Matthew’s hero.

[Mrs. Chase has discovered that a six year old Annabeth has been sleeping with a hammer under her pillow for the past three nights]

Mrs. Chase(Grabbing Annabeth harshly and taking the hammer): What am I supposed to tell your father if you brain yourself in your sleep?!

Annabeth(Wrenching away from her): Tell him ‘Good news! All your dreams have come true!’

“Hey, Annabeth, are you coming with us? I wanted to show Perseus around the city”

“Yeah, sure. In a minute. And, dad? You can call him Percy. You used to call him Percy”

“Not now that he’s your official boyfriend, Annie. Okay but, hurry up, I don’t get the chance to see you very often either”

“On my way”

Annabeth Chase reading a book at her father’s house in San Francisco, the first time Percy met her family. Taken by Frederick Chase who still couldn’t believe her daughter actually accepted to spent two weeks with him in San Francisco. 

Happy 37th Birthday (April 21, 1979) ~ James McAvoy.
My absolute favourite actor and one of the most handsome man on this entire planet ~
He’s such a beautiful person Inside and outside.
He’s cheeky, clever, funny and just wonderfully awesome!!!!!! :33
Every single movie he does is amazing ~
Such a talent.

I hope today and of course the rest of his life will be filled with happiness, success and love.
Whether acting, whether being a model, whether working for charity (Soccer Aid) ~ he’s perfect.
He makes the world a much more brighter place with all he does.

And being a Scotsman makes him even more amazing (for me!) Hahaha.

  • [Annabeth is packing her things for college. Pausing momentarily to check her list of everything she’ll need, she looks up to see Matthew standing in the doorway of her room]
  • Annabeth: Oh, it’s you. What do you need?
  • Matthew: [uncertainly] Is it true?
  • Annabeth: Is what true?
  • Matthew: That stuff that Dad told us. About how you talk to gods, and fight monsters and stuff. About how you saved the world. It’s not true, is it? Mom said it’s not.
  • Annabeth: [Returning to her packing, unimpressed] Figures. She WOULD. No, it’s true.
  • Matthew: [Confused] But you’re still our same Annabeth.
  • Annabeth: [Raising an eyebrow] Are you disappointed?
  • [Matthew cautiously enters her room, then seems to make a split second decision and hugs her. Surprised, Annabeth drops her list]
  • Matthew: [Voice muffled] No. I’m happy.
New York Film Critics Circle Awards - Winners

Best Picture: Carol
Best Director: Todd Haynes, Carol
Best Actress: Saoirse Ronan, Brooklyn
Best Actor: Michael Keaton, Spotlight
Best Supporting Actress: Kristen Stewart, Clouds of Sils Maria
Best Supporting Actor: Mark Rylance, Bridge of Spies
Best Screenplay: Phyllis Nagy, Carol
Best Cinematography: Edward Lachman, Carol
Best Nonfiction Film: In Jackson Heights, Frederick Wiseman
Best Animated Film: Inside Out, Pete Docter, Ronnie del Carmen
Best First Film: Son of Saul, László Nemes
Best Foreign Film: Timbuktu, Abderrahmane Sissako

Special Award #1: Posthumous Award honoring the legacy of William Becker and Janus Films
Special Award #2: Ennio Morricone, Composer