jacksgap and finnharries

Wait… Why is everybody freaking out about Jack and Ella? I saw the comments on Jack’s IG and people are all like, “IS THAT YOUR GF?” or “YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND?!”. They’ve been together for a while now 😂 I think i first found out about them on January 2013 back when Alfie and Joe was a roomate. I do think they broke up for a little while but then got back together, Jack even gave her a surprise visit to Australia on December 3rd (since she moved there from London). If you’re asking how do i know, they’re both very active on facebook (personal fb), that’s how i know, they’re constantly commenting each other’s pictures, which is so cute.

But i guess i wouldn’t be surprised if not everyone knows both Jack and Finn ARE taken, they keep their personal lives very private to protect their loved ones. 

Jack also came to Ella’s prom as her prom date btw (Ella is 19).

I can clearly see why he fell for her, she might not look like a supermodel (but still is super gorgeous), but she’s real, fun and she’s not a bitch. The one thing i know for sure why Jack loves her is because they share the same interest. She’s adventurous and not afraid to look silly. And you can just tell she won’t use Jack for fame (although she is a youtuber herself).

I wish there are more guys like Jack though, aside from being the gorgeous human being that he is, he also don’t see girls JUST from their appereance. 

I’m so glad he picked Ella, she’s the perfect girl for him.