Extended Preference #1

-Morning Texts-


I always woke up with a smile on my face as my phone buzzed across the room. I would just read his messages, not responding just laughing at his distresses.


Patience is a virtue that Jack didn’t have. My sleep was too deep to be disturbed by my ringing phone. Which concluded him coming over and wake you up with kisses.


He was cheesy in the mornings. You always woke up with a massive smiles and rushing to his house immediately just to give him a big kiss.


He was annoying at dawn. He wouldn’t leave you only, the constant texts and phone calls, but you wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world.

Jack Harries Imagine - Can't You Love Me

Imagine for inthislife-andthenext

Taking requests here x 

Imagine, you were going out to dinner with your best friend Jack but it was pouring rain when he picked you up. You stepped out of your flat covering your head with your bag. You saw Jack inside the car waving wildly for you to hurry with a giant smile on his face. You ran giggling into the car; when you made it Jack wrapped his arms around you, hugging you tight.

“Jack I’m all wet, no stop,” you laughed as he pulled back and wagged his eyebrows at you. You hit his arm in disbelief. 

“You said it babe,” he got the car out of park and drove away proud of himself.


“(Y/N),” your heart fluttered when he said your name.

“Where are we going,”

“Oh right! Change of plans, it’s raining so I figured we could have a movie night at my house?”

“Okay,” you smiled to yourself.

When you guys arrived, Jack came around to your side and held open the door for you, doing his best to cover you from the rain. All he really did was make you blush, he had an arm around your waist and he tried covering your head with his jacket.

You guys settled into his living room, cuddling into blankets and watching a chick flick which Jack wouldn’t admit he enjoyed.

You looked up at him when one of the characters died and he had a tear trailing down his face. He got emotional very easily and you looked at his foggy green eyes. Your eyes looked over every detail of his face. He was a handsome guy, but what made him so special was his emotions and words. When he got worked up about something he spoke with passion and his entire demeanor changed, convincing you only with his stance. Now, he was lounging on a sofa watching a chick flick but he made you want to cry with him. You liked Jack, a lot more than you should for best friends but you were so scared of rejection you kept it held in. That’s what made your next action so surprising.

“Jack,” you whispered. He looked down at you with tears up to the rim of his eyes. You melted in your seat and caressed his cheek. “Are you okay?”

“Yeh, I get into the movie,” he laughed lightly.

“Well, can we talk for a bit?” 

“Of course, what’s on your mind?” Jack sat up facing you.

“Well, I just feel like I need to share something with you. You don’t even need to respond to it, but I just need to get it off my chest.” You looked down at your hands and took a deep breath.

“(Y/N) did I do something to upset you?” Jack took hold of one of your hands and when you looked up his features scrunched up in worry.

“No! It’s actually nothing of the sort, I have feelings for you and I don’t know when they started but they’re stronger than I should feel for my best friend and I feel guilty because well, you’re my best friend, you’re the person I told everything to and now this was pent up inside me. Well, I just wanted to tell you.”

Jack stared at you pensively. You could see his thoughts running a mile a minute trying to figure out what to say next.

“(Y/N)” Jack sighed rubbing his forehead. And there, in that moment you knew you made a huge mistake. You felt your words crumbling around you. But, in that moment you couldn’t take it back and now you were just ready for the pity speech.

You’re not quite sure what Jack said to you after he took one of your hands. But you do remember crying, a lot. At some point you heard him say ‘it’s for our friendship (Y/N). Please don’t cry, I do love you but not in that way. You deserve much better.’ You knew he only said that in consideration of your feelings so you just smiled and nodded. When Jack released your hand you slumped in your seat. You wiped away your tears and smiled weakly at him. 

Jack reached to give you a hug but you moved away. You hated seeing him sad, but right now talking was the only contact you could handle.(Barely.)

“(Y/N) if you want to go home, I’ll drive you. But, it’s 11 already, you can just stay over and we can have breakfast in the morning?” He smiled tentatively at you.

“Jack I really don’t want to bother you, I can walk home.”

“(Y/N) no don’t say that. You’re never a bother, never.” Jack looked into your eyes before speaking again, “I’ll drive you home tomorrow after breakfast, I’ll go fix up the guest room.” Jack leaned over as to give you kissed on the cheek but stopped when you flinched. He pulled back and dismissed himself to go get the room ready for you.

After going to the bathroom you walked to the guest room. You met him in the doorway and you both stood there awkwardly.

“I left one of my shirts and boxers on the bed for you to sleep.”

“Thank you,” you looked around.

“Well I’m going to bed, sweet dreams.” Jack forced a smile and walked off.

You went inside the room and gently took the clothes set on the bed, putting it on one of the dressers. You sat on the bed with your knees to your chest trying to eliminate the pain. You felt the hollow spot in your heart aching, you probably lost your best friend for good now.

You didn’t know what to do to fix anything so you cried, at first quietly but after a while your whimpers turned to sobs. You heard footsteps down the hallway so you wiped your face and bit your lip holding back the sounds.

Finn opened the door.

“Hi,” you whispered smiling slightly.

“Hi, can I come in?” 

“Surely.” Finn came in and sat next to you on the bed.

“So,” you trailed off looking up at him. He brought a hand up to your face stroking your cheek. You closed your eyes holding in the tears, you felt so worthless. 

Finn spoke softly to you,”Jack told me what happened.”

“Oh god,” you mumbled covering your face now.

