jackson don't you worry

Percy: I’m gonna go walk the dog!

Annabeth, distractedly: Okay!

*Percy leaves*

*Percy comes back*

Percy: I forgot the dog!

Annabeth, still distracted: Uh huh.

~5 minutes later~

*Percy sits on the couch*

Percy: Annabeth, we don’t have a dog.

  • Will: You can't keep shadow travelling. You'll hurt yourself or worse...Nico, are you listening?
  • Nico: ...yesss?
  • Will: What did I say then?
  • Nico: You asked if I was listening.

Youngjae can’t bear to see his man kissing other girl ~ My baby is still a kid…don’t show him TT_TT …2jae is being real~ 

by:  GiffyCandy


How they say “I love you” (inspired by this); for got7

Mark : “You don’t have to say anything.” You’re curled up on your bed, a mass of crumpled up tissues surrounding your shaking body. It’s one of those days where you’re just feeling so low about yourself, feeling like nothing is going your way, that your whole life is just a mistake. You feel like utter crap and you don’t know what else to do other than cry. Mark comes in through the front door of your apartment and he hears your sniffles. The opening of the front door makes you scramble to throw all the tissues into the bin. You’re about to grab the blankets to cover your face when Mark steps in to see tears streaming down your flushed cheeks. He climbs into bed and hugs you, letting you rest your head in the crook of his neck. You try to take deep breaths so that you can say something, anything; Mark should at least know why you’re crying. “Mark, I-” “Shh,” He cuts you off, placing a soft kiss on your forehead. “You don’t have to say anything.” As if on cue, more tears start falling from your eyes as Mark hugs you quietly, his thumb occasionally wiping away your tears and his lips dropping kisses on the top of your head. 

Jaebum : “Call me when you get home.” You’re sitting between Jaebum’s legs, your back against his chest and his arms around you as you two watch a movie together in his room, though the movie was long forgotten and the presence of each other filled your minds. You’re playing with Jaebum’s fingers, examining the lines on his fingers all the way to his palms. “Yah, are you even watching the movie?” He asks, tilting his head to look at you. You chuckle and shake your head, making him laugh too. “Yeah, me too actually.” He leans forward to shut his laptop, and immediately, he hugs you and rolls over on his bed, squashing you beneath him. You kick your legs and struggle, half laughing and half screaming at him to get off you. He finally rolls over with you still on top of him, completely out of breath. “Don’t go home tonight. Stay here.” He proposes. “Are you crazy?! Your manager will kill me and you have a schedule tomorrow!” You yell whisper. Just then, got7′s manager knocks on the door and you roll off of Jaebum, sitting up quickly. “Jaebum, we have an early schedule tomorrow.” He smiles and then excuses himself. You knew that that was just a nicer way to tell you to leave so that Jaebum can get some sleep, but you didn’t mind anyway. Jaebum holds onto your fingers as you grab your jacket and your purse. “I’ll come over another day.” You smile. “Sorry I can’t send you back.” His gaze drops and you cup his face. “Don’t be sorry. I’m happy I could get to see you today. Rest well, okay?” You kiss his nose and he nods. “Call me when you get home.” Jaebum says and you nod, kissing his forehead. 

Jackson : “I’ll pick you up at the airport.” You grab your luggage off the conveyor belt and make your way through the arrival gates. The sight of girls running to their boyfriends who were waiting for them at the arrival gates and giving them kisses made you miss Jackson. You knew you told him not to come, because your flight would arrive in the wee hours of the morning, but you really did wish he was here to at least say hi. You whip out your phone and receive a text from Jackson that must have been delivered to you while you were on the plane. ‘Call me when you arrive’ was what the text said, and so you did. “Hello?” His husky, deep voice answered. “Hi, I’ve arrived.” You can hear sounds on the other side, and guess that Jackson probably pulled the phone away from his ear to look at the time. “Babe, it’s 4:30am, how are you coming back?” You shrug, although he can’t see it. “I’ll take a cab?” There’s silence for a while and then, I’ll pick you up at the airport.” “Jackson, you have a schedule later-” “I don’t care! No arguing! And I want to see you.” The butterflies in your stomach start to flutter and you smile from ear to ear.

