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Got7 ‘My Swagger’ M/V(gifs)!
They fucking slayed! The music was on point, the chorography, their style and they was serving hella visuals left and right!🔥😏❤❤❤❤

If you use gifs please let me know!😌

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Got7 reaction to their s/o bringing home 3 cats

A/N - I feel like this is something I would do lmao I just love cats a lot okay. I can definitely see myself having 2 or 3 cats in the future (preferably with Jinyoung there too lol) Enjoy~ Requested by @alicemad-hatter

Can you do a GOT7 reaction to their significant other bringing home 3 cats (you can do non allergenic dogs for Youngjae). Sorry if this seems a bit weird

Mark: I think Mark prefers dogs to cats but he’d still love playing with them or giving them some catnip to see how crazy they go. He’d have a lot of laughs with you and will love to have cuddles with them because of how soft their fur is but he’ll still think that Coco is cuter.

JB: HE WILL LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Jaebum is a true cat lover so if you bring home 3 cats, he will love you and the cats forever, no doubt about it. There is nothing he loves more than cuddling with those adorable balls of fluff. Expect them to have lots of play dates with his cats too.

Jackson: He’ll cuddle them lots and will call them his children, saying that you’re the mum and he’s the dad. He’d insist that he helps name them too because “they’re my children too, (Y/N)!” which you’d find super cute because he’s so in love with them already.

Jinyoung: Jinyoung would find the cats really cute but might think that 3 is a bit excessive. He’d probably tease you saying you’re as bad as JB for having cats but will find it really sweet and endearing how much you care for them. Even if he teases you, he ultimately will love the little cats with all his heart.

Youngjae: Since our little sunshine is allergic to cats, I’ll do this with 3 dogs! He’d be so happy to see 3 little pups but will insist that Coco is still his number 1 dog. He’ll go out with all 4 dogs on walks and play dates and it’d just be the cutest. Youngjae would post so many instagram pics too.

Bambam: I think Bambam would like cats but definitely prefers dogs so seeing you with 3 cats wouldn’t be a preferred situation for Bam. That being said, as soon as he hears a little ‘meow’ from one of them then he’s in love because “look how cute they are! and so soft!”

Yugyeom: Be prepared for constant teasing about how you and JB should get together with all your cats and raise an army or something. Yugyeom would annoy you so much and wouldn’t say it, but would secretly find your little cats really cute and will cuddle them when you’re not watching.