“No no! (Y/N) I came to check on you. I knew already.” You looked up at him confused. “You always gave him this look. I kept an eye on you two, but I figured he felt the same way about you.” You sucked in a breath. “Would I be pushing it if I asked to talk to you about something.”

You shook your head and brought your knees to your chest, resting your arms and head on them looking at Finn..

“Well I really like this girl, she’s really funny and sweet.” Finn waited for your approval to go on. “I love seeing her even if it hurts when I see her cry.” Finn wiped away a tear from your cheek. 

“What’s the problem Finny she sounds amazing, you should ask her out?” 

“You see I would, I’ve wanted to since I met her. But, tonight my guess was proven correct. My dream girl loves my brother.” Finn bit his lip looking into your eyes, waiting.

“She’s not worth it if she can’t see what you’re worth.”

“But, she is. People are usually blinded by how outspoken Jack is, he always gets the most attention. Whereas I sit back quietly, I don’t like to get in the middle of things.”

“You should speak up more Finny.”

“You’re right, I really like you (Y/N), and I’d really like to talk more than we do now.”

For the second time tonight your actions were going to surprise you. 

You leaned in and kissed Finn. When you pulled back he was looking into your eyes confused, you spoke softly “I may have had feelings for the wrong twin.” Finn smiled and kissed you again cupping your cheek and holding your waist with the other. 

“You shouldn’t sleep in that, it’s not comfortable.” Finn looked at your clothes. “Didn’t Jack give you clothes?”

“I didn’t want to put them on.” Finn looked at you strangely.

“Would you wear mine?” Finn’s hand still cupped your cheek giving you butterflies when he spoke so close to your face. You nodded looking up at him. He released you, but instead of walking to his room he just got up.

Finn pulled his shirt over his head allowing you trail your eyes down his body. When his shirt was off he grinned cheekily at you.

“Here you go babe,” Finn handed the shirt to you. You walked to the bathroom to change. When you came out you tried to pull it down over your thighs but failed. Finn was lying back on the bed, he winked at you when you walked out.



“I like how it looks on you.”

“I like how it suits me better.” You smiled at Finn and he pulled you onto the bed with him.

“Should I leave?” Finn looked down at you resting on his chest.

“Will you stay with me tonight?” Finns eyes lit up and he held you a bit tighter now.

“Of course babe,” Finn kissed your forehead and you fell asleep with your head tucked into the crook of his neck where you fit perfectly.


The next morning you woke up and walked downstairs dressed. When you got to the kitchen both Jack and Finn were standing there staring at you.

“Hi.” You stuttered awkwardly and looked down. 

“Good morning beautiful,” the twins spoke synchronized.

You all laughed a bit, but soon after it became quiet again.

“Come on (Y/N) set the table with me.” Finn came to you kissing your cheek and pulling you out of the kitchen. You were smiling but when you were walking out of the doorway you looked back and caught Jack’s stare. Jack nodded approvingly, but something was off. 

When you got out of the kitchen Finn grabbed you by the waist and pressed you up against the wall kissing you deeply. You put your fingers in his hair, delving into the passion Finn reciprocated. When you pulled back Finn smiled happily down at you, kissing you all over your face and then down your neck.

“Finn!” You giggled loudly but he continued. When he reached your collarbone he kissed it one last time before taking you by the hand to set the table smiling back at you on the way.


(Jack’s P.O.V.)

She walked out the door but I met her glance for a second. In that second I could have asked her to stop, I could have asked her to pick me but I couldn’t. I didn’t have it in me to ruin her happiness.

When Finn asked me to help him with getting (Y/N) I nearly said no, only because of my personal feelings towards her, but then I remembered how more often than not Finn is a better boyfriend and how Finn spoke about her. I couldn’t break my brother and my best friend’s heart so I had to agree. Finn knew, and I know he knew but I couldn’t bring myself to say it.

Now when she walked out the door, I don’t know if I lost a best friend or true love, but either way I felt my heart crumbling in my chest. Last night when she rejected my touch, every time a part of me fell to pieces. 

“Finn!” (Y/N)’s voice rang in the house, her laughter filling me but breaking me all at the same time because it wasn’t my name anymore, and I wasn’t the reason for her laugh.

At least they’re happy.

Forgotten - for Nicole

Here it is! I really hope you like it and thank you for requesting! :)

Requests are accepted for Jack, Finn, Caspar, Marcus, Alfie, Dan, Phil, Chris, and PJ! Before requesting, make sure you have some sort of story line or an idea to go with the person of your choice and your name. :)

- Sarah

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Extended Preference #2

-How you kiss-

Theses preferences went so fucking well it has 91 notes so far! I actually spent a long time thinking it through, it gave me feels


His unexpected bursts of energy always surprised me. We would just be laying there out of energy then his kisses would bring me back to life.


His kisses would give me heart attacks, both from the sparks and his tricks. He always had a new trick every time.


His kisses were always filled with so much passion. He would hold you and lean towards you as if you were going to leave.


His silliness was the one thing you loved about his kisses. It would seem prefect until he got a better idea and fool around.

You forgot?

You wake up really early this morning, excitement fills your body as you remember what day is it, it’s finally your birthday!  You turn around to look at your boyfriend Finn ,you’ve been dating for 4 years now and you couldn’t be happier,  but you find an empty place.  You let yourself smile thinking that he probably will be making a special birthday breakfast.  You bounce out of bed to find your boy, but you get a huge disappointment when you find him sittong on the kitchen table crunching his cereal and playing with his Iphone. You stare at him for a few minutes and he just turns to you and says:

“Hi honey, good morning”

You try giving him a chance and you say: “Can you remind me the date Finnie?”

