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Champion Pt. 3 (M) ~ Boxer!Jackson AU

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You nodded and bit your lip, “Okay, baby.”

Jackson smiled and picked you up and carried you into your shared bedroom. He kissed you softly at first but it soon became a heated make out session and his hands were exploring your body.

He squeezed your hips when your legs wrapped his waist and you ground down on him. You broke the kiss to let out a moan and he kissed down your neck.

Jackson bit and sucked all over your neck and left hickeys on your collarbones.

He moved his hands to your shirt and removed it, leaving you in just a bra and shorts.

“Jackson please..” You moaned, impatient, but happy he was taking his time.

“Please what (Y/N)?” He smirked against your skin and softly blew on the newest hickey he left on your shoulder.

“Touch me.. Please.. I need you so bad Jackson!” You whined, trying to push him down by his shoulders.

“Not yet baby.” You groaned and tried to be patient but your panties were already soaked. His right hand trailed behind you and went to unclasp your bra… but there was no clasp.

“What the fuck?” He furrowed his eyebrows and ran his hand over your back, searching for the clasp.

You laughed and watched him, “It’s at the front.”

He pulled away and sat up, seeing the small clasp in between each cup.

He used both hands and tried to unclasp it but he failed and groaned.

“(Y/N)! What is this shit?”

You used a hand and twisted it before pulling up and it easily unclasped.

“You’re not wearing this again.” He pulled it off of you and before you could protest, he ripped it.

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Tenderness- Jackson Drabble

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“Watch that jab baby!” You yelled at your boyfriend who was in the middle of a janky ring that was surrounded by people.

You watched as he got hit and hit back, how he moved and doged, it was like a dance to him. A dance he’d never forget.

They called break and he came over to his corner where his best friend was waiting to help clean him up. 

His body was bruised, his eye bleeding, but he was still there, he wasn’t going to give up. 

“Hey, stop playing with him man. You need to finish this. That eye aint gonna hold up much longer.” Jinyoung said, cleaning his eye.

“Yeah yeah, just clean the fucking cut.” Jackson said, ready to get back in the ring.

You called him and when he turned around you said, “Finish it.” 

He nodded and went back into the fight.

Left and right, punches were being thrown at every open part of his body that Jackson could find. He was done playing with his food, he was hungry now.

He gave one last hit to the guy’s jaw and he fell. 

You watched as they counted, you prayed that he just stayed down. It was only going to get worse for him if he got back up. 

You watched Jackson look at the guy, his eyes slightly darker from the intense feeling he had rushing through his body. 

3 more seconds.

3 more seconds and Jackson would be the new World Champion. 


The crowd roared. Flashes from cameras blinded you as they ran to the ring.

Jackson’s eyes searched for you in the crowd, you slowly stood up in and began walking towards him. 

He pushed people out of the way and started to jog to you. 

You smiled and ran to him, jumping into his arms. He held you close and you rubbed his head, “You did it baby!”

He pulled away from you and kissed you.

“I love you, Y/n.”

“I love you too, champ.”

Angel (III)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jackson

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 3,511

Summary:  You’re a medical intern, always a perfectionist and used to being the best at everything you do. Jackson Wang is the male nurse beloved by everyone and constantly on your nerves. When you two are brought together, it could be the best or the worst thing that’s ever happened.

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Champion ~ Jackson Pt. 1

 I got the idea for writing this a while ago and decided to give it a shot so tell me what you think! Feedback is much appreciated! (It’ll only take a minute) And yes, boxing is my favorite sport, I watch it all the time!

-Admin Tamra

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Request: Not Requested

Summary: Jackson is your boyfriend and a boxer. He is training to become a Junior Welterweight champion, and you’re there to support him through the good and bad.

