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What if Bitty and Lardo switched places? Sort of…

Lardo is the frog joining the Samwell women hockey team, with a figure skating background that switched to playing hockey but has never had to deal with checking etc,

Meanwhile Bitty joined the same year as Ransom and Holster, he never figured skated or played hockey, but he gets a scholarship in something else. Then somehow he gets dragged into joining the women hockey team as their manager.

He was using the student kitchen to stress bake, and told the girls that showed up lured by the smell to grab as many as they wanted, and next thing he knows, he’s surrounded by a pack of amazons devouring his baked goods and wondering how best to adopt the tiny adorable baker, and well, by now the Stockholm syndrome has set in and Bitty is exasperatedly fond of all of them.

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Oxymoron(ic) (1/4)

Summary: “Hey I have to photograph someone for class will you be my model?”
 ((In which Dan hates contrast and Phil is a walking oxymoron))

Genre:  fluff and traces of angst (probably who knows these days)

Warning: swearing and some mentions of self hatred/self criticizing 

Words: 8k

A/N: i worked rlly hard on this jesus christ almighty heaven aboVE. SHOUT OUT TO hcwell for beta'ing 4 me and howlterdil for forcing me 2 write a plan i love u guyz. Still dyslexic btw so if something isn’t making sense just hmu and i’ll fix is ASAP!!

Dan sighed as he skimmed over the assessment sheet he’d received several moments beforehand, attempting to read while not bumping intoanyone in the halls of the sixth form college. Dan hated photography, he really did. He didn’t mind the whole camera part and the actual class, but his teacher was absolutely awful. She was old and kind, truly, and Dan felt bad speaking badly of her, but she couldn’t teach, and when she did, she taught the syllabus that was drafted in stone by Neanderthals and wasn’t nearly close to the standard of the modern syllabus.

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Can you make an imagine were jack g finds out your pregnant and have it skip to a few years when the baby is born???

