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Jackson x Got7 x Smut x Fluffy x Abuse x Violence x Smut - Jackson is not abusing her ! Her boyfriend is (her boyfriend isnt Jackson or any got7 members)

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Jackson’s jaw was clenched as he sat across from you to cup your red bruised face. “Did he do this to you?” he asked. You just looked away scared to tell him this was your abusive boyfriends doing. 

You hated facing Jackson. You just felt so ashamed and guilty. 

 “It was my fault.” Your voice was soft and weak, just as your soul was.

Jackson stood up and wrapped his arms around you. “It was never your fault, and it never will be. A man should never touch a woman in this way, and you don’t deserve this. You deserve so much better. You deserve the whole world.”

 Jackson continued holding you tightly, trying to protect you from everything bad in the world. He was pretty sure if he wasn’t holding you, he would be out killing the guy right now”.

-I want to thank Erica ( @got7imaginations) for the inspiration from her game to write this Jackson series- credit goes to her! Thanks doll <3-


The night was cold and the thin sheets which covered barely a small proportion of your small body was halfway on you. You looked over at your boyfriend, watching him sleep. Fear streaming in your eyes as you remembered last nights events. Him yelling at you and slapping you on the floor as you held your face in panic.

You quickly looked away, climbing out of the bed as your feet touched the cold hard floor. You walked towards the bathroom, sitting on the toilet seat as you held your face in your hands. You weren’t sure if you had a huge bruise on your face and you weren’t sure how you were going to hide it this time. 

Your body shivering from the cool air flowing throughout your small apartment. You felt goosebumps creeping up your body and you let out another shiver. You wanted to see so badly if your face was bruised up but you couldn’t bare it. You were so beautiful and now you couldn’t even look at yourself anymore.

You stood in the mirror running your fingertips over the purple bruise on your cheek. Tears falling down stinging your cheek making you wince from the pain. Was there even a way out?

“Y/N. I’m sorry”.

Hearing his voice startled you as you turned around quickly backing up into the sink knocking few toiletries down.

“Y/N. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I just had a bad day”.

His voice was soft much like all the other times. His voice wasn’t sincere much like all the other times. You looked away from him, couldn’t stare at a liar. Shaking your head as tears fell down your face. He didn’t say anything this time just pulled you into a tight hug. Afraid of him going to hit you again, you let him.


You banged at the door impatiently waiting for Jackson to open it. Pulling your shades down covering your black eye you received a few minutes ago.

“Yah, it’s 5 in the morning” he groaned before opening the door.

He froze staring at you before standing aside to let you come in. His eyes still sleepy from you waking him up. He rubbed his eyes a few times before stating the obvious. He didn’t understand why you were waking up him from his sleep with the loud banging on his door.

“Y/N. Why are you waking me up so early. And whats with the shades again”.

“Nothing. I just needed to get away” you lied sitting away from him.

He looked at you suspiciously, sitting inches away from you. He noticed the cut on your lip and the purple bruise on your cheek which you failed at covering.

“What happened your lip? he frowned”.

“I bit it. Does it look bad?”.


“Its nothing really” you shrugged off.

Before you could jerk his hands away, they were snatching off your shades and tossing them on the floor. His small warm hands tracing over the purple bruise on your face making you wince.

“Who did this to you?” Jackson asked, hurt in his face.

“Its nothing. I just fell. Im okay” you laughed painfully.

“Y/N. How did you fall?”.

Jackson was starting to worry about you. He started noticing you wear make up often, and sunglasses in the coldest of weather. You would often flinch when he went to hug you, or complain about how tightly he hugged you that you were sore. He really didnt think anything of it until now.

Until he stared at you now- looking at you black eye and your bruised face. He watched you in pain and didnt notice, he wasnt paying attention to the facts, to everything which seemed to add up now. It made sense now- everything made sense now.

“Jackson. Dont worry about me” you weakly spoke.

“Is he hitting you? Is that son of a bitch hitting you?”.

His voice was loud and stern. Which made you flinch from the sudden change of his tone. His jaws were clenched and locked, his eyes grew darker and his vein were more visible than before. You didnt speak, instead tears fell down your cheek.

“Im sorry. I didnt mean to scare you”. 

His voice quickly changing back. His voice light and comforting now. His hands pulling you close to hug your body. Carefully, not to harm you anymore than you already were. Carefull not to squeeze you to tight. He then pulled away wiping your tears gently, then taking your hand leading you to the bathroom.

“Tell me what happened”.

He begged you, he needed to know. He wanted to know. Cleaning up your wounds and bandaging them up he looked at you. You were so beautiful even if you were being abused, you were still beautiful to him.

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BTS & Got7

Jimin: hey look its our favorite rookie group

JB: um arent you guys rookies too

Jimin: we’re gonna teach you everything you need to know about being idols. call me hyung

JB: im pretty sure im older than you

Rapmon: yeah jimin sit down 

J-Hope: so…what do you guys wanna do 

Jackson: i think i wanna get to know jungkook better

Jungkook: sure hyung what do you want to know

Jackson: mmMMmmm your voicEe. maknaes are my favorite

Bambam: i thought i was your favorite

Jackson: dont worry boys, theres plenty of jackson to go around

Junior: jackson stop being so creepy

Mark: hey you

V: *looks around room* me?

Mark: yeah. theres only room for one of us

V: umM what are you talking about

Mark: theres only room for one beautiful redhead. so how do u wanna duel this out

V: i dont

Mark: martial arts contest ????? good idea *does a backflip*

Jin: woaH mark be careful. you dont want to hurt your lovely face. thats the struggle of being a visual. trust me, i would know

Mark: wow, finally someone who understands me 

Suga: can you guys stop being gay as fuCk

Junior: yeah guys, seriously

Suga: uM werent you just sitting on JB’s lap five seconds ago

Junior: thats how we get to know each other better

Jackson: i hope we all get to know each other *creepy smile* especially you jungkook

Jungkook: um 

Yugyeom: wow jungkook how old are you???? haha youre like two 

Jin: arent you younger than him

Yugyeom: yeah but look at me. im a man

Jimin: WOW yugyeom we have SO much in common. my age says young but my body says old *lifts up shirt*

Jackson: wow-

JB: no jackson dont even 

Youngjae: *laughing to himself in a corner*

Rapmon: whats up with him

Jackson: shhhh dont worry about that babe 

Rapmon: ok you need to stop

Suga: hey bammity bambam, i head you can drop some sick beats

Bambam: yep! im the cute rapper *aegyo*

Suga: why dont we join our swag together and make something beautiful

Bambam: like what

Suga: anythin u want homie. min suga can do it all

Mark: but can you do a backflip

JB: please stop 

Mark: please stop hiding your jealousy

V: hey mark

Mark: wuT peasant

V: can i meet ur dad

Mark: no

V: why ?? we have a lot in common 

Mark: like what

V: we’re both cooler than YOU 

Mark: *faints* 

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