Warnings: Soon to be smut, language, fight scenes

Special Terms:

Junior Welterweight - boxers weigh 135 pounds and up to 63.5 kg or 140 pounds

Jab - a punch that is thrown with your front hand and delivered straight at your opponent

Hook - this punch is thrown with the lead or front hand and is delivered in a semi-circular pattern (this is meant to go beyond your opponents guard and collide with the side of their head or chin)

“So you’re trying to become a what?” You asked, watching Jackson wrap his hands up. 

“A Junior Welterweight Champion” He replied while laughing a little, finding it funny that you tried to seem interested. 

“Can I try?” His eyebrow went up at the idea. You wanted to try boxing? Even after showing 0 interest before? 

“If you want. Just take off your shoes and then let me see your hands.“ 

You removed your shoes and socks and then held your hands out for Jackson to wrap and then put your gloves on for you. You followed him into the ring and awkwardly stood there as he took off his shirt, preparing to get sweaty. 

“Alright so first things first, I’m gonna teach you how to jab. To explain it simply, these are punches that power you up for your… let’s call it your ‘power punch’. Boxers usually do a couple of these and then go in with their ‘power punch’.“ 

“Okay.” You watched him move, you could see his muscles flex and his face change as he became serious. 

You tried to mock him, but your form was wrong, and he started laughing so hard his face turned red. 

“(Y/N), Baby, you can’t keep your feet together and you definitely don’t just use your hands.” His hands grabbed your waist and turned you so you were at an angle and spread your feet apart. 

“There you go! Now try again!” You copied his movements and he watched while biting his lip, focused on watching all of your movements. 

“Pretty good. You should box more, it’s hot." 

You laughed and lightly hit his arm with your glove. "Boxing isn’t my thing." 

"Well, it is now.”

That’s how it started, Jackson was working out 6 days a week, while you worked out 3 days. One of your days was always together, he was your opponent while he taught you how to correctly box. 

You started to like it more as you did it more and the easier it got. Jackson’s big fight was in a month and you were preparing yourself for it, you hate seeing Jackson get hurt. He went on a diet, worked out often, practiced almost every day. 

There was one thing that really bothered you about it, less sex. 

Sex was always mind blowing with Jackson, but as he’s been preparing more and more for the fight, he’s more focused on exercising than you and your needs. Also, there was no sex allowed the day of a fight, so you had to please yourself quite often. 

All things aside, you loved Jackson. He was chasing his dreams and wanted to you keep up, and you tried. Jackson came home to you on the couch, focused on a UFC fight on YouTube. 

"Kelvin Gastelum and Johny Hendricks, huh?” He asked while slipping off his shoes and setting down his bag. He sat down in front of you and you already knew what to do. 

“Yeah, I’m not sure who’s gonna win. Gastelum did well the first round, but Hendricks is coming back this time.” You hands massaged his shoulders and neck, him groaning when you pushed down where he was extra sore. 

“Shit (Y/N), do that again.” You laughed and pushed down again right where he told you to. 

“That sounds like we’re having sex.” He laughed and relaxed into your touch as you began to play with his hair and massage his scalp.

"Are you gonna watch me train tomorrow?” He asked while searching for another fight to watch, this time it was Stipe Miocic and Alistar Overeem. 

“Yeah, I can do that.” You nodded and pulled away from him. He pouted at the loss of your touch and got off the floor and pulled you onto his lap, “You alright babygirl?” 

You sighed softly and nodded again. “I guess so, I’m just worried about this fight.” 

He raised an eyebrow and traced small shapes on your thigh, “My fight?” You turned around to straddle him and looked him in the eyes seriously. 

“Yes. He’s good Jackson. Not that you aren’t, but have you seen how many knockouts he has?” He laughed and grabbed onto your hands. 

“(Y/N), I’ll be fine, promise. I might come home out bruised and bloody, maybe a broken nose, but that’s it. I’m not gonna die.” 

"I know, but it scares me every time I hear Jackson Wang, 5 foot 9, 139 pounds, fighting out of Hong Kong!” 

Jackson sighed and rested his forehead against yours, “I know baby, but I need you to trust me. I can’t promise that I won’t get hurt and that I’ll win, but I can promise that I’ll try my hardest. For you.”

