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Happy Birthday Jackson DeForest Kelley!!! (January 20 1920 – June 11 1999)

I`m very grateful for the career that I`ve had. And I`m very grateful for the experiences that “Star Trek” has afforded me along with my past background. When I look back and think how fortunate I`ve been to work with some wonderful people and had some marvelous experiences, then I can look at “Star Trek” and think it`s almost like the cream on the coffee. I don`t approach it as anything but a magnificent plus.

Alright listen up everyone.

You see this man? We all know who this is, Jackson DeForest Kelley. 

Most people know him as Leonard “Bones” McCoy from “Star Trek”, however, he’s done some other great things before he was introduced to “Star Trek”.

He was born on January 20th, 1920, in Atlanta, Georgia(not too far from where I was born). He and his family moved throughout Georgia before settling down in Conyers in 1930. De would often sing gospel songs for his father’s congregations on Sunday mornings(what I would give to hear this man sing). He was called into military service in 1943 and after his discharge from the U.S. Army Air Force De decided to move to Los Angeles to persue a career in acting. 

He played in many, many westerns including: “Gunfight at the O.K. Corral”, “Gunsmoke”, “Lone Ranger”, Bonaza", “Raintree County” and many others. He also played in “Fear in the Night”(amazing movie 10/10 recommend), and “The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars”. 

In these westerns he would often play the villianous character, and the evil persona could NOT be any father from his own. That was until he met Gene Roddenberry, and we all know how it went from there.

Okay so serious talk out of the way. 





old man

I could easily add more pictures and gifs but this post is already long as it is. 


Happy Birthday Jackson DeForest Kelley

20 January 1920 – 11 June 1999

Dr. McCoy, Bones, Pille… We miss you!

“He’s really not dead… as long as we remember him.”