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Colors Of Love//Jackson Wang

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Pairing: Jackson x Reader


Summary:Anonymous said:
Y/N has been color blind since birth and has been dating Jackson for quite some time and he wants her to be able to enjoy the colors that the world has to over. so for her/their birthday/anniversary he gets all the boys to help him out in getting her EnChroma glasses that allows her to see colors for the first time and she just bursts out crying ((lots of fluff plsss i love your blog~~~ so much))

Author’s Note: This is such a beautiful idea, I just had to do it. I hope I did the prompt justice, and I hope you enjoy the read~

xoxo Sara

“(Y/N),” Jackson hummed, “Wake up, it’s your birthday.”

You rubbed your eyes slightly, his wide smile right in front of you as his arms circled around your waist, pulling you closer into his chest. “Happy birthday Jagi,” he hummed, pressing a kiss into your hair as you sighed contently.

You had been dating Jackson for two years, each day different than the last. With Jackson, it was always an adventure, and he made you feel loved and protected constantly. He had accepted you into his life regardless of what obstacles you had to face and you appreciated it more than words could describe.

He had found out about your color blindness before your first date, when he offered to take you to the beach to watch the sunset. He had made a comment on how beautiful the sky looked as it showed different shades of blue and yellow and pink; all of which you couldn’t see.

From that moment on he promised one day that he would be able to show you the colors of the world by describing them to you as best as he could, describing them with the emotions they best paired with. He told you red was meant in anger and in love, and blue was meant for sadness, though the things correspondent with blue weren’t always sad, like the sky or the ocean.

You had admired his determination, but some days you couldn’t help but feel sad. You wished you could see the beautiful colors that he was describing you, but all you could see was a mix of grey.

“(Y/N),” He hummed, “Come on! We’re all going on a picnic!” Jackson pulled you up slowly, pressing his lisp to yours in a loving, sweet kiss before helping you get an outfit that you had chosen with him yesterday.

You told him last night you wanted a simple picnic for your birthday with everyone him and the boys in the park, one of your favorite places to be. He agreed, a wide smile on his face as he immediately went to pack for the picnic once you told him that.

You had noticed that on your way to the park, Jackson was describing the colors of the world more than he usually did. He told you while you held hands that the picnic basket was brown and the blanket you were sitting on was pink;his shirt matched your dress and the sky with light blue, and his pants were white. You had no idea as to why he was vividly describing each color to you, but appreciated it nonetheless.

“(Y/N)!” The boys all shouted upon your arrival, “Happy Birthday!”

“Thank you,” you giggled softly, hugging them all as jackson set up the large blanket for you to sit on.

“Come on everyone, let’s eat!” Jackson said, seeming as if he were in a rush. You shrugged it off, though, sitting next to him on the blanket as he handed you a paper plate with macaroni salad on it.

While you ate, you noticed all of the boys could not stop smiling; their moods so bright you could feel the happiness radiating off of them.

“Why is everyone so excited today?” you asked, wiping your face with a napkin as Yugyeom laughed.

“Because it’s your birthday! Shouldn’t we all be excited?” He asked, practically bouncing in place, making you giggle.

“I guess,” you shrugged, “But you all seem overly excited.”

“Because todays a very special day,” Jackson said, taking a tight hold of your hand, “it’s the day where I fulfill a promise I made to you.”

Standing up slowly, he pulled you up with him, the boys following suit as Jackson reached into the picnic basket. Pulling out a small box, he smiled at you.

“Ah, you didn-“

“Actually,” Jaebum smiled, “This is a gift from all of us. We know you don’t want one but we didn’t follow your rules, sorry.”

You rolled your eyes softly as Jackson handed you the box, the cute little bow on the top making your smile widen, “you all are too sweet.”

“Open it, Jagi,” Jackson said, wrapping his arm around your waist as he smiled at you. Nodding slowly, you unwrapped the box, opening it slowly to reveal what looked like sunglasses.

“Ah, a new pair of sunglasses?” You asked, giggling as you examined them, “That’s really sweet of you all!”

“They’re special sunglasses,” Jackson explained, taking them out of the box, “Let me put them on for you.”

Standing in front of you, Jackson moved stray hairs from your face before slipping the sunglasses onto your face.

Blinking a couple of times, a whirlwind of beautiful colors were now in your view. Widening your eyes, you stepped back a bit, your heart dropping as you looked up at the sky, able to see what Jackson had described to you as a beautiful light blue.

