jacksom au


Jacksom, stardust, steampunk au where jack is a scientist for heylin industries that manly focuses on studying these artifacts called Shen Gan Wu and discovering what they do before xiaolin corp. Jack believes there power comes from cosmic energy but no one takes him seriously. One night he see’s a star fall past the wall. A boarder no one is allowed to pass, Jack then sets out to find the star and prove his theory right. He then uses a black candle to teleport to the stars location.Landing right on top of the star named blossom. Jack is at first love struck, while blossom is frustated. The two strike up a deal, blossom will go with Jack to prove his theory, and he will figure out how to get her home. So they journey though the land of reaping. Trying to find there way home, encountering many new friends, and enemies, including princess, princess of the witches/warlocks and her red knight Brick.


Jacksom stardust au doodle that I did during the Super Bowl. Actually it started with that castle and the escalated. Basically Jack and Blossom learn of a castle where stars use to reside before they left for the other kingdom. Which also is said to hold the remaining Te xuan ze, the protecters of the veil into the other kingdom.So with the help of the lightning/ robotic pirates ( Sheldon, Jenny, Jim Hawkins, And Coops the last two I will draw later on) they arrive. Upon doing so they reawaken the last Te xuan ze Juniper Lee who has been asleep since the stars left the land of reaping. After hearing jack and blossoms tale she agrees to help them on there quest. Brick then bursts in with Princess ship behind him, he and juniper fight, and that’s all I got. Any suggestions on what should happen next because I’m seriously thinking about writing a fanfic. Goodnight everyone.