Not tonight

Got7 Youngjae


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I knocked on the door of the guys dorm. I was going to see Youngjae but Jackson, my best friend opened the door. Jackson was the one who introduced me to the guys. When Jackson brought me to the dorm for the first time it was when I met Youngjae, the sunshine of my life. He was all sweet and innocent outside but in bedroom he was like another person.

“Hi, where’s Youngjae?” I asked. Jackson looked disappointed “I thought you were here to meet me.” he whined but let me in. “I would but uh…Youngjae left something at my place last night.” I said and took stronger grip on my purse. “Like what?” Jackson laughed. I sighed loudly as I took my shoes off “His boxers.” I said with low voice. Jackson let out his hyena laugh and my cheeks started to burn like tomatoes. “Youngjae is not here, he is working on few song but you can still hangout here. He should be here in 30 mins.” Jackson said.

I sat on Jackson’s bed as he packed his bags. “Where are you going?” I asked. He didn’t mention traveling for me earlier and we talked about everything. “I’m going home for few weeks.” he said. I liked how Jackson was so close with his family. “So what happened last night if Youngjae left his boxers there?” Jackson chuckled. I tried to kick him but he was too far. “You know the usual. Too much beer and one, two, thee I had to take the morning after pill just in case.” I said. Jackson kept laughing. Now I reached to kick him. “Hey, why are you hurting little J?” he asked. Now it was my turn to laugh “Wow, I mean I knew it was small but Little J? That’s just cruel.” I laughed. I had to wipe tears from my eyes. “No, it’s not small. It’s huge bigger than Youngjae’s. Do you want to see?” Jackson said and took his pants off. I covered my eyes with my hands.

“What the fuck is happening?” I heard Youngjae scream. I opened my eyes to see Jackson putting his pants on quickly and Youngjae almost crying. “Youngjae, hi. It’s my fault but she said little J was small so I had to prove her wrong.” Jackson babbled. I looked at Youngjae not saying anything. I didn’t want to make things worse. “You know she’s my girlfriend right?” Youngjae said with surprisingly calm voice. Jackson nodded. Youngjae walked to me and kissed my neck. Then he looked at Jackson and pulled me up “So you don’t mind if I borrow her for a while?” Youngjae asked and threw me over his shoulder. Jackson shook his head. Youngjae chuckled, smacked my ass and left Jackson’s room to go to his.

Youngjae put me down on his bed and looked at me, not doing anything. “Youngjae, honey, hi.” I said and smiled. Youngjae sighed. “Do you like Jackson more than me?” he asked. My jaw dropped down on the floor and my eyes almost fell from their places. “What? I mean why would you think that?” I chuckled. I couldn’t believe what he just asked from me. “You just spend a lot and I mean a lot of time with him and I just…Maybe you should be with him. He makes you more happy.” Youngjae rambled. I shook my head and got up to kiss him but he pushed me away. “Youngjae, he is my best friend. He is why we met. Without him we wouldn’t be together. Are you seriously suggesting that I should be with the biggest perv in the entire world?” I asked. Youngjae sighed loudly. “I don’t know what to think. You spent more time with him than with me.” He said.

“Youngjae, I love you. Not Jackson, you. It’s just that you spend a lot of time working and Jackson’s lazy ass is not.” I said tho I knew Jackson also worked hard but I had to make Youngjae trust me. “He thinks you are his.” Youngjae mumbled. I raised my eyebrows. “No, seriously. He mumbled your name in his sleep.” Youngjae said. I smiled at him. “Maybe you should make sure he knows who do I belong to.” I said and wrapped my hands around his neck. Youngjae wrapped his hands around my waist and I slowly moved my hips, grinding on his. Youngjae kissed my neck, leaving a purple mark on it. “You think you can take the control?” he chuckled. I nodded. Youngjae kissed the other side of my neck, leaving even darker purple mark. “Not tonight.” he said and threw me on the bed.

