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Makeover (F)

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REQUESTED: a one shot of JB and y/n and she’s a super tomboy and JB (secretly likes her). The rest of Got7 try to get her to give being a little more feminine a chance and JB falls for her feminine charm.

Reader (you) x Jaebum ft members of GOT7

Word Count: 1365

Warnings: none :)

note: here you go, my dear! I hope you like this one haha! when i was writing this scenario, i thought of weightlifting fairy. i mean it kind of spoke out to me while writing this so… yeah haha! happy reading and take care! -admin

You were a tomboy and everyone knew that. You wore pants or sweats everyday, wore little makeup on your face, and just didn’t really care about your looks that often. People would always tease you on how you would never get a guy if you kept acting like a toyboy. But you didn’t care, it was your personality and a guy would just have to accept that if he really loved you. And that was what Jaebum liked about you the most. How you were always confident and how you didn’t care about what people thought about you. You just lived your life freely.

The members knew about Jaebum’s secret crush on you and would occasionally tease him about it. And they also knew that you liked Jaebum as well. The members were like the gap between two sides and they wanted to do something to close in the gap. So, they decided to give you a call and plan a surprise for Jaebum. Their mission was to make you look more feminine.

You heard your phone ring on the counter as you sat in front of the TV with an ice cream tub. Sighing to yourself, you forced your body up from the couch and picked up your phone.  

“Hello?” You answered the call.

“Noona!” You heard Bambam yell through the phone that almost made your ear deaf. You smiled to yourself after hearing Bambam’s cheery voice and the member’s loudly talking in the background.

“Hey, Bam. What’s up?” You said through the phone.

“Remember that time for my birthday, you gave me a card, that gave me permission to be spoiled by you.” Bambam stated. You hummed in response as you remembered that time when Bambam’s birthday came around, you gave him that card so that when he wanted to be spoiled on a shopping spree, he would use it with you.

“Are you planning to use that today?” You asked, as you made your way back to the couch and sat down.

There was a moment of silence through the phone before Bambam replied back, “Yes, but I want to change it a bit.”

“Okay,” You said, “What are you planning to do?”

“Meet me at the address I’m about to text you and you’ll see.” Bambam noted before hanging up the phone. You sighed to yourself as you wondered on what Bambam could’ve possibly wanted from you. You felt your phone vibrate again and you looked down to see the address Bambam had texted you. The address seemed familiar until you realized it was the hair salon that you would usually go to to get a haircut. You furrowed your eyebrows and thought of different things Bambam wanted from a hair salon. Did he want to dye his hair again?

You quickly got dressed into some comfortable clothes and ran out the door. You took the bus to the hair salon, which took around thirty minutes to arrive, and met up with Bambam and a few other members from GOT7. You sighed to yourself as you saw Jackson and Jinyoung wave at you, feeling a bit uneasy about this situation.

“(Y/N).” Jackson greeted you as you walked towards them. Putting his arm around your shoulder, he pulled you in for a hug.

You pushed away from the strong man and smiled brightly, “What are we doing here?”

“We,” Bambam said as he approached you out of nowhere, “Are going to make you look pretty for tonight.”

“What?” You huffed out in disbelief. “What’s tonight? And why do I have to dress up?”

“It’s what I want, noona. Please?” Bambam begged you as he held up the card you gave him for his birthday. You looked at the three guys in front of you, with your mouth gaping opening. If it weren’t for Bambam’s begging and the card he was holding, you would’ve shut down the idea. But seeing the desperation in the boys faces, you decided to comply with their plan.

“Fine.” You finally said, as you watched the boys smile from your answer. “Just once day.”

