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My name is Inés from Barcelona, Spain and I was lucky enough too meet Jack and Finn Harries.

As soon as I finished the last year of school before university, my friends and I left for a week to Ibiza. It was the third day for us there when we decided to go to downtown Ibiza for a walk in the afternoon.

Suddenly, I saw a guy who looked like Louis Cole (another youtuber friend of Jack and Finn). Only one of my friends watches youtube too, so I took her aside and asked if he was Louis or not. We decided to go and ask him. We did so. With his big smile he said, “Yes, yes I am.” We were in shock and took a picture with him and talked for a bit. Suddenly, we turned our head a bit and I saw Finn staring at me, then beside him Jack was eating Pizza.

I screamed.

I didn’t know why but I screamed. I had been watching their videos for 3 years and they were in front of me. I almost fell because I was shaking; after I told them my name, Jack said, “Come on Inés, stop shaking haha.” Finn then hugged me. I wanted to ask them so many things but I couldn’t even talk. We took a picture and they asked what we were doing in ibiza. So, we explained. Then we obviously said sorry for interrupting their meal and left.

And because I couldn’t tell them at that moment, I wanted to say something now:

They inspire me day by day; the way they do things; the way they love life and others; the way they work and the way they inspire. I just hope that everyone have the chance that I got ‘cause meeting them was, one day, just a dream and the next one an amazing reality.

-Ines Corbella (@inescorbella)


I bumped into Jack & Finn at the airport in New Orleans on Monday after my dad recognized them. They were ordering food in front of my gate and I nervously went up to them and asked if I could take a selfie with them. That’s literally all I said because I was so nervous.

I wasn’t sure if Jack recognized me, because I met him on the streets of New Orleans literally 4 days prior! They were super sweet and unfortunately I didn’t get to tell them what a huge inspiration they are to me because I didn’t want to bother them aha, oh well. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

- Samantha from Canada


The summer of 2013 I, Sara heard about a event happening in my city of Toronto called Buffer festival. I was surprised when I heard about the rumours of Jack and Finn being there. I checked out the website of Buffer festival and saw the rumours were indeed false but that Jacksgap was going to attend next year. So I was a little bummed as I had to wait a whole year to meet the lovely inspiring twins! But finally in July of 2014 I pre-ordered the tickets and got 3rd row! I again waited till October and I hadn’t realized what I was actually doing until a few internet friends I met up with and me were outside of Will and the twins conference room. 

We had to line up for the Jacksgap “show” or whatever and my knees got weak. When I saw how close I sat and saw the two cheeky twins walk in and take a seat on stage my stomach got filled with butterflies. I was so happy and excited to see some new content they hadn’t uploaded and the show was awesome. We got to ask question to them and when they answered my question my voice was so shaky. I asked “How are you enjoying buffer and do you plan on coming back?”

After the whole screening we had to go the meet up and sit in a huge auditorium to take a picture. 

Meanwhile I waited Ben brown popped up, I got to meet him and he was so sweet and tall!! 

But finally after a long and overwhelming day it was my turn. My turn to meet my inspirations, my turn to meet the cheeky twins who I’ve been watching for 3 years! It was my turn. I walked nervously to them but then when I was hugging them and finally talked to them all the nervousness and stress went away. I experienced something I had never experienced before. They were so nice and so thankful FOR ME BEING THERE! I was surprised they were thanking me! I should be thanking them.

Watching Jack and Finn made a difference in my life. But meeting them was something more.

- Sara Cortez (@




I was waiting for the bus and my sister says “OMG ITS JACK” and then I tell her to stop messing about because I thought she was joking but then she says “no I’m serious look” and I look back and see “jack” so I go up to him and say omg jack? And he says “that’s actually my brother but okay” and I go Finn I’m like your biggest fan can I get a picture please and then I starts shaking because I get too over excited and yea still can’t believe it!!

-Dahiana Zalazar (@dahitus44)

THOUGHTS ON: "The Collaboration Project" by theyoutubewriter

What do you love? What do you fear? In June 2014, these are the questions Jack Harries raised to us in an enthusiastic vlog while sat in a hostel in Nairobi, Kenya. He opened up a door to a conversational collaborative with his audience with the help of Skype’s video messaging feature and thousands of us, his viewers, responded with open hearts and minds.

Over time the JacksGap team pieced and patched these video messages together and thus have brought us: The Collaboration Project. This project..this idea was something brand new to the channel but nevertheless happily welcomed.

The topics of the short series are things that everyone should reflect on from time to time. It’s good to take a little self-inventory. To recognize things that bring you joy and to be grateful for them and also to look at those things you’re afraid of and reassure yourself that it’s okay to feel that way and remember you’re not the only one who feels the way you do.

What I loved most about this series is that it manifested to us how we all share many common loves and fears. Watching these videos you can feel an immense sense of unity. Because whether your greatest fear is of spiders or something more complex like loneliness or depression …or whether your love is of everyday life’s simplicity or the thrills of adventure… there was something said that every one of us can identify with. There’s a little piece of all of us hidden in there somewhere.

The questions stripped everything down to the bare bones and made us all think about the things that truly matter. They made us look at the cards we’ve been holding close to our chests and experience the emotions of realizing what we’ve been holding. Having those realizations on your own is one thing but being able to have them together on a grander scale is really something special and I’m incredibly glad we were all able to, in some way, feel apart.

So, I guess this brings us back around to the initial questions:

What do you love? What do you fear?

I really encourage you to take time out of your day/night/whatever it is where you are… to reflect on them. Take time to be thankful for that thing/person you love most. Take time to remember you’re not the only one who feels the fear that you do…that you’re not alone. Just take time for those simple realizations.

We’d love to know how this series has affected you and what your thoughts are so if you like you can send us feedback through our askbox or submission. And if you’d like to see the video series I’ve been talking about you can check it out right here.

Thanks so much for reading!

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