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ID #40357

Name: Kiera
Age: 16
Country: England

Hey, so I’m a little awkward and I find it weird to make friends/talk about myself but here I go.
I’m into a number of things, but my favourites are Percy Jackson, Merlin, Supernatural, Batman, Mass Effect/Dragon Age, to name a few.
I love to write fanfic for those fandoms, and I freaking love cute family relationships, with the occasional romance. I’m really into drawing too and this September I’ll be going to college and studying fine art, English language, and early modern history. I’d love to meet somebody who also likes to draw so we can work on things together.
Like I said I’m a little awkward and it usually takes me a long time to make friends. My personality type is INFJ if that means anything to anyone. I’d really love to meet a friend who I can chat to regularly and just get to know and stuff.

Preferences: Preferably 14-18ish, though as long as you’re friendly and kind I don’t really mind.


It’ll be okay, zombie child… It’ll be okay…

This post from incorrectpjoquotes struck my fancy, and I wound up with a quickly-scrawled comic thing. (also I really wanted to draw that expression on Percy shhhhh)