You let out a heavy sigh as Bambam dragged you into the hair salon to get your hair done. For about an hour, you sat on the chair as the hairdresser fixed your hair, making it look healthy and new. Once your hair was done, the boys dragged you out of the place and to a closeby mall where they spoiled you with clothes you probably wouldn’t even wear, ever. But you decided to keep your mouth shut and went along with the boys. Bambam chose out your clothes for you which was a black, off the shoulder, dress that fitted your complexion. As for your makeup, you went into a store and got one of those mini makeovers Jinyoung suggested to do. After three hours of running around, you were finally dressed up nicely and the boys were completely satisfied with their work.

“Now you look like a real lady.” Bambam noted as he admired you from afar.

“Did I not look like a lady before?” You sassed at Bambam, completely insecure about your outfit.

“No, you look perfect everyday, (Y/N).” Jinyoung reassured you as he lead you out of the mall and into a car. But instead of the boys getting in with you, they stood outside the car and waved you goodbye.

“Wait, you’re not coming with me?” You asked, suddenly panicking because the boys were leaving you behind.

“Good luck!” Jackson yelled as he jumped up and down excitedly, obviously hyped about something they planned. And those were the last words you heard from them as the car started to drive off to a different place. After a few minutes of silence in the car, it stopped right in front of a fancy restaurant that shocked you. Were you set on a blind date with someone the boys wanted you to be with? Even though they knew your feelings about Jaebum, they set out a very detailed plan for today. If the person you were meeting wasn’t Jaebum, you weren’t going to complain because the boys did so much work to put you in this spot.

Fixing your dress, you slowly entered the fancy building and greeted the waiter by the door. You told them your name and they immediately knew who you were. Telling you to follow them, you walked down a long beautiful hallway and into a private room where you were faced with a man in a suit, his broad back facing you. Thanking the waiter, you stepped forward and played with your fingers as you hoped for the person to turn around to face you.

And it was like time stopped, the person turned his back to reveal his face. And it truly shocked you. His hair slicked back, dressed well in a suit, and his handsome smile plastered on his face, you couldn’t help but melt to your knees. Jaebum stood in front of you, the nervousness in his actions speaking out to you. But once he took a good look at you, his expression changed. He eyed you from head to toe and smiled brightly, his cheeks turning red.

“Uh, yeah,” You coughed, trying to relieve the awkward tension in the air, “Bambam, Jinyoung and Jackson made me dress up today.”

It was quiet but you heard what Jaebum whispered under his breath, “Damn, now it’s harder to hide my feelings for her.”

“What?” You said, stepping forward towards Jaebum as his eyes flickered up to meet yours.

“Uh, sit down.” Jaebum said, as he pulled out your chair. “Let’s have dinner.”

You both had a very nice dinner full of laughter and deep talks. You were always happy with Jaebum because he treated you like no other guy had treated you. He treated you like a princess and to be honest, you liked that. After a long night at the fancy restaurant, Jaebum finally confessed his feelings towards you and you were beyond happy that he felt the same way. And you had to thank the boys for setting you two up because it was a moment you would never forget.


Omg the guys at the back are me 😂😂

worth it (jinyoung drabble)

word count: i didn’t even bother to check i’s so short lol

catagory: fluff,  and jealous!jinyoung, song inspired

a/n: lol so i got inspiration from hey by got7 because that is one of my all time faves and just the though of jinyoung all moody and pissed off i’m

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GOT7 Reaction | When you’re afraid of the ocean

| Alrighty so I have a somewhat odd request (pls don’t judge meeeee), but could I please request a bts/got7 reaction to going with the whole group to the beach but then you admit to them that you have a strong fear of the ocean/deep water? (I couldn’t remember if you still did reactions for bts, but if not then don’t worry about it 💙) | I am shookt by BTS’s Not Today i am dead wow~Admin H

Mark: ???? low-key so confused?? he’s an LA boy so like? beach is normal. Once you explain i think he’d understand, even if he still thought it was a little silly but he’ll be gross n cheesy and protect u from the ocean.