He crawled over me and unzipped my jeans. He slowly took them off and leaved few purple marks on my legs. Then he kissed his way up to my shirt and ripped it open. “Youngjae!” I screamed, it was my favorite shirt. “You don’t need it. You can just use mine.” he said and unhooked my bra. He left few dark marks around my breast and then kissed my lips, it was rough, needy, the kind what left me wanting more when he left my lips. Youngjae started rubbing my clit with his finger, still kissing up and down my body. He added pressure on my clit making me close faster than ever. Finally Youngjae’s mouth found my pussy. He took his hand off and replaced it with his mouth. I left a soft moan when he sucked on my clit. He inserted a finger in me and started pumping it in and out. Slowly, curling it from time to time. A louder moan left my lips as he inserted another finger. He looked at me and smirked “This is mine.” He mumbled between my legs, fastening the pace. Youngjae sucked little bit harder, making me arch my back. Youngjae held me down with his free hand. I felt myself tighten around him as I came a soft “Youngjae.”left my lips. Youngjae didn’t allow one drop to get wasted. He licked his fingers clean and kissed my lips, gently biting my bottom lip. He took off his pants and stroked his cock few times then he looked at me “Come here.” He said with a tone I had never heard before. I got up and took his cock in my hand. I licked the tip and took the base in my hand. I put my lips around his tip and slowly got lower and lower. I helped with my hand. Youngjae took my breasts in his hands, massaging them and playing with my nipples. I took him as much as I could in my mouth and then I took his dick out of my mouth, licking it like a lollipop. I took him once again in my mouth. I started to feel him getting hard in my mouth. He pulled himself out of my mouth and pushed me down. He left another purple mark on my neck and inserted his dick in me, his thrusts were slow but they quickly got faster. I started moaning loudly “Moan my name. Make Jackson understand who’s you are.” he whispered into my ear. “Youngjae.” I moaned and wrapped my hands around his neck. I was getting close. Youngjae thrust deeper making me moan his name loudly. Youngjae groaned as he came and soon after him I came. He kissed my lips but now it was really lazy. He took his dick out and lied down next to me. 

We heard a small knock on the door and then someone opened the door “It’s not that you two were loud but…I got it, Youngjae fucks you, can you keep it down?” Jackson chuckled. I threw a pillow at him and he ran away. I looked at Youngjae. He smiled at me and stroked my hair. “What?” I asked. Youngjae shook his head and chuckled “I just love you so much.”

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28-08-2016 Joyeux Anniversaire Flo !

1) “Happiest of birthdays darling @florence, here’s to another marvellous year x #BrunswickHouse” (By  jackson boxer)

2) "Happy Birthday Flo!!!! 💫🌟#dirtythirty @florence 💕❤️💥”

3) "Happy 30!!! @florence 💞🎂💞” (By Dominic)

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5) “💛” (By Rob)

The Heroes in their undies, my redraw of this by kitt2506.

Materials: Artist’s Loft coloured pencils (definitely didn’t show up as much in the scanner), Prismacolor fine tips (blue and black are the only ones I have right now xD), and General’s pencil.

Frank’s plaid boxers were actually really hard to do, now I understand why you see so little plaid in drawings xD

Three’s a Crowd Pt 2

Summary: Namjoon’s annoying girlfriend gets on your last nerve, causing friction between you and your best friend

Genre: SMUT NSFW, but also some fluff and a sprinkle of angst

Part 1 | Part 3

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    The shadows that had been lingering in the corners of my bedroom were getting longer, Which told me that it was getting darker outside. That was my only indication that another day had passed. My phone was dead and underneath my bed somewhere gathering dust along with a few photos and t-shirts of Namjoon’s that i threw there when i got home from his birthday party a week ago.

    “I don’t love you the way you love me.”