“Offcourse! It’s (Y/B-Day)” he says carelessly

“Aaaaaand?????” You say trying to give him a hint

“It’s Friday, if that’s what you mean” he says with a grin in his face “Oh and also, Caspar, Jack,  me and some of the guys are going to hang out later, you don’t care right? ”

You hold back the tears and try to hide the sadness, shock and disappointment of your face and you say “No, have fun I’m gonna take a shower and then I guess I’ll hang out with Zoe or something”

You turn around and give him you back when all of sudden he says “Hey! Y/N!” You feel your heart race and you instantly think that the whole thing was a joke and that he hadn’t forget about your birthday.
You turn around and he says “No good bye kiss?”

You feel the anger grow inside of you but you just play along and give him his stupid goodbye kiss.

You quickly go to the main bedroom and start getting your clothes for the day, from here you can here the door shut; which means that Jack has left the flat. That’s when the tears start to flow. You look at your phone and find out that you have tons of happy b-day texts and a couple of missing calls:

- Joe S: Happy B-Day!  Hope you enjoy xx

-Alfie D: what’s up! Oh wait I already know! It’s youuu biiiirthdayyy!! HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY!!x

-Marcus B: Heeellooo a Birthday greeting from Marky Butt-Butt xx

And the list of greeting goes on you keep answering all the texts with the classical “Thaanks!♡” or “Luv you thanks for remembering!  ;-)"  until your phone starts ringing you answer and you hear the voice of Zoe trying to kill the ‘Happy birthday’ song. When she stops she says:

"How’s your day?” And you cannot hide it and you say “Finn….” and the tears start flowing again

“What did that little wanker did?!” She says to you

“He… he forgot about my birthday” to say it out loud hurted more than what you tought it would be.

“If that asshole forgot and it’s not going to give you the best day ever;  I’m going to!” She says you chuckle a little bit and start wiping the tears away

“Really? ” you ask

“Yup, now get dressed!  I’ll be there in a half!” She says and hangs up

You pick up the clothes and think 'if he is with his friend I’ll be with mine!’


You return home with tons of bags you have bought a ton of stuff and somehow Zoe convinced you to buy tons of stuff you had bags full of Victoria’s Secret stuff (not only creams, if you know what I mean ;) ), a bunch of new dresses, skirts and blouses a few pairs of shoes and a few other stuff. It is around 7, and Finn must be at the flat already so she asks if she could enter the flat with you, so she could 'see little Finnegan’s face’ you say yes and go inside the building you two call the lift as you talked about how would Finn react and you are still talking nonstop while you open the door and then it happens:


All of your friends are here including the ones who Finn was going to meet earlier and obviously Finn is in the middle of all of them; your face turns into a smile as you let fall all the shopping bags to hug your boyfriend.

When you let him go you quickly turn to Zoe ,who’s standing now next to Alfie, and she starts nodding while smiling mischievously,  she knew all the time! You focus again on your boyfriend who’s giving you a stare that could melt a rock, you still don’t have a clue of what you did to deserve someone that looks at you in such a lovely way, you think.

He grabs your hand and leds you to the kitchen so you can talk without anybody around “Y/N! I’m so sorry I had to pretend to forget about your birthday it broke my heart to do that! I understand if you’re mad at me and…” you cut him with a kiss, it wasn’t a passionate one it was a sweet, loving kiss, that represents how grateful you are with him for surprising you.

He leans and presses his forehead to yours and cups your face with his hands he says “Happy Birthday Y/N, I love you”

You smile and say “I love you too”

Then he kisses tou again and you just can think of how far you’ve gone with this guy, four years of 'I love you’s", four years of cuddling, snogging and hugging and you feel like you were never going to get bored. He breaks the kiss only to whisper with that sexy voice of his:

“was that a Victoria’s Secret bag?”

Finn Harries - The Nightmare

Combining two requests to make a story.

-Finn hate to love.

-Finn protecting you

A/N I hope the people who requested the above are okay with this, accepting requests here

Imagine you were going over your best friends Jacks house to hang out for a bit.  You knocked on the door and it swung open, unfortunately it was Finn. It’s not that you hated him, it’s just he was so disgusting. He flirted with everyone and you just didn’t like it when he was near you. 

“Hello beautiful,” Finn leaned forward and kissed you on the cheek.

“Hi,” you pursed your lips and walked in past him.

Finn shut the door and rested against it crossing his arms over his chest grinning at you. “You here to see me?”

“You always ask and always get the same response Finn,” you forced a tight lipped smile at him shrugging your shoulders.

“One day you’ll be screaming for me,” Finn winked at you but you turned away from him walking up the stairs to Jacks room.

 ”Jack I’m going out, I’ll be back later!” Finn shouted from the front door.

“Okay mate see you then! (Y/N) is coming over just so you know.”  You popped your head inside Jack’s room to which he laughed. “Oh never mind then, did Finn see you?” 

“Yeah,” you lifted your eyebrows looking away and plopping on Jacks bed. He was in his computer chair and rolled over to you.

“Why do you dislike my brother so much?” Jack spoke sadly.

“It’s not that I dislike him, it’s just his company isn’t my favorite.”

“(Y/N) you cringe as soon as your hear his voice.”