JB/Jaebum: he’s gonna low key come off as insensitive, but then once he sees that you’re not kidding and you really are upset by the ocean he feels really really guilty and he apologizes to you even if you don’t realize he was being a butthead about it but he spoils you for the whole day and a little bit after

Jackson: u dont like the ocean? okay!ur never going near the ocean again! never! Jackson is gonna do his entire power 2 make sure that u are comfortable 24/7 and never have to go near the big bad scary ocean unless u want too!! if u guys go to the beach he won’t leave ur side for a second and constantly be asking u if ur okay

Jinyoung: mr gentleman is so so caring and understanding about this alright he’ll never push you any more then your boundaries but he wants you to get over this fear you have bc the ocean is wonderful in so many ways and he doesn’t want you to miss out on having a fun time bc you’re afraid

Youngjae: sunshine would never ask you to do anything that would make you uncomfortable!!! he might be disappointed if you’re afraid of a pool though, just because there’s nothing in a pool that could get you, except him! 

BamBam: Bammie is young, and he might tease you a little bit over it until he realizes that it is a legitimate fear you have and he feels awful about his teasing, and he’ll literally get on his knees and beg you to forgive him, even if ur not offended by it but after that he’ll do his everything to support you and help you overcome any fears you have about the ocean 

Yugyeom: honey pie is like Bammie in the fact that he’ll tease you, but he always knows the line and he won’t ever dare to cross it bc bigger fears like the ocean are hard to get over, but he’ll gently bring up maybe talking to someone about it or maybe even going for a couple’s swimming lessons or even just going and splashing in some tide pools as baby steps

GOT7 reaction - Seeing you cry about your plus size figure


He would feel upset that you think this way. He doesn’t want you to cry ever, let alone because of your size. He’d pull you into a sweet embrace and kiss your head.

“You are perfect to me.”

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He is known as the ‘chic and sexy’ member, but if he sees his s/o crying, he’d turn into the fluffy/squishy Jaebum we all know and love. He would lift your head to look at him and shower you with small kisses. He’d embrace you and whisper sweet nothings in your ear.

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Being Jackson he’d most likely ‘prove’ that he loves you size by picking you up bridal-style and kissing you. He’d be a complete puppy and say random ‘complements’ to cheer you up.

“Skinny girls don’t do it for me ;)”


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He’d be the caring affectionate one. He would have you let out all of your worries and concerns. However, the second you even think of taking on unhealthy dieting habits, he’d go straight up mama Jinyoung

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Youngjae has said that he has struggled with his weight as well (not sure why) He would be able to relate to that emotion, but he would want you to know more than anything that you are more than good enough for him.

“You’re everything to me”


So Bambam is obviously a little thing, but he would definitely want you to smile rather than cry. He would be sweet and cuddle you for a while and watch funny movies with you. Every now and again he’d give you a kiss or hold you closer.


He’d be a cute boyfriend and immediately pick you up and give you piggy back rides around the house.

“No Yugy! I’m too heavy!”

“Too late to fight it!~” *spins around like a 5 year old*

Got7 Reaction: S/O Nervous To Sing Infront of Audience


hi! could you make got7 reaction to you being nervous to sing in front of an audience please? thank you ! 💓



I feel like Mark would be more logical and rational about the whole thing as well as give you the freedom to choose. He’d show you the pros and cons to each side and talk things through with you, but try to persuade you more into going on stage, cracking a few jokes every now and again. He’d use his quiet, soft spoken, and sweet nature in order to convince you into doing it and not be as scared. I mean, he will be in the audience to support you~

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I feel like Jaebum would probably use his leadership skills in order to convince you without you realizing that’s what he was doing. I see him using personal experiences of his performances after he had gotten used to it and constantly re-assuring you that you’ll do great. He (Unlike Jackson and BamBam) would catch himself, not letting you know that he heard you sing before your performance.