   The words had been repeating in my mind all week, stabbing me in the heart. But the thought that our friendship could actually be finished for good, felt like that same knife was being twisted and jammed straight through my back. For the entire week i could only leave my room to scavenge for food in the kitchen and to go to the bathroom because every time i thought i was okay, that i could finally leave the haven of my bedroom, he popped back into the forefront of my mind and i was left crippled on my sheets. I slid farther under the cave of blankets on my bed and sighed. How did i let myself lose the most important person in my life? Before i could start another crying jag i heard my door creak open quietly. Normally i would have stayed completely still and quiet like a deer until the person, presumably my mother, left me alone. But this particular person didn’t give me that option. My blankets were torn from on top of me and i saw Jackson standing next to my bed holding my warm comforter in his hands. He was wearing his normal attire of skinny jeans and a White t-shirt, his eyebrows were furrowed and there was a worried expression on his usually happy face.

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If You Do (Jackson Angst/Smut)

Inspired by the lyrics and video to ‘If You Do’

I stumbled through the door, looking down at my watch. 3am, a little later than I’d expected. As I made my way down the crumbling hallway, I heard grunting. Jackson was at the punching bag again. By the screams he was letting out, he’d be sure to scratch his vocal chords. I sighed before entering the room, catching his attention. He stopped abruptly and turned to face me. His chest rose and fell as he panted harshly. His blonde hair was in definite strands that hung over his face, dripping with sweat. The black shirt he wore clung to his toned body, his skinny jeans were ripped more than before, he’d probably done it out of anger.

“Hey.” I spoke casually, nodding my head slightly as he hadn’t said anything yet. He had the same, glazed look in his eye that he’d had for a while.

“Where were you?” His deep, raspy voice echoed through the room, making me smile deviously as I hung my head back against the wall behind me.

“Out.” I mumbled in reply, he knew exactly where I was, and who I was with. It was as if he liked hearing me say it. As if he thought it would make me feel bad.

“You were with them again weren’t you?” He sighed, lowering his head in shame. Jackson hated the guys I hung out with. I didn’t blame him, they were absolute creeps. They’d always hit on me, try and touch me. Not that I’d ever let them. But I found it entertaining how low Jackson thought of me.

“Let’s not go over this again.” I rolled my eyes, taking a step forward as I began making my way over to the tattered couch in the middle of the room, between us.

I heard Jackson scream out of anger, I looked up to see him attacking the punching bag. Hit after hit, punch after punch. “You’re still weak.” I chuckled, slumping down onto the uncomfortable cushion. I leaned my head to the side to watch him as he murdered the bag.

“Why can’t we just go back to how we used to be?” He growled, stopping again and turning to face me. One of his strong hands gripped onto the bag to stop it swinging. “You know, when we were happy!”

“If you really feel that way then why don’t you just fucking leave Jackson!” I yelled back, standing up as I turned to walk to our bedroom. I knew exactly how to play him. It’s not that I don’t love Jackson, I do, I love him with all my heart. I just like drama, that’s all.

“Y/n,” Jackson sighed, gripping my wrist as he pulled me back. His rough hand wrapped easily around my wrist, squeezing tightly. “Come on, we always do this. “I can’t leave.”

“Why? You’re not trapped.” I snapped, tugging my hand away harshly, making him let go.

“That’s not how it feels.” He sighed, running his hand through his hair.

I immediately turned around to face him, glaring into his eyes. “I’m going to bed.” I said calmly. Jackson knew that if I said that, he was in big trouble. It was like the quiet before a storm. He knew he was in danger.

I smoothly strutted back down the hallway, dragging my fingers along the peeling paintwork. Once I’d got to our room, I immediately collapsed onto the bed. I slowly managed to crawl myself under the covers, taking off my clothes as I left my underwear on. I closed my eyes and cuddled up to myself. Where was Jackson? He’s taking longer than usual.

I heard the door handle turning just as I sniffed. Tears began running down my face as Jackson slowly entered the room. He cautiously walked over to the bed. I looked up at him to see him taking his shirt off.
“I’m tired.” I sniffed, wiping my eyes as he got under the covers next to me. Jackson tried to pull me closer as he wrapped his arm around my body.