“It’s not like he ever says anything nice! He usually only hints at sex and the fangirls may like that but I don’t.” You took your shoes off and moved up on the bed to rest your back on the wall and stretch out your legs. You tilted your head back and closed your eyes breathing deeply.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah thanks, I’m just tired and it’s been a long day.” You yawned.

You were actually just tired of the world, someone had started following you on your way to Jack’s house and your mother complained you weren’t eating enough and called you anorexic, and your sister had been acting out again so you had to talk to her to no avail.

“Want to watch a movie?” Jack asked nudging your foot with his making you smile.

“Okay,” you grinned at him.

Jack helped you off the bed and you guys went to the lounge where you got out the blankets and he put in ‘Insidious’. Jack settled next to you slinging his arm around you and you cuddled into your best friends chest. Eventually you fell asleep from the amount of times you shut your eyes to miss a scary part.

You woke up slightly to Jack carrying you.

“Where are you taking me?” You mumbled looking around.

“Shh, you can sleep over I have to be somewhere really early tomorrow but I know you don’t so you can just wake up whenever and go on with your day. Finn will be here.”

You were going to object, but you were so tired you fell asleep cuddled to Jacks chest. You only felt him lie you onto his soft mattress before you slipped into pure bliss.

You fell asleep but you were in a horrid nightmare. The man was following you at first but after a while he ran after you so you ran home to your mother. You banged on the door and you tried to tell her what happened but all she did was look at you shaking her head solemnly. She was disappointed in you and soon your sister started yelling for you to go away. You tried to hold onto them knowing the guy was behind you, but it was too late, he grabbed you.

You woke up to hands shaking your shoulders, tears streaming down your face, and it was still dark out. 

When you snapped into consciousness you remembered you were at Jack’s house, it was 5 a.m. Jack had left at 4 and now Finn was leaning over the bed shaking you.

“(Y/N) are you okay?”

You remembered your dream and burst out crying, you felt so helpless. Finn sat next to you in the bed and pulled your head to his chest. Usually you wouldn’t let him even touch you, but you crumbled under his touch. You needed someone and Finn rubbed your back and ran his other hand through your hair.

You cried it out and sat up looking at Finn, he smiled sadly at you. 

“I’m sorry about that.” You whispered and looked down at your hands.

“Why should you be sorry?”

“You look exhausted, you were sleeping weren’t you? How did you know to wake me up?”

“I heard screaming, I didn’t know what was happening.”

“Sorry for waking you,” you looked up at him guiltily.

“No, (Y/N), it’s not a problem. What happened?” He reached out and took your hand tracing circles onto it. You let out a sigh and told him about your nightmare and everything that had been going on.

“You’re very strong, you’re a good person.” Finn squeezed your hand.

“I don’t even know why I’m telling you all this,” you took your hand from him and rubbed your face.

Finn softly whispered, “Why don’t you like me.” His voice cracked at the end of the sentence. You looked up at him and he was looking out the window.

“What do you mean?” He met your eyes and laughed darkly.

“You don’t have to lie, you always hate when I touch you. Even more when I talk.” Your stomach dropped, he looked so hurt, broken.

“Finn I didn’t want to hurt you, it’s just you’re always flirting with girls and I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea.”

“Why? Because I would tell Jack?” Finn scrunched up his face and glared at you now.

“No, Finn do you think I like Jack? Because I don’t. He’s my best friend but that’s about it.”

“Then why are you always here? Why were you cuddling with him last night?”

“I have no one else Finn. I have no where to go..” you trailed off guiltily staring at your hands. He touched your shoulder but now you didn’t flinch, you looked up at him.

“I’m sorry (Y/N), I just get jealous okay. If you ever needed a cuddle you could asked me.”

 You looked away now and smiled darkly expecting this.

“What?” Finn asked. “Oh and about earlier, I don’t flirt with everyone.”

“Yes you do.”

“No, I flirt with people kidding around. But I hope you realize when I flirt with a certain person it’s because I actually like them.” Finn stared into your eyes.

“And who would that be while we’re spilling?” You raised an eyebrow and smirked.

“You.” You looked at Finn’s lips, then his eyes again. The smirk had fallen from your face and you stared at him wide-eyed. While you stared at him you experienced something different. You should have a laughed, but he looked too genuine to be kidding. You knew Finn was a flirt, but you also knew he wouldn’t lie about something like this. You only felt butterflies though and your face heated up.

“Are you not going to say anything?” Finn laughed and scratched the back of his head. 

“I don’t know what to say..” You whispered.

“Okay well I’ll let that sink in, I’m going back to bed.” Finn stood up and walked off but before he reached the door you yelled out, “Wait! I’m scared to be alone.” He turned around and extended his hand. 

“Come on then, you can sleep with me.”

You thought it over for a bit but stood up and took his hand meekly looking up at him. “Thank you.”

“Anytime sweetheart,” he led you to his room where you climbed into bed after him. You lied down looking up at the ceiling, making a decision.

“Finn,” you spoke looking over to his figure in the darkness.

“Yes (Y/N),” Finn looked at you.

“I might have thought of you wrong all along.” 

“Does that mean I have a shot?” You saw his half-smile even in the dark.

“Yes,” you giggled a bit at his cheesiness. He turned his body towards you in bed.

“Do I get a proper thank you for protecting you?” He leaned in smirking.

“If you’d like,” you blushed a bit looking up at him. He smiled down at you and pressed his lips to yours. Heat radiated your body and you both smiled into the kiss before pulling back.