Jinyoung : “I dreamt about you last night.” You feel a little tickle on your neck, making your eyes flutter open. You’re met with Jinyoung’s gentle gaze and his beautiful smile. He was playing with your hair as you slept facing him, your face close to his chest. “Good morning.” He coos, smiling even wider at you. You groan and bury your face in his chest, not ready to wake up just yet. His chest shakes as he laughs at you, then he drops a kiss to your hair. “You know,” he starts. “I dreamt about you last night.” You smile against his chest and kiss him through the fabric of his shirt. You flip on your back and rub the sleepiness away from your eyes. “Oh really? What was it about?” You look up at him. The sun rays that managed to creep its way through the curtains shone on Jinyoung, and from your angle, he looked like an angel. “I dreamt that we were just sleeping like this, together.” He pauses to chuckle, and you furrow your brows. “But there was someone else between us. It was our daughter, and she looked just like you. Beautiful.” You blush at his whole dream and you can’t help but laugh. Your hands come up to cover your face to hide the fact that you probably looked like a tomato right now. Jinyoung whined and pulled your hands away from your face, pressing a loving kiss to your lips.

Youngjae : “It’s okay. I couldn’t sleep anyway.” You’re startled awake from your nightmare with tears on your face. You look over at your digital alarm clock and the bright numbering flashes 3:02am. You swallow thickly, using the back of your hands to dab away the cold sweat on your temple. The space next to you felt empty, and you really wished Youngjae was there with you, but you knew it was his promotion period now and he couldn’t stay over that often. With shaky hands, you pick up your phone from your nightstand and your finger hovers over the ‘call’ button beside Youngjae’s contact. You hesitantly click on the button and the phone rings a few times. You sigh on the 6th ring, wanting to end the call when a groggy sounding Youngjae picks up. “Mmmm.. H-Hello?” “Youngjae?” Your voice sounded tired and sad, and Youngjae immediately wakes up. “Y/N? You okay?” He shuffles and sits up, leaning against his bed frame. He sounded so much more awake. “I.. I had a nightmare. Sorry to call this late.” You say, and you can hear Youngjae chuckling on the other end. “It’s okay. I couldn’t sleep anyway.” He lies, and you can’t help but giggle at his bad lying. 

Bambam : “I saved a piece for you.” You dragged your tired feet through the door, wanting nothing more than to take a warm bath and get some sleep. You didn’t even care about eating at that point. You knew that Bambam had invited his members over for a movie night, and the thought of cleaning up made you groan inwardly. The lack of noise surprised you as you dropped your keys off at the dining table, walking to the living room. Your eyes widened when you see the place neat and spotless, like no one had ever came here. “Oh! You’re home!” Bambam gets up from the couch and comes over to hug you. You hug him back, still scanning the room. “The boys.. They didn’t come?” You ask with raised eyebrows. “They did! They just left actually.” He walks over to the kitchen and you follow him. “But it’s so clean?” “I made them clean up.” He laughs. You let out a sigh of relief and peck his cheek, as a sign of thanks. “I’ll go take a shower and sleep, okay?” You’re about to leave his side when he stops you. “I saved a piece for you.” Bambam pulls out a plate from the microwave and there’s a slice of pizza on it. “The hyungs were fighting for it but I told them you’ll probably be hungry when you get back.” You smile at him, wondering how such a sweet boy belonged to you.

Yugyeom : “Can I kiss you?” Yugyeom sticks out his arm and motions for you to lie down on it. “Sorry if my head’s heavy.” You joke, making yourself comfortable on his arm as he hugs you close to his body. “No~” He whines, pouting at you. You giggle and after a while, a comfortable silence settles in as the two of you stare up into the sky that was littered with bright stars. You shift and snuggle up to his warm body, and his arms tighten around you. It was on nights like this when none of you were talking, when it was all about enjoying each others’ presence, that made you realize just how lucky you are to have him. “Yugyeom.” Your voice pulls him out from his thoughts and he looks down at you. He waits for you to go on, a smile on his face. “What are you thinking about?” You ask him, and he just shrugs. “What are you thinking about?” He diverts the question to you and a small smile forms on your lips. “I’m thinking about how lucky I am to have you.” You feel yourself blushing now that you’ve said it out, it definitely sounded less embarrassing in your head. You feel him shifting and so you lift up your head to sit up. Yugyeom turns to you and holds your hands, then looks into your eyes. “Can I kiss you?” He asks and you blush even more. “You don’t even need to ask.” You smile and he leans in to close the gap between you two, his soft lips molding perfectly with yours.