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Sonder: A Solangelo Story

Chapter 3

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The bell rang to signal the end of class and also cause Nico to fall out his chair. Yes, he had been sleeping but it was still demoralizing to end up face first on the floor. After a moment, he slowly started to push himself off the ground and grabbed his bag, grateful that the school day was finally over. It was strange to experience a small town school day because by lunch time everyone had already known he cursed at a teacher.

“Well, this is a dream anyway” he mumbled and started to walk towards  Will’s home. He found out that Kayla Knowles and Austin Lake were his siblings, well half- siblings as they all had different mothers. Apparently, they all lived in their father’s home and mostly took care of themselves. Once at the house, he shoved the door open and ignored the questions the two had before storming up the stairs. After he arrived in the ungodly yellow room, he closed the door and slid down before starting to cry. The tears he had been holding back ran down his cheeks.

Bianca Di Angelo was only 13 when a car drove right through her. She had been walking with Percy when it happened and called 911 but it was too late. By the time the paramedics arrived, she had already passed on. For the first two years after the incident, Nico ignored Percy and blamed him for his sister’s death. It was around that time he attempted suicide and had to be placed in a mental hospital. Over the next few years, the want to blame Percy had faded along with the wish of death.

After rubbing his eyes, Nico laid on the bed and yawned slightly. Eventually, he fell into a gentle slumber, dreaming about being with his sister again.

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We all have out ways to fight, Gaara’s sand, Sasuke’s abilities, and Jackson’s speed, and i…well, i can say that i am skilled with Distance and Magic Resistance! But…it’s fine if you don’t want to speak about it *he smiles* although, if anytime you need our help, don’t hesitate!


San Junipero // Black Mirror (S3E04, Owen Harris).