“I’ll save you whenever you need beautiful.” Finn pecked your lips and leaned back against his pillow, wrapping his arms around you falling asleep.

Image Preference #1

-How you sleep-


Anywhere and anytime Jack would cuddle with me. If I was reading a book, he would lay right on top of me. He would put his hands under my arms, as I played with his hair. He didn’t care if his friend’s teased me, he loved how you guys cuddled.


We clung on together as if we were about to part our separate ways. His protective around around me, always gave me the feeling of home. Sometimes people thought I was being suffocated but we both enjoy how we sleep.

Imagine for love5britishlads:

“Jack im scared!” you said as you hung onto his biceps tightly to keep from falling off his penny board. 

“I’ve got you (Y/N), it’s okay.” he said as he slowly guided you forward in parking lot.

“I’m going to fall and bre— Ahh!” you screamed falling backwards, penny board slipping from underneath you.

You fell into Jacks enclosed arms around you giving you a small kiss on your forehead.

‘Told you I’ve got you.“ 

As you regained your confidence to try again, Jack went to capture the penny board a few feet back.

"Are you ready to try again?” he asked as he reached out his hand towards you.

“I guess” you said nervously and placed your hand in his.

You slowly got on top of the penny board and gradually started letting go of Jacks hand.

You soon realized you were penny boarding all by yourself and was so excited you looked back at Jack not realizing where you were going.

“Watch out!” Jack said as he started running towards you.

You faced the front and hitting a curb, flew off the penny board.

“Got you” Jack said as you fell on top of him on the hard concrete parking lot.

“Hahaha Sorry!” you laughed as you sat up in between Jacks legs.

Jack enclosed you in a tight hug and gave you small kisses on your shoulder kissing the hurt away.

sorry for the bad ending……

If I Can't Have You... - A Jack Harries One Shot For Honey

I really didn’t want to go to this party at first but Jackson somehow convinced me otherwise.

He pressured me into it more than he’s ever done with anything before. He even picked out our costumes and everything, he said he wanted to make it a surprise for me up until the afternoon on Halloween.

He showed up at my flat earlier in the day with my attire for the evening all in a large, lovely black and white bag with tissue paper sticking up out of the top and told me not to open it until I’m ready to put it on. Radiating excitement, he gave me a quick peck on the cheek before he took off down the stairs to get himself ready. And with that I left the bag on my bed to jump in the shower so I’ll be a fresh faced, a clean canvas for whatever he had planned.

I’m now looking at myself in the full length mirror beside my bedroom door and I’m about ready to go.

My hair is in loose barrel curls and I’m dressed as a vintage flapper girl from the 1920’s. My dress is black and beige and it’s covered in tassels and beading from top to bottom and black mary jane style heels have been slipped on my feet. I have stark black gloves stretching well up my forearms and I’ve draped a matching black feather boa over them. Several strings of pearls hang around my neck and graze my fabric covered tummy as well as wrap loosely around my wrists. A jeweled band is placed around my head in the typical fashion and my makeup is intense and flawless with burgundy lips, smokey eyes…. I’ve never felt quite this good in a costume. He’s truly outdone himself with his plan this year.

I then hear his voice call for me, “Honey? Are you ready? The uber just pulled up.”

I dash down the staircase to find him lounging against the window sill taking a few slow drags off a cigar. He’s wearing a black pinstripe suit, his feet adorned with black dress shoes, and his hair is slicked back. He’s looking like a true gangster of the 20’s and we match perfectly.

He’s completely gone all out for Charly’s event and I’m becoming more and more excited for the evening with each passing moment.

He puts out the cigar while he raises an eyebrow and his mouth widens to a cheesy grin when his eyes land on me, “Look at you!” He shakes his head and looks me over as I do a little twirl at the bottom of the stairs. He grabs his heart, “Ouchhh!” he says with false pain.

“Do I look okay?” I ask with an unsure tone.

“Oh are you kidding? You look stunning. I told you this was going to be incredible. But…for some reason you never believe me until you see I’m right.”  

“Well, you just always have crazy ideas. To normal people they sound completely absurd.” I laugh, “You look rather dashing yourself by the way. I like this suit… you wear it well.” I walk over to him with a sultry gaze to straighten his collar and tie, feeling his chest beneath my hands.

He suddenly kisses my lips and I’m taken a bit aback by his action at first but when I settle down I can’t stop smiling, “Jack we…” he kisses me a few times more and he tastes like the smoke from his cigar and peppermint. “Come on, we can’t be late for the party, right?”

“All right all right, fine. Come on, let’s go.” he says, disappointment dripping from each word.

“Oh! Hang on,” I can’t help but giggle as I wipe my fingers over his full lips. “You’ve got some of my lipstick on your mouth.”

“Damn it.” he glances in the mirror behind him. “Look what you did!” He says with a laugh.

I roll my eyes, “Oh don’t you dare blame that on me Jackson. Okay I think we’re ready to go.”

He holds out an arm for me to loop mine in and I do so delightfully as we make our way to the car.


Once we’ve made it to Charly’s rented venue we get inside and start mingling with our friends, complimenting each other on costumes and receiving lovely comments about our matching ones all the while.