“Oh my god,” you said, covering your mouth as you felt tears form in your eyes, “The-“

“They’re EnChroma glasses,” Jackson said, a wide smile on his face, “They allow you to see colors.”

You nodded softly, letting tears slide down your cheeks as you wrapped your arms around Jackson tightly, sobbing softly into his shoulders.

“Thank you so much, thank you thank you,” you whispered, unable to speak as you stared at the boys through your glasses, their smiles wider than before as you examined all of the colors of their clothes, unable to process what they were at that moment but happy to see the colors nonetheless.

Pressing a kiss to your temple, Jackson smiled, “I told you I’d help you see them, Jagi.”

Into You

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“Different people awaken different beast in you.”

Summary: Jackson the guy who’s known to get around is not the type to stick to relationships. But will happen when he falls for one specific girl? Read to find out what happens.


Previous Parts:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Part 4 is here~


A day passes after the party and you didn’t see Jackson anywhere or heard about him. Things were going to be back to normal you thought to yourself.

But you spoke way too soon…

You still had to write an essay that was due in three days, and the best place to write your essay was a coffee shop there was near the school campus.

You sat at a empty table taking out your laptop and notebook and started to get a headstart on your essay.

Just as you were lost on your thoughts you felt someone looking at you. You stopped writing for your notebook and looked up and looked around the coffee shop.

You spotted Jackson and he looked away.

“Okay?” you mumbled confused.

You looked down back at your notebook about to write again and just then after a couple of minute lost in your thoughts you hear someone clear their throats and it was Jackson….

“What do you want?” you said already annoyed.

“Can we talk?” Jackson says as you looked at him scared on what he has to say…


“About?” you asked confused. “About what happened the night of the party,” Jackson says and you rolled your eyes. 

“Fine talk,” you said closing your laptop and giving your full attention to Jackson.

“I’m sorry, what I said was rude.” Jackson says and you nodded. 

“Cool,” you said and looked at your notebook.

“Cool? Is that all your going to say after i apologized?” Jackson says offended. 

“Yeah,” you said and you began to write. You could feel Jackson still in front of you. You looked at him and he looked really annoyed.

“Your roommate made me come here and apologize to whatever I did but you know what I take it back cause your a bitch,” Jackson says and your eyes widen. You will never let a guy disrespect you like the way he does.

“Call me a bitch all you want but I’m not the one who is a fucking perv and is a fucking dick most of the times. I’m only a bitch cause you make me this way,” you said gathering your things and as soon as you had everything you left the coffee shop.

You can’t be around him anymore. He slowly drives you crazy getting you annoyed. 


By the time you written some of your essay down you needed a break. You laid down on your bed closing your eyes till you hear your phone vibrate. 

You stretched out your hand and reached for your phone still having your eyes closed. 

As soon as you had your phone in front of you, you opened your eyes and you received a text from you roommate. 

Come down to the beach~ I won’t take no as answer, I told Jackson to pick you up. So be ready!

You sat up and your eyes widen. You didn’t care about going to the beach but the part when she mentioned Jackson got you annoyed. But you clearly couldn’t say no so you got up and got ready for the beach.

You pulled out an extra bag and carried extra clothes in case of anything and extra undergear.

You grabbed your bikini and wore it under your outfit and applied sunscreen on yourself. 

By the time you were ready you were about to continue on your essay till you heard a knock on your door. You got up and walked over to the door with your bag and found Jackson standing in front of your door..

“Ready to go?” he says making no obnoxious comment.

“yeah,” you replied and he nodded. 

You both exited your way out of the dorms and on your way to his car. 

“You could sit in the passenger seat if you want,” Jackson offers and you looked at him. 

Why isn’t he making any rude comments? Something was up but you were going to ruin the moment. You just nodded and slowly entered his car as he did the same.

The car ride started off with silence. Jackson had the radio playing but the music still didn’t stop the awkward tension that was around.. 

“Sorry,” you said and he glanced at you. “Sorry?” he asks confused. 

“Sorry that my roommate, she probably made you come and pick me up,” you said looking out the window.

“Actually I offered…” Jackson says causing you to slowly look at him.

“Why?” you asked confused. “She was going to make you call a taxi, and since I’m friends with her I wanted to do the favor for her,” Jackson says.

For her, of course…..