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I feel like Jackson and BamBam would be very similar in this situation except Jackson would bargain with you. He’d probably crack a lot of jokes to make you feel better, maybe even give you the short version of the “Imagine Them In Their Underwear” speech. Although, just like Bambam, he may let it slip that he heard you singing your piece before the performance by accidentally playing it for you to prove that you’ll do great, causing you to playfully punch him. Let’s be honest he’d probably be your biggest fanboy though and have a lot of random secret videos on his phone of you singing.

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This Little Shit. He’d probably use the fact that he’s heard you sing against you. He’d talk about how you were going to be famous one day and maybe even convince the boys to Fanboy whenever you were around to boost your self esteem. The more nervous you were, the higher the hopes he told you he had for you. Now, the way I’m explaining it makes it sound like he’d make it worse but he’d actually explain them in ways that would hella boost your confidence.

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I feel like Youngjae would do more to physically prepare you rather than just talk you through it. He remembers when he was nervous going out on stage and would explain. He would also host mock performances for you so that you would be more comfortable going out on stage. (He’s such a sweetie oml). I highly doubt you’d be nervous for your performance if he was your S/O~

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As I stated in Jackson’s part, I feel like these two would be very similar. I feel like BamBam would light-heartedly tease you and try and make you laugh to ease your nerves. He’d be the second biggest fanboy compared to Jackson and would be right in the front row of your performance to support you. He’d probably gush about how good you were and give you the extended version of the “Imagine Them In Their Underwear” speech causing you to most definitely laugh.

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He would be a lot like mark and Youngjae I feel. He’d really wanna prepare you, but if you backed out at any moment he wouldn’t stop you. He’s still young and new to performing so he’d quite understand where you were coming from. He’d talk you through and weigh the pros and cons to each side, as well as come up with a system that would help you prepare as well as improve your performance. I feel like he would also suggest you both start doing duets as well because he loves the sound of your voice and loves to sing along with you.

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I’ve had this request forever oml

I’m glad I finally had a few ideas for it though~~ I hope it came out alright haha

-Admin Min-Y

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GOT7 Click & Drag

I really like making these, and I will get better at them as time goes along. Feel free to request some groups and scenarios for these. My ask box is always open for requests. 

Member You Meet First : 

Your Best Friend : 

He kisses you : 

Your Best Friends (pick 2) : 

Member You End Up With : 

It's Time : For You [ANGST] Pt. 2

Ultimate Masterlist

GOT7 Masterlist

Part 1

Pairing: Mark Tuan x Reader

Genre: WARNING: ANGST (time to prepare your tissues my love if ever you know you’re going to cry)

Summary: When Mark realizes it’s time….

Word count: 1107


It took me some kind of alien guts to finally get the chance of leaving her. I guess not completely, but most of the time. I admit, I do miss her. Who wouldn’t, right? “Yo Mark!” Someone yelled from my back, panting heavily as soon as he held on my shoulders. “Oh hey, Jackson.” I greeted before he smiled at me. “Want to go outside and maybe have some quality time? I’ll let you meet my group.” Well, that’s not a bad idea so I agreed with him and went to the karaoke bar. I am quite nervous too and I’m really awkward in meeting new people. Once Jackson opened the door to the room, a figure caught my attention. “HEY THE– oh. Hello there (Y/N)” I heard her name. After three months, I heard her name again. I’m not over her, not yet. “You know her, hyung?” A boy said before circling his arm around (Y/N). “Hey Bam! Is she the ‘girlfriend’ you are talking about?” He hummed and smiled brightly. I pursed my lips and took a light gulp. “Well, I’d like you to meet my friend, Mark.” I looked up and showed the most fake smile that I could ever show. Showing her that I’m happy, it hurts me. I saw her look down and her attitude changed. “Well, I better go now. Just making sure that Jackson gets here safely.” I smiled before bowing down. “Oh and… Take care of (Y/N).” I mumbled, earning a lot of confused eyes looking at me. A chuckle went past my lips before I closed the door, keeping my hands inside my pockets before walking outside the bar. I looked up, pushing back the tears that were threatening to fall. “You really do have the guts to show yourself again, (Y/N).” I mumbled before looking from the left and right of the street. I feel really empty and I was really in to my trance until I heard whimpers. I looked around the area before I saw a puppy of brown in color. I sat down in front of it then sat down on the ground. “Hey there.” I spoke softly. “Don’t worry. I’m here now.” I added, patting my lap gently and the puppy crawled out of its place. I slowly placed my hand in front of it and it gently pressed its head against the back of my hand. I patted its head lightly before carefully carrying him. “Well, a cute boy doesn’t sound bad.”