“Ethan! Get over here now!” You yelled as your 3 year old son tried to run out into the parking lot of the play ground you were at. You were visiting your parents who lived in Omaha, where you once lived until you split your relationship up with the father of Ethan. You could still remember the day clearly. *almost four years ago* “Oh my god” you whispered quietly as a single tear fell. You stared in silence at the pregnancy test that showed two pink lines, indicating that you were in fact, pregnant with Jack Gilinsky’s baby. After a good twenty minutes of crying you picked up your phone and called Jack. After four rings you got his voicemail, making you cry even harder. You and jack had only been together for ten months. A baby would ruin everything. His career, your chance of college, and even your relationship with Jack, his family, and your friends. You decided to call Jack Johnson, praying he’d be with Gilinsky. To your surprise, your boyfriend answered instead. “Hello?” He asked into the phone. You suddenly froze. Why couldn’t you tell him? No words came out as you stared wide eyed at the wall in front of you as you held in your breath. “Hello?” He asked again with more annoyed tone. “Jack..” You whispered in the phone. “Y/n? ” he questioned with confusion as to why you were calling jack Johnson. “Y/n are you okay?” He asked with a worried tone considering you weren’t speaking. “I’m… ” you stuttered before freezing again, suddenly becoming anxious. “Y/n what’s wrong? No I’m coming over I’ll see you on a few” he said before he hung up. “No no no! ” you panicked as you stood from your bed, a huge knot growing in your stomach. ‘How am I going to tell him!?’ You thought to yourself as you paced the room. Quicker than you hoped, both Jack’s showed up to your house, Gilinsky letting himself in. “Y/n ? ” Gilinsky yelled as he ran up the stairs to your room. You jumped slightly as your bedroom door slung open, a breathless Jack running in, Johnson not far behind. “Y/n ! Oh my god you had me worried sick” he exclaimed as he put you in a tight squeeze. “Why’d you call like that? I thought you were hurt! I didn’t - have you been crying?” He questioned as he stared at your red puffy eyes. “Jack I’m pregnant” you cried out. Now it was Jack’s turn to be frozen and at a lost of words. He stumbled back as he let go of you, his hand slowly finding its way to his mouth. “No… No its not possible…” He said more to himself, but he knew it was true. You guys were inseparable, he was your first. He knew it was his child. “Jack what am I going to do!? I’m scared” you cried out stepping towards him but he took another step back. “You’re scared? If the public find out, my career is ruined!” He yelled. “Jack calm down ” Johnson said placing a hand on Gilinsky’s shoulder but Gilinsky just shoved him off. “What am I suppose to do Jack? She’s having MY child. Everything we’ve worked so hard for is going to be ruined. It will have been for nothing!” Gilinsky argued. You sobbed loudly, knowing where he was going with this. Johnson shook his head as he looks at your boyfriend with disbelief. “Jack we have true friends who will stick by our side no matter what, you can’t leave her! You helped make that child!” He tried to reason but it obviously wasn’t working. “I’m not ready to be a father!!” He yelled loudly. Shutting both you and Johnson up. Gilinsky then turned around looking at you. “I’m sorry Y/N… But I can’t be a father just yet.” And with that he let himself out of your room, down the stairs and out of your house. *present time* You hadn’t spoken to Jack since that day. They rest of the guys checked up on you here and there but by the time the baby was born they had forgotten about you. Fans eventually moved on, not knowing you were pregnant. No one knew except for the guys and your parents. You weren’t even sure if Jacks parents knew. But you had moved on, somewhat. Ethan had a lot of resemblance of Jack. He had the dark brown ryes and the crazy eyebrows, he even had that goofy yet lovable personality. Ethan asked about his father a lot lately. You didn’t blame him, all he’s ever known was your parents and a couple of friends. You raised him by yourself with the little bit of help from your parents. Jack was your last boyfriend as well so he never got to have that fatherly figure. You had worked your ass off to make him a good child, and your proud of it because ethan came to be a very handsome smart boy. “How many times have I told you to stay off of roads!” You said to the pouting boy as you brushed the dirt off of his pants. “But mommy I’m bored!” He whined. You sighed heavily. You had been so out of it considering you hadn’t been in Omaha since Ethan was born, memories had flooded back since then. “I know I know. How about we go to burger king and then we’ll go see Nana and Paps?” You suggest as you picked him up, placing him on your hips. “Do I get the crown?” He asked as you walked towards the car. You just nodded before placing him in the back seat. “Only if you’re good ” you replied back as you buckled him up. You played some music on your way to burger king while Ethan played with his toy dinosaurs. “We here?” He asked with his baby voice. “Yeah baby we are” you replied as you parked the car. As you struggled to get Ethan out of the car seat, you heard familiar voices near the building. You quickly glanced behind you to see the one and only Jack Gilinsky. His arm was around a girl and jack Johnson, Sammy and his girlfriend, and Nate were following behind. You felt your heart ripping into shreds as you watched him flirting with the girl. Your eyes widened as Jack Johnson looked your way but before he could get a good glance at you, you looked back at Ethan before pulling him out of the car seat. You started to walk quickly, looking down hoping your hair would hide your face. You were almost inside until Ethan started screaming. “Mommy my dinosaur!!” He screamed loudly, pitching a fit. You mentally cursed as you turned around, hoping Ethan didn’t make to much if a scene and grab Jack’s attention. “Dammit Ethan” you said quietly as you picked up the toy. You glanced up to see Jack Johnson and Gilinsky looking your way this time. Your eyes widened before you almost ran into the building with Ethan’s arms and legs wrapped tightly around you. You sighed heavily with relief, a good feeling that they didn’t notice you ran through you. ” go play” you said as you sat Ethan down in the play pin part of burger Kind as you made your orders. After a good thrifty minutes of arguing with Ethan as he pitched a fit, not wanting to leave the slides, you finally made it to your parents house to see your parents cars and an unfamiliar black SUV in the driveway. “Grab your bag Ethan ” you said considering you were staying the weekend there. Ethan did as told before he ran up to you, grabbing your hand. You knocked on the door before letting yourself in. “Mom, Dad! We’re here” you yelled loudly as you set you bags down by the front door. You grinned slightly as you saw Ethan chewing on his French fries. “In the living room” your mom called. “You would not believe who I saw today mom” you exclaimed as you walked towards the living room. “I swear I saw-” you froze as you saw the person you were dreading to, sitting on the couch, looking at you. “Jack..” You whispered under your breath. “Hey Y/N” he said unsurely standing up. You looked around the room to see Sammy, Nate, Johnson, and the two girls staring at you. “What are you doing here” you spat. He ran his fingers through his hair nervously before licking his lips. “I… Well jack thought he saw you at burger king earlier so we decided to stop by and see how you were doing. ” he said, his voice shaking slightly. “You came to see how I was doing? Did it ever occur to you to stop by 3 years ago when I was carrying your child? Hell even Cameron and Nash came but you never came Jack. Ever. You left me to care for your child! You had all the money in the world but you didn’t send a dime! I had to work two jobs a night to help pay for a place, a car, and Ethan. So don’t expect me to be okay with you just ‘stopping by’. ” you yelled out, your anger finally getting out. By now your mom was shoving everyone out of the room to leave you two some privacy. “Look Y/N I know your mad, I don’t blame you. I hate myself for leaving you like that, and leaving our child to be without a father. It wasn’t fair on you or the baby. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t try to reach out to you. Around the time you had the baby, your mom called me but I was across the world and management wouldn’t let me come visit. When I did come, friends of yours told me you had moved and they had lost touch with you. Your parents said they’d have to make sure it was okay with you before they told me anything as well. But I was stupid and gave up. I should have kept pushing to see you. I should have kept pushing my managers to let me come when the baby was born. I have no excuse for what I did. But I best myself up everyday. I… I still love you Y/N… And I want to be a part of yours, and our child’s life.. If you’d let me.” He said, tears now falling from both of your eyes. You looked down at your feet. Yes Jack had done wrong for leaving. But he was back, and you secretly had wanted him back. Not just for you, but for Ethan. Ethan needed his father. And you didn’t want to be the reason he couldn’t see his father. “Jack, maybe its too early for me and you. It’ll take me time. But you can be in Ethan’s life. He is your child. He deserves his father. And i-” before you could finish your sentence, Jack’s strong arms were wrapped tightly around you. “Thank you… Thank you so much.” He said into the crook of your neck. “Wait, but what about your girlfriend?” You asked, pulling away. Jacks eyebrows furrowed together with confusion. “What girlfriend?” He asked. “Y/n, I haven’t had a girlfriend since I left you. Yeah I flirted but.. I never really wanted anyone else she’s just a friend.” he said, his arms wrapping around your waist. You couldn’t help but to blush before placing your head against his chest. “ I’d be lying if I said I had a boyfriend since you’ve left. ” you replied, making him squeeze you even tighter. “Can I see him?” He asked. You nodded before grabbing his hand, leading him to the play room where your mom had led everyone. You grinned as you saw Ethan giggling while Johnson ran his fingers up and down Ethan’s sides. “Wow, he looks so much like me” jack said softly. “Yeah he acts just like you too. He’s a pain in my ass. ” you said making Gilinsky laugh. “Ethan I want you to meet somebody” you said walking over, picking ethan up from Johnson’s lap. “Ethan, this is daddy” you said pointing him towards Gilinsky. You almost cried as you watched Ethan’s little face brighten with joy as he gasped at the news. “Daddy!?” He yelled reaching out. “Hey buddy!” Jack said grabbing ahold of Ethan. You giggled to yourself as you watched Jack hug Ethan tightly. “I’m so sorry I’ve been gone for so long but I promise I’m never going to leave again” Jack said as he held on tightly to Ethan. “Its okay daddy I just missed you!” Ethan said with such joy and delight. Maybe this would work. You officially had your own family with Jack.

