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Marvel’s The Defenders SDCC 2017 trailer.


(AUDIO ONLY!) SDCC Trailer for Season 5.

Pearl: I always thought you’d see it someday, but I thought I’d be there with you.
Steven: You’re safe! You’re here! I’m here, we’re safe, everything’s fine. 
Connie: Home’s not though. 
Steven: I just wanted to save everyone. But I couldn’t even do that. 
Steven: I don’t know how I’m gonna get you out of this.
Steven : Are you doing okay?
Sadie: Well, I worry about Lars being in space. And I hope he’s safe and all. 
Greg: I don’t know anything about Homeworld, I don’t know anything about [inaudible]. You guys have to put it into context!
Pearl: There are things that are… Impossible for me to explain, but I want to. 
Lapis: They’re going to take their anger out on this planet just like they did before. 
Lapis: I won’t let myself get caught up in another war. 
[Nobody talks, but Lars’s battle theme plays to probably something serious.]
Peridot: Earth is our home now. Isn’t it worth fighting for? [She says this while Lars’s death theme plays]


Marvel’s The Defenders | Official Trailer 2 [HD] | Netflix


GAME OF THRONES Comic Con 2017 Panel - News, Season 7 & Highlights


One of the most distinctive characteristics of the Salvator tegus is their massive pterygoid muscles. These muscles are the underlying structure behind the puffy jowls. This is a video I made of Kaiju obliterating a langoustine (a small lobster), demonstrating her ability to quickly assess a strange food source and eat something that a human would have a very hard time with. Tegus are durophagous, which means they’ve evolved to eat hard things. They aren’t specialists, like their cousins the caiman lizards (who have very blunt crushing teeth, all the better to eat snails with), but their powerful jaws make them a force to be reckoned with. 

This video also demonstrates my ability to ramble on for several minutes at a time about pretty much nothing. 



This timelapse is from Point Sublime, the most delightful and hardest viewpoint to reach on the North Rim, Grand Canyon. An awesome experience. It takes a good vehicle and even 4wheel-drive at times, to reach the point and we had only one other family nearby for the evening. A photographer from the other group joined me and we took pictures and talked technique and life philosophy for several hours. The cliff light is from the setting moon that was a waxing crescent of about 8%.


🍨Blender Ice Cream 4 Ways🍨 


Hannah Shaw is seriously so amazing, the amount of effort, time and money she puts into saving kittens is incredible.
Go follow her @kittenxlady on Insta or Facebook just under Kitten Lady 💗💗💗

Go Chloe go! Chloe is such a speedy little hunter!

As you can see, she loves her toys and gets herself around nicely by crawling. If boosted up, she can move her legs quite a bit. Though she can’t walk, she does have good movement and muscle growth, and she’s a happy and healthy girl. Such a little joy!

#gochloego #teamchloe #kittenlady

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