The pup barked and wagged its tail, causing me to chuckle. I hugged the ball of fluff close to my chest before going home. While I was walking, my phone rang up. It was Jackson. “Yeah?” “Mark?” “(Y/N)? Why are you holding Jackson’s phone?” I suddenly heard quiet sobs. I was about to speak up when I heard her voice. “I miss you… Come back?” I bit my lower lip and let tears run down my cheeks. “(Y/N), you do know that I want to have a life too, right?” Silence… I never heard a single word from her and it only took me a sigh to startle her. “Good bye, (Y/N).” I mumbled before ending the phone call. I kept the device inside my pocket after setting it into silent before focusing more on the puppy. “Let’s get you home. I’ll take care of you instead…”


It was graduation day and I really  just want to get out from this cage. It was years when I last saw (Y/N). Two years or so. I haven’t talked to her since then. She suddenly went missing and we really have no idea where she is. So far, I got really close to Jackson and so am I with his friends. After the incident at the karaoke bar, (Y/N) broke up with Bambam. I felt sorry but whatever is running in (Y/N)’s head, I have no control over it. After the ceremony ended, we went to meet up with our colleagues and have a final talk for the mean time before we go to college. Our group decided to go to music school and aspire to be famous one day. I was just having a casual conversation with one of my friends when I saw a silhouette of a girl behind a tree. She seems shy so I excused myself and tried to look and keenly observe her. I was about to move closer when she stepped out of the shadows and smiled softly. That smile… I miss those. It took me all my strength to gather up all the courage I have to finally approach her. Her smile slowly fades and tears started to form at the brim of her eyes, causing my body to react in the same way. Her face got blurred as my eyes were filled with my tears. (Y/N) raised her hand to cup my cheek and caressed it with her thumb. Tears rolled down my cheeks and I know, I’m not over her… Not yet… “Hey there” she muttered with her shaky voice. “Hey.. I missed you.” (Y/N) nodded then let out a pained giggle. “And so did I.. But you know the reason why I’m here, right?” I looked down at my feet then nodded. “I just want you to know that I did adore you, loved you even, but I am dangerous. I don’t deserve an angel like you. You’re my life, Mark. I just can’t get myself to give you a chance because I know I’ll only hurt you.” She paused, trying to cover up her obvious sobs. The sobs that I used to hear way back when I tried comforting her. “I’m so–” I took the opportunity to cup her cheeks and firmly press my lips against hers. Heaven knows how much I love this girl but it has come to the point that the both of us were already hurting too much. All our bitter-sweet memories were collated and were shared into this, our first and last kiss. I trapped her into a tightest hug I could ever encase her in and I know, at the back of hers and my mind, she did the same to me. I pulled away gently to place a light kiss on her forehead as tears continue to roll down. Her hands grabbed a fistful of my clothing before she let out the words the both of us needed to hear. “Good bye, Mark…” I slowly let go of her and slowly walked backwards. “Good bye, (Y/N)…” I said, turning my back to her as I ran away, letting her watch my diminishing figure.

The Hardest // GOT7

Heartbreaks are the hardest to talk about.

author’s note : hello everyone!!!! I’m starting this short series featuring all the members of GOT7. Don’t worry, I’m not abandoning Free Falling. I was supposed to publish this last Valentines, but I got caught up with school. So, hopefully you guys support it. Thank you! ❤


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