At the risk of pissing people off…

I work in the screen printing industry. Everyday I see a whole slew of apparel brands that I have to embellish. I also see the price tags and the invoice that goes along with customizing them.

Those prices on CloakBrand… shockingly… pretty on point.

Believe it or not. They are actually priced better than some brands out there 😮😮😮

So cheaply made cheaply priced brands like Gildan, Hanes, Fruit of the Loom… your looking at $8-$12-$17 Hoodies. Meh quality. Meh fitting.

Middle priced and fairly well made brands like NextLevel, Canvas, Bella… now your talking $20-$25-$40 for said Hoodies. Why? Cuz they are fancier and fit better and feel nicer.

Now when it comes to the big brands….Nike, Adidas, Under Armor… you know the fancy designed stuff, well made, super comfy? Those are literally $50-$75-$85 a pop!!

That’s right $85 each AND that’s before I put my work into it by embellishing it with a multicolor custom design…. So now its upping the price even more by the time it’s said and done for shipping.

Crazy right?!??

I know, trust me I know, shit is expensive!!

BUT seeing that, I hope you wont blame Mark and Jack for the baseline price of the apparel they put together. It’s just industry standard.

And CloakBrand not only has printed embellishments, they seem cut well and good quality and sized for everyone.

You don’t see that kinda care, with all types of people in mind, when it comes to some of the bigger brand names. Tho you should cuz that’s what you are paying for right?!

So, yes, I get the the prices knock your socks off! The prices I see at work are astronomical sometimes…I get scared at work to even have to touch the expensive stuff for fear of messing even ONE up….😳

Please rest assure you are indeed paying for the high quality of your product and not just blowing up Mark and Jacks pockets because they feel like it.

I hope y’all can save up enough to get something soon… I know I will be too!

Im so incredibly proud of Mark and Sean. I love this big dream of theirs and im so happy they’re doing what they love while giving gamers a place through clothing. I can see this being a big positive thing in the future. Im proud to call these two silly bois my heroes :“)

[@therealjacksepticeye @markiplier]