“Me too.” He mumbled, looking down at my face regretfully. Jackson was a sucker for tears. He slowly leaned in, kissing my forehead. I closed my eyes, letting my hand wander over his bare chest as I shuffled closer.

I leaned in, kissing his dried lips slowly as I felt him holding my hip. My hand gripped his neck as he tilted his head into the kiss. I moaned lightly, biting his lower lip as I took a breath.

“I’m sorry princess.” Jackson whispered, rubbing his thumb over my cheek as I held onto his arm, nudging my cheek onto his palm. I looked up at him innocently before turning my head towards his hand. I licked my tongue up the length of his thumb, seductively as I wrapped my lips around it, beginning to suck his thumb as if it were his cock. I moaned again as I felt his eyes burning into me, watching my head bob up and down.

I skilfully released his thumb, looking back at the way his chest panted. I licked the string of saliva that connected my lips to his thumb, looking back up at his face. He was way passed turned on. I just wanted to touch him all over. Have his hands all over me. Jackson leaned in and kissed me again, softly this time. I wrapped my leg around his waist, feeling his rock hard boner pressed against my underwear. Jackson’s hands moved down to squeeze my ass, pulling me more onto him.

I hissed as the metal of his belt touched my bare stomach. Jackson immediately stopped and looked down, noticing what the problem was. Whilst he was still looking down, I moved my hand down to where his buckle was, undoing it to get it out the way.

Once his belt was off, I rolled us over so I was straddling the boy. I ran my hands down his bare chest, touching ever muscle as I went. I leaned closer, kissing along his collar bones. I leaned my hands on his lower stomach as I kissed my way to his neck, grazing my teeth against his adams apple.

Jackson let out a light moan, making me smirk. I ran my tongue down his chest, flicking his nipples with my wet muscle. I sucked, biting slightly as he watched my every move. “Y/n, please.” He begged, making me chuckle. I slowly kissed over each of his abs, taking my time to appreciate his body. I bit down over his bulge, letting another moan escape his lips. I nudged his covered dick, humming against it, knowing how painful it would be against his skinny jeans.

I sat back on me knees, admiring the panting mess in front of me. “Take them off.” I demanded, pointing to his jeans. Jackson quickly obeyed, shuffling as he swiftly threw his jeans onto the floor. When he began doing the same with his underwear, I grabbed his hand, stopping him.

“Not yet baby.” I smirked, leaning lower as I teased along the hem of his underwear with my teeth. I tugged on the band, letting it slap back against his skin with a moan. I spent some time on his hip bones, sucking and nibbling each one to leave a mark. Jackson’s hands had found their way to the back of my head. I ran my nails down his muscular thighs, trying to be patient as I focused on one thing at a time.

Jackson whined, bucking his hips up to my face impatiently. I smirked, letting my tongue run over his boxers. Jackson whimpered when I looked up at him, as if he was about to cry from frustration. “Shh, I’ll take care of you.” I reassured him as my fingers massaged over his cock. Jackson’s head flew back as I admired him before finally taking off his underwear.

I licked my lips, completely ignoring his pulsing cock as I used my body to spread his legs a little. I kissed up one of his thighs, running my tongue along the inside as his muscles tensed below me. I took my time, making sure to get every inch as he whined even more.
“Please baby I can’t take it.” He begged, trying to force my lips down onto him.

“Take me.” I crawled closer to him, leaning back to undo my bra before I slowly slid down my panties, leaving them at the end of the bed.

I laid down on the bed next to him, holding his hand as I tried to tug him on top of me. I smirked when I saw the horror on his face when he realised I wasn’t going to ride him.

“No, come on, I’ll be good y/n,” He shamelessly begged and I couldn’t help but guide his hand down between my open thighs.

I moaned as his fingers hit my pussy, and so did he. “Oh baby you feel so good.” I breathed into his ear, almost screaming as he took over from my guidance, making me buck against his hand. I heard the wetness from me as Jackson played with my pussy, moaning into my chest.