“Oh,” was the only words that came in mind.

Again silence occurred…

“What’s your hobbies?” Jackson asks you and you couldn’t help to laugh. 

Is he being serious right now? You glanced at him and he continued looking forward at the road. Should you just answer? Or should you question him? You gave in and just kept the conversation going. Arguing with Jackson has been getting tiring.

“(Your hobbies)” you said and he glances at you and smiles. “You? Besides picking up girls?” you said and seeing him smirk. “Dancing, rapping and beatboxing,” he says.

“Ah I see you have secret talents,” you said and he nodded. “There’s a lot you don’t know about me,” Jackson says causing you to just look at him. “You’re right,” was all you could say and he looked completely taken back from my response. 

“I’m right?” he asks making sure he heard the right thing. “Yeah, you are completely right, here we are arguing over something stupid yet we know nothing about each other,” you said and then sighed. “I honestly don’t like arguing with people,” you said and he nodded.

“So we start all over?” he asks unsure. “Yeah, I would like that,” You responded back.

Yes you might be crazy for giving Jackson a chance to be your friend. But that’s only as you friend…. 

Silence fills up the car and the next thing you know you both bursted out of laughter. 

“Since you know how to beatbox, why don’t you show me what you can do?” you said smirking as you crossed your arms.

“That I can do,” He says and he stay quiet. After a while he begins to beatbox making you bob your head. You smiled in amazement and after a while an idea appeared in you head. 

“Sitting next to Jackson while he’s beatboxing, meanwhile here trying to rapping,” you said and then began to laugh. Jackson looked at you and you still continued to laugh.

“Rapping your skill too?” Jackson asks smirking. “No, did you hear me? I was terrible,” You said and you both began to laugh. 

At least you both arrived at a beach but the beach looked empty. 

“Um… Jackson are we at the right beach?” You asked looking around the window. “Yeah, I’m sure. We are easton beach.” he says and you looked at him.

“We were suppose to go to Weston beach. Wrong beach!” you said and he awkwardly smiles.

Just as he was going to drive we heard a pop and you jumped from fear.

“What was that?” You asked nervously. He quickly got out of the car and looked at the tire. 

Just our luck…. THE TIRE POPPED!

“We have a problem…” Jackson says getting back in the car. “It’s okay we can just call my roommate,” you said pulling out your phone.

But just as you pulled out your phone, your phone suddenly dies. “Shit my phone died, where’s your phone?” you asked Jackson. 

He patted down his pockets and his eyes widen. 

“Um… Kind of forgot it?” he said and your mouth dropped.



boyf! mark

- takes you to theme parks

- accidentally makes you a third wheel

- makes it up to you by taking you out for dinner

-eyes can barely open but still tries to convince you he isn’t tired

- “i’m never tired when i’m with you” 

-always making silly faces to hear your laugh

- loves kids 

- enjoys babysitting with you 

- have competitions to see which of you the baby likes more 

- always wins

nl4realzx  asked:

Hello! What would got7 reaction to you wanting them to meet your family/parents?

fjdshfjksdhfkds yES 


I feel like Mark won’t get too nervous, though he would desperately try to make your family like him. He would want to gain their trust so they would him date you.


I see Jaebum as the type to get nervous, but he wouldn’t let it show until you two were alone. He would make sure that everything he was doing was alright and he would do his best to make your parents smile. We would want to show them that he is able to take care of you.


Jackson may be the most confident of the bunch! I see Jackson immediately striking up conversations with your parents,playing with any younger siblings/cousins, I see Jackson as the type that makes everyone immediately love him without even trying.


He would try to be as respectful as possible. He would agree to meeting them, but he would do everything in his power to try and make sure everything is perfect and there were no flaws in the evening planned.


A bundle of nerves, but really cute at the same time. Constantly tripping over his words because he’s talking so much due to his nerves, but when he laughs everyone laughs and he immediately feels better.


I see him getting really nervous and that making him not being able to respond much but he would do everything to show your parents/family that he is listening and participating as best as he can, and that he’s just concerned if they like him or not. I see him holding your hand really, really tightly the whole time.


He’d be all smiley and blushing because of how nervous he was! He would try and talk a lot and be active with whatever happening. i feel like Yugyeom would totally like hanging out with your older siblings and talking with your parents but he wouldnt want you to leave his side just in case he does something embarrassing.

xoxo Sara