jackson boxer


title: Boxed In 
word count: 2008 
prompt: Jackson + his punching bag in got7′s If I Do MV (please watch & support it!) - Jackson, a competitive boxer keeps to himself, until the day he meets you and his heart – and world – open up. 
note: the MAD SERIES will be a one shot series for each of the members of got7 based on their role in their music video, If I Do

He wasn’t supposed to fall in love with you.

He kept telling himself over and over again to not get involved, but he couldn’t leave you that first night you met. The music was blaring, just like any house party, but it wasn’t loud enough to block out the yelling between you and a guy.

“Just — leave me alone, seriously,” you said, pushing him away. You tried to be nice at first, but you could smell the alcohol in his breath as he grabbed your arm, pulling you in close.

“Why,” he said slyly. You tried to break free, but you couldn’t, so you did what anyone else would have done: yelled.

“Get — off — of — me!” you yelled, pushing him away hard. Good thing he was too drunk to have any real strength, but you could see his eyes turning angry and he plunged for you until —

“HEY!” Jackson bellowed. He rushed toward you, pushing off the guy he recognized from his boxing team off of you. “Let her go,” Jackson says, pinning him against the wall.

“I didn’t mean anything,” he says, throwing his hands up in defense.

“Yeah, yeah, just leave her alone, okay?” Jackson says loud enough for everyone else to hear, “Seriously.”

Just because they were on the same boxing team didn’t mean that they were both equally strong — everyone knew not to mess with Jackson. You could see his arms even through his sleek black knit sweater, and the fierce look in his eyes when he was mad wasn’t something anyone wanted to mess with.

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Got7 Reaction: You wear his boxers

Request: Got 7 reaction to you wearing his boxers? 💕Keep up the great work on your blog!


He threw you a wink when he saw you what you were wearing. You tried your best to ignore him and continue what you were doing but he would call out your name until you looked at him then he would give you another playful wink.

“As much as i love those boxers on you i’m going to need them back” *cheeky*


He didn’t acknowledge it much, after all you were his girlfriend so it was pretty normal. Plus he didn’t want to make you feel awkward or anything by pointing it out. He just stared at you whenever you weren’t looking or when you left the room, taking in the sight of you.



He was being cheeky about the whole thing. He came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist, tracing circles just above the waistband of his boxers. You slapped his hands away to tease him  but you could feel his eyes on you for  the rest of the day 

“Why are you such a tease” 

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He would chuckle when he saw you, not because you looked funny or anything, but because he wasn’t expecting it. He liked it alot and he was sure to tell you just how much he approved. He picked up the sagging boxers and adjusted them on your waist again:

Well this is a nice surprise” 


He wouldn’t tell you anything if he saw you wearing his boxers; he would be a little shy about it. More than likely he would just admire you from afar; taking in your figure and the way his boxers were too big for you.

*shy Yugyeom*


He kept staring at you from across the table when you walked into the kitchen. You didn’t think wearing his boxers would bring his attention so much. You gave him a questioning look and he started laughing 

“Sorry (Y/N) i can’t help it, you look so cute” 

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He didn’t know what to do or think when he walked in  to see you wearing his boxers. He stared at you obviously but he didn’t do much else than that. You threw his a smile that just made him even more confused.

“What is going on?” *Confused Bam*

Called a Police and a Fireman

Sprawled out on his bed in a pair of dark blue boxer briefs, Jackson slept soundly. He had had a long day and so since it was 3 am he was definitely out. The boy almost didn’t even notice the fire alarm go off when it did at 3:30.

Jack grumbled and rolled out of bed, walking out into the hallway to see what was going on. Seeing the two girls who lived in the flat beside his, he came over, “Hey, what’s going on?” He asked in a drowsy voice