Eventually Will, Jackson’s best friend, arrives looking rather handsome and he and Jack of course get into conversations of their own as per usual. But I can’t help but notice Will taking a few glances at me…

A few years ago Will and I had a bit of a fling, ….well it was more than a fling. We connected on really intimate levels, it was definitely more than just sexual. It was everything. And it was long before Jack and I were ever a thing…but we never quite got completely past it. Over the years there’s been lots of long gazes and casual talks and… admittedly the occasional hook up, but I can’t ever help but wonder what would have happened if we’d have stayed together… And my mind wonders about that very thing as I see him standing across the room talking to his best friend….my boyfriend tonight.


It’s an hour or two into the party and Jackson comes over to me looking a little worried, “Love, Will’s not feeling well so I’m gonna try to help him out. I’ll be back in a few minutes okay?”

I nod, understanding his situation, “Oh no, I hope he’s okay.”

“I’m sure he’ll be fine. If not I’ll call him a cab and he’ll head home to sleep it off. You’re gonna be all right here with everyone?”

“Yeah, don’t worry about me. Go take care of Will.”

He gives my cheek a quick kiss and then walks off to go help his friend.


It’s been over an hour and he’s still not come back to find me and let me know if everything was all right. So I break off my conversation with Charly and decide to head off in search of the boys.

Every dark hallway I wander down outside the main party room is empty and each turn is another new found disappointment in my search.

Suddenly at the end of the hall behind me the doors burst open and my heart beat pounds in my ears like a drum at the sound. A tall figure is running towards me but I can’t make out who it is. The clomps of their feet on the hard tile floor echo throughout the empty passage and come closer and closer. They aren’t saying anything and I can tell they’re holding something shiny in their right hand and I quickly turn around to run but before I can take off at a good pace in time to get away, the person has caught up to me and takes hold of my wrist. I scream with all my might and shout for them to let me go and then another hand covers my mouth to hush my cries for help as I’m pressed against the figures chest.

Next they drag me outside the double doors.

“Shhhh! Honey it’s me! It’s Jack! Fuck!” a voice yells softly by my ear.

My heart’s pace calms a bit and my cries settle in the back of my throat as his hand uncovers my mouth.

“Jackson what the fuck is wrong with you? Why on earth would you do something like that? You scared me to death!”

I turn to face him and I notice his suit jacket has vanished, his sleeves are undone and he’s made a sad attempt to roll them up his forearms. The buttons that once held his shirt snugly over his chest have most all been ripped off, revealing his bare skin and nothing but small traces of thread are left on the white edges. His hair is a tousled mess, sweat is glazing his forehead, and pants are heaving from his lungs.  

He seems so frazzled… about as frazzled as I feel after the stunt he just pulled. But what I notice now is that he’s covered in what appears to be blood. His hands, his once white shirt….trails of it are dripping down his trousers.

I wipe my face and find the sticky fluid had been spattered across my face when he tried to shut me up.

“Wha….what the hell happened?!”

He presses his finger to his lips, “Shhhhh…no one can find us out here. Do you hear me?”

I start backing away from him. “What happened to Will?”

His brows knit in confusion, “Why the fuck is it always about Will with you?“

I squint my eyes, “What are you talking about?”

His jaw clenches, “I saw how you were looking at him tonight….how you always look at him. I’m not ignorant to the little game you’re pla-”

“Jackson I nev-!“

He pulls out a knife from his back pocket, it’s covered in blood just like him, and he advances toward me, “Don’t interrupt me when I’m talking. You know how I hate that.”

I stop in my tracks, knowing that it’d be impossible for me to escape. He’s much too big and far too strong for my small frame to try and overpower.

He takes the nape of my neck in his hand and with the end of his red blade, touches my neck, applying enough pressure to begin drawing my blood to the surface. My heart is rushing so fast I can feel the beats against my ear drums.

“I bet you fucked him didn’t you…was he good?” He closes his eyes, biting his lip and I watch the corners of his mouth curl up. “Better than me?”

By this time I’m crying, tears are streaming down my face, making black tracks down my cheeks. “I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’ve played no game.”

“But see, you’re playing it now.” He presses harder on the blade and I can feel trails of blood spilling from my skin and trickling down over my chest.

“Ya know, it’s really a shame you’re not cooperating with me. You look so pretty in that dress…..” He pauses, “Unfortunately you won’t be able to wear it again.”

This is my breaking point and I begin begging him for mercy as I cry, “Please please don’t do this! I won’t ever ask you about Will again! I’m sorry Jack I’m so sorry! Please just let me go! Please!”

“You won’t ever ask about him again?” He sounds intrigued. “I thought you wanted to know where the bastard was?”

“No I don’t. I don’t want anything to do with him.”

He tilts his head to the side, “Oh. But you seemed very interested in his whereabouts a few moments ago… What happened between then and now that changed your mind?”

I stay silent because I’m terrified that if I say the wrong thing it could possibly end my life.

“Well I still think you want to know where he is ….and he’s dead. Just like you thought when you first saw me outside the doors.”

I begin heaving my breaths harder into my lungs but refuse to shed anymore tears. I can’t give him the satisfaction. I refuse to let him have it.

“What? Not a single tear to shed over the news of your secret lover’s death?” He questions.

I swallow hard, feeling the blade against the lump in my throat. “He was not my secret lover.”

“Don’t lie to me Honey.”

“I never had anything to do with him! Please believe me!”

“I don’t think I can. You’ve always been a little liar. …..Not a very good one. But a liar nonetheless.”

He closes his eyes again for a moment and when he opens them he looks directly in mine.

