jacksom au


Jacksom stardust au doodle that I did during the Super Bowl. Actually it started with that castle and the escalated. Basically Jack and Blossom learn of a castle where stars use to reside before they left for the other kingdom. Which also is said to hold the remaining Te xuan ze, the protecters of the veil into the other kingdom.So with the help of the lightning/ robotic pirates ( Sheldon, Jenny, Jim Hawkins, And Coops the last two I will draw later on) they arrive. Upon doing so they reawaken the last Te xuan ze Juniper Lee who has been asleep since the stars left the land of reaping. After hearing jack and blossoms tale she agrees to help them on there quest. Brick then bursts in with Princess ship behind him, he and juniper fight, and that’s all I got. Any suggestions on what should happen next because I’m seriously thinking about writing a fanfic. Goodnight everyone.

D. Soul Cafe Masterlist
  • Introduction(Fin)- Welcome to D. Soul Café!
  • Latte (Fin)- Yugyeom is a regular customer who likes observing you, the waitress.
  • Cappuccino (Fin)- Bambam is your best friend who helps you prefer for a date on the café.
  • Mocha(Fin)- Youngjae is a temporary staff and the manager asked him to walk with you to the bus stop.
  • Ristretto (Fin)- Jinyoung a regular customer of the cafe while you are a first-timer.
  • Macchiato (Queued: 11-21)- Jackson is the cashier who always get your name wrong and one day, you find cute notes on the books you’re reading.
  • Red Eye (Queued: 12-19)- Jaebum is your employee and you ask him to accompany you on your high school reunion after work.
  • Americano (Queued: 12-24)- Like Mark, your car broke down due to the thick snow so you have no choice but to spend your time with him at the cafe.
  • Anniversary Special (Queued: 1-1)- A party to celebrate D. Soul Café’s first anniversary.