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What kind of chemistry do you do?

I develop industrial inks and coatings. I basically make the fake leather in your car feel like real leather and I also developed the black ink on the label of your Jack Daniels bottle.

  • me, halfway through my second Jack Daniel's Honey™ lemonade on a wednesday night at 8.49: of course i'm holding it together i'm a functional adult nothing is bothering me i didn't stupidly go and trigger myself i am, in fact, untriggerable and i'm not still suicidal haha everything is Totally Fine! cheers!

To everyone who’s been asking about when I’ll upload a post of the MSA redesigns with all the gifs in one post (and putting down what song they were animated to), I’m so sorry this took so long. :’D

I kept forgetting to upload this. That, and I wanted to go back to some of the gifs to clean them up, and re-animate them in Clip Studio Paint EX. I’ve tried by best to get them to follow the beat as close as I can, but some of them may still be a little off. Still, this was a fun attempt. I’ll be placing the song references under a “keep reading” thing if anyone is curious.

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And we’re the Game Grumps!


Kingsman: The Golden Circle (Teaser #2)