“See Honey, I know you two were fucking around. You can deny it all you want.” He pauses again, gently taking the blade away from my throat and loosening his grip on my neck, moving it to my shoulder, “But I’m willing to forgive you…”

“You…you are?”


With that he grabs me harder and pushes the blade into my stomach over and over and over again. I try to scream out but I can’t find the strength within my body to do it. The crimson inside of me is spilling to my feet as he continues to stab the metal into my soft flesh. I can feel the complete dismantlement of my insides and tears fall down my cheeks once again as my reality sets in.

As I sink to the ground he goes in for one last jab. Pressing his cheek to mine he whispers in my ear, “If I can’t have you…no one can.”

Image Preference #5

-How you are at school-


We shared large amounts of PDA. We have got in trouble a handful of times but it was there fault putting us in the same class.


We hated showing affection towards his and my friends. They would tease and take personal photos. Sneaking out in class just to share one kiss was what kept our relationship filled with sparks.

Finn Harries Imagine - Through Hell and High Waters

Imagine it had all gone down today. You don’t know where it started, you just know you had ended up here. You were going to Finn’s house to hang out and she had been there.

You hadn’t the right to be jealous for she was his girlfriend and you were not, but he was your best friend. 

You had knocked on the door with his favorite Starbucks drink and you had worn his favorite perfume of yours, only to be turned away. She answered the door in his t-shirt, nothing else. You had politely smiled and asked if Finn was home making her grin ear to ear. 

“I think Finn’s a little busy right now.” Her laughter echoed in your mind. 

Tears had began to well up to the rim of your eyes and you swallowed harshly, “okay well, tell him I stopped by.” You spoke as sweetly as possible and started to turn away when she struck you with her pointed words once again.

“Eh, I probably won’t.” She laughed again, making your blood boil.

“You don’t deserve him,” you muttered under your breath.

“Excuse me? What was that?” You turned around and she was leaning on the door frame, arms and legs crossed.

“Nothing,” you forced a smile.

“Why are you still here, I obviously won.”

“Won what?”

“Well I’m wearing his shirt, you can only guess. Unless you’d like to watch outside the window again.”

“That’s disgusting, but getting in your pants can’t be too hard. Oh wow crossing your legs eh? That’s a first.”

She glared at you for a while. Finally, she turned around and unlocked the door and shut it softly.

She walked over to you, getting too close to you for comfort but you stood your ground.

Listen here. Finn is mine, and you need to get your freakish self away from him.” She pointed her finger in your face. 

“If you really had Finn you wouldn’t have to worry about me being around him." 

"Just, just stay away from us.” She looked you up and down with disdain and walked back inside the flat. 

You walked away, tears rimming your eyes, to the elevator. When the doors opened, Finn was there.

“(Y/N), what’s going on?” Finn’s soft touch on your arm triggered something. Your tears overflowed and you sobbed into your hands.

“(Y/N) no come here,” Finn put his things on the floor and came over taking you in his arms. “What’s going on?” Finn whispered into your hair while you sobbed onto his shoulder.

You moved away from him shaking your head, you got your things and stepped inside the elevator. Finn followed you.

“Finn, your girlfriend.” You stuttered out nodding toward his apartment.

“(Y/N) how come every time you’re both alone you get angry at me. Did I do something to hurt you?”

“No Finny no! I’m the problem, you should go up there. She’s waiting for you.”

“But, so were you. You brought food!” Finn poked your tummy excitedly getting a small smile out of you.

“She’s waiting,” you sighed.

“She’s always waiting, she’s everywhere all the time." 

"She’s your girlfriend.”

“Did I say I wanted her to be my girlfriend?”

“You asked her out, it’s in the terms and conditions.” You glared at Finn and he rubbed a hand up and down his face.

“I didn’t want her.”

“Well, she’s yours.”

“I only asked her out because the only girl I can truly love would never want me, and she’s too good for me anyways.” Finn looked desperate.

“Oh goodness, is this girl at least nice?" 

Finn laughed, "she’s a sweetheart.”

“Then what the hell are you doing with her! Try for the girl you love you idiot!” You struck his shoulder making him laugh.

“What if she doesn’t like me though?” Finn rubbed his shoulder.

“Then the world keeps turning, but come on Finn you shouldn’t settle for less." 

Finn stared at you and let you off at the main entrance. He kissed your cheek and you walked out.

"I’ll call you later.” Finn smiled looking into your eyes giving you butterflies.

“Please do.”

Finn took a deep breath as the doors closed and you walked away sipping his drink. 


Later that night, there was a knock at your door. 

You checked before opening, it was Finn. You unlocked it and let him run into your embrace, nestling his head into your neck.

“How’d it go?” You whispered playing with his hair.

He pulled back smiling at you, “scary.”

“Was it worth it?”

“Yes,” he grinned kissing the tip of your nose.

You shook your head and looked into his eyes, “now stop getting involved with scary people and go after the girl you love. I better get a name when you’re together.”

Finn stared into your eyes for a big and finally spoke,“it’s a deal, let’s watch some movies beautiful.” You blushed a bit and he winked letting you go and walking off to set up Netflix. 

You arranged the couch with fluffy pillows and blankets and cuddled all night long.

“You’re always the one to take care of me, thank you.” Finn kissed the top of your head and you cuddled into him.

“For you I’d do anything.”

Image Preference #7

-You’re in one of the daily vlogs-


I was in there office fooling around behind the cameras. My attention span started to thin, so I started vlogging others.

“So, Jack explain to me what you are doing?" 