“Please.” He tried again, making me push his hand away before I came from the sound of his begging. I did my best to roll him on top of me, his hands dug into the mattress either side of my head.

“Come on Jackson, do this for me.” I asked sweetly, rubbing my nails up and down his hips as I wrapped my legs around his waist, feeling his cock hit my entrance.

Jackson whined as he pushed into me, he hated being dominant. Even more so when I made him do it. I moaned in pleasure, he slowly rocked his hips, the pace painfully slow but I enjoyed it.

“Y/n, no.” Jackson whimpered, obviously frustrated that he couldn’t have what he wanted. Although, he carried on, even when I squeezed my pussy around him, he just kept whimpering in my ear, fucking me slowly.

“Oh fuck, I’m gunna cum.” I nearly screamed, the pleasure becoming too much as I arched my back. Jackson’s thrusts deepened as I angled my hips to his, his pace never speeding. He left kisses down my neck as he whimpered, making me cum all over him. My breathing shallowed dramatically as I tried to recover.

“Y/n,” Jackson begged, still trying to find his release. “Please, let me cum.” The desperation in his voice made my heart flutter. I licked my lips, quickly rolling us over so I was straddling him.

He kept whimpering as he relaxed back into the matress, his cock still buried deep inside me. “I’ll take care of you baby boy.” I whispered, leaning down to peck his lips as I began bouncing on him. I heard him moan loudly, almost growling as his hands gripped down on my hips. I quickened my pace, knowing how close he was already.

Jackson’s muscles tensed as his cock twitched inside of me, I screamed his name, fucking him faster as he let out whimpers from below. “Come on baby.” I moaned for him, kissing him just the way he loved. Jackson was very needy, and shit did I love it. I carried on pecking his lips as Jackson held me down on his cock, thrusting up into me before he finally released. I collapsed onto his neck, he held me close as I continued the soft kisses.

“We can’t keep doing this.” Jackson whispered breathlessly, he was obviously tired from all the fights.

“Can we keep having the sex though?” I asked between kisses, letting a little chuckle erupt in his throat as he nodded.

“I love you.” He answered, kissing me back.

“I love you.” I replied sweetly, rolling over to lay next to him. “Get some sleep.” I added. He’d need it. We’d go through all this again tomorrow.  


title: Boxed In 
word count: 2008 
prompt: Jackson + his punching bag in got7′s If I Do MV (please watch & support it!) - Jackson, a competitive boxer keeps to himself, until the day he meets you and his heart – and world – open up. 
note: the MAD SERIES will be a one shot series for each of the members of got7 based on their role in their music video, If I Do

He wasn’t supposed to fall in love with you.

He kept telling himself over and over again to not get involved, but he couldn’t leave you that first night you met. The music was blaring, just like any house party, but it wasn’t loud enough to block out the yelling between you and a guy.

“Just — leave me alone, seriously,” you said, pushing him away. You tried to be nice at first, but you could smell the alcohol in his breath as he grabbed your arm, pulling you in close.

“Why,” he said slyly. You tried to break free, but you couldn’t, so you did what anyone else would have done: yelled.

“Get — off — of — me!” you yelled, pushing him away hard. Good thing he was too drunk to have any real strength, but you could see his eyes turning angry and he plunged for you until —

“HEY!” Jackson bellowed. He rushed toward you, pushing off the guy he recognized from his boxing team off of you. “Let her go,” Jackson says, pinning him against the wall.

“I didn’t mean anything,” he says, throwing his hands up in defense.

“Yeah, yeah, just leave her alone, okay?” Jackson says loud enough for everyone else to hear, “Seriously.”

Just because they were on the same boxing team didn’t mean that they were both equally strong — everyone knew not to mess with Jackson. You could see his arms even through his sleek black knit sweater, and the fierce look in his eyes when he was mad wasn’t something anyone wanted to mess with.

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