I was invited to lunch with my boyfriend and his friends. We decided to play truth or dare to keep our selves company. 

"I dare you to kiss Finn.” I told Sam holding up a recording camera.

“Y/N!” Finn screamed before getting kissed by Sam.

Image Preference #2

-Unexpected photo-


Finn, Jack and I were just going on a simple adventure to the park to meet up with some friends. Finn was mindlessly texting someone behind us. When he looked up and saw this we couldn’t help but take a photo and post it online.



Today was going to be a chilled day for the twins and myself. I use wanted to snuggle and play videos games. Jack left us both for one minute and found this in front of his eyes. Jack carefully took a picture. He knew we hated showing PDA when with anyone, except Jack. But you didn’t care about this. 

Image Preference #3

-Valentines Day events-


Valentines was one of the alone days Finn and I had the whole day to ourselves. No phone calls, no Jack, no anything. Just the present of each other. And we definitively were going to take advantage of that.


Jack, nor I, cared about the chocolates and useless teddy bears. We only cared about the presence of each other. He didn’t care if Finn was there in the house, today was your day and he was going to make you enjoy it.


Me, Finn and Alfie have been waiting an hour for the others to arrive. Everyone had agreed to meet up at my house to have dinner and do a live show, but I was slowly getting more and more impatient.

“I’m bored!” Alfie complained, sitting up. He had spent the past twenty minutes lying on the couch, half his body hanging off it. As for me and Finn, we somehow got from the point of sitting on my bed to lying under the covers. Finn’s arms wrapped around my waist, my head resting in the crook of his neck.

“Don’t be complaining to us, we’re not the ones that are late.” Finn comments, laughing slightly. The room turns silent again. Alfie pulled out his phone tapping away at it as I became interested in tracing the cupcake picture on Finn’s t-shirt with my finger.

We stayed like that for a while, and I wouldn’t have minded. But after spending nearly an hour and a half like this, I wasn’t really up for it. So I got up from Finn’s grip, climbing over him and walking to my computer.

“What are you doing?” Finn asked, sitting up again.
“What do you think.” I replied, typing in the password to unlock my computer.
“I thought we were going to wait?” Alfie questioned. I just shrugged my shoulders and logged into YouNow.
“We are in the queue, one of yous sit here in case we start, I’m going to get drinks.” I say before walking downstairs.


I was about to walk upstairs with three bottles of beer when there was a knock at the door. I looked down at my hands trying to figure out a way to open the door. Putting one of the bottles in my mouth, opening the door with my free hand. Luckily it was Zoella and the boys.

“Are you ok?” Zoella asked, pointing to the bottle in my mouth. I nodded my head, moving out the way to let them in, closing the door behind them. We all grabbed a few more drinks from the kitchen before walking upstairs. Everyone was talking and laughing until we opened the door to my room.

“No, Finn is not dating (Y/N), he’s dating me.” Alfie says into the webcam. Finn walked up behind him, wrapping his arms around him and kissing his cheek.
“NO HE’S DATING ME!” Sam shouts running into the room, Jack, Marcus, Louis and Casper following after him. Me and Zoella slowly turned our heads to each other.

“Only your boyfriend…” Zoella laughed shaking her head. I just nodded in agreement as we walked into the room.

Imagine #7 {Requested}

-You get a puppy-

“Almost done with the boxes.Man, I am tired.” I proclaimed. My eyes skimmed the recently denuded apartment. The hazel floor boards accompanied with numerous of Finn’s and I’’s boxes. The chestnut bricks that composed the walls complimented the wood stained ceiling. London’s busy streets filled the window, helping emitting light into the apartment.

“I can’t believe we actually did this.” Finn whispered in my ear, gently wrapping his arms around my waist. Pressing his balmy lips towards the crook where my neck meet my shoulders. 

Finn and I decided a few months back, that we were ready to move in together. We have been to together for numerous abounding years. We settled upon an residence that suited our liking.

Over the course of a month, the furniture arrived, the tiny essentials were placed in the appropriate spots. The integrated decorations completed the apartment.


“Babe?” I heard perceived from beside me.

“Yes.” I smiled towards Finn.

“I have a surprise. Since we can’t have kids-well for now anyways- Jack is dropping something off to make this place ours.” Finn spoke looking at his active phone.

 "Oh! What is it?!“ I squealed jumping upon Finn’s lamp using the couch to support me.

"Babe, you know how we both love animals. And we both had dogs. Well I adopted one from the shelter. Jack is dropping her off in a few minutes.” Finn beamed at me.

“Are you serious Finn. I fucking love you.” I pressed my lips against his. I quickly pulled away.

“We have to go and buy stuff for her! Now!” I sprung, my arms grasped around the leather strap.


“When is Jack coming?! It has been about two hours!” I clamored constructing the place to fit the upcoming puppy.

“Don’t worry, I am here.” Jack sighed opening the door. A cluster of golden fur was in between his cradling arms. The band of fur sprung up showing its brown eyes. The puppy’s tiny legs sprung from Jack’s arms and hesitantly walked towards me.

“Hi little girl. This is your new home.” I cooed stroking the creamy fur.

“Her name is Charlie. She pissed in my car.” Jack groaned.

Later that night. Charlie was welcomed upon Finn’s and I’s bed. She rummaged through the sheets in between Finn and I. Her head found an opening looking as adorable as ever. I heard a slight click.

“This is going on instagram. She is so cute!” Finn smiled. Typing away.