one of the reasons why i ship nemily is because nolan is the only one who really understands her

jack likes the little girl he grew up with and he loves fauxmanda

daniel fell in love with emily thorne the rich girl next door

aiden loved the revengeful girl who lost everything and we could relate to

ben doesn’t know emily/amanda and he never will

but nolan, he knew every single facade of amanda/emily and accepted her

Jack Gilinsky imagine

Jack and you have been secretly together for a few months now, after he catches one of the boys coming onto you in public, he loses his temper. 

Enjoy!! :D


The room was full of young hormonal teenage girls, all longing for communication with one of the few boys with me. Sadly for me, I was the only girl in our collective group. But my boyfriend, Jack, was there so I felt some kind of ease. 

Things with Jack were well. Him and I have been secretly dating for a while now, The only reason he kept it secret was because we felt it would be safer for me and for him with all the crazy fans out there. 

“So lets get this Q&A done!” Nash, now a good friend of mine, announced to the crowd. They erupted in cheer, causing all the boys to wince in a little pain to their ears, but ultimately laugh and smile. The atmosphere was so happy, I felt safe and secure. Jack looked at me and smiled, I smiled back.

“Are you sure I should be on the panel..? I’m just in a few of your guys’ videos.” I generally asked shyly. The boys all raced to answer. 

“Of course Y/n! They all love you!” Jack Johnson smiled reassuringly while nudging my arm, earning a glare from Gilinsky. I smiled and faced the girls. The first one stood up with a microphone, her hands physically shaking. 

“Uh…Hi…” She shyly began. We all waved to her in a friendly manner. She blushed and looked at Jack Johnson straight in the eye. “What’s your least favorite thing?” She faded out of her question timidly. 

“Uhhhh….” Jack thought for a while. 

“Come on already.” I sighed out a little too loudly into my mic. The girls and the panel all laughed. 

“Alright alright.” Jack J finally found his answer. “I’d have to say, people not telling their closest friends something important.” He mischievously shaded. Jack J was the only one who knew about Jack and I.  The girls before us made a series of “OOOO"s in the background. 

"Next question!?” Nash squirmed in discomfort. Another girl stood up. She was beautiful with dark hair and eyes. She looked like Jacks type of girl, so i glared over to him to see his expression. Nothing unusual. 

“Hey guys! So I was wondering how you all met Y/n?” She giggled a cute little laugh, putting all eyes on me. Shit. I spoke first.

“Shall I tell them, or do y'all wanna tell em’?” I looked around, they all remained silent. “Ok thanks for the help guys, appreciating it.” I joked. Again, everybody laughed. I decided to play on it a little more. “First Q&A and they just throw ya out there!” I smiled as the audience laughed. “So anyways how did I meet everybody?” I asked to make sure I didn’t get the wrong question.

“Yes!” The girl excitingly said. I thought for a moment. 

“The first guy I met was Jack Gilinsky an-” I was cut off by a series of oooo’s from the crowd. I blushed and laughed. “And I met him at a store one day and we just became friends. And from there I met the other guys and started to make videos with them and now here I am!” I smiled. The boys nodded in agreement to my story. Matthew spoke instead of Nash.

“Next question??” He smiled. Another girl stood up. Again, beautiful and much more deserving of Jack than me. 

“Nash and Y/n, is there a thing between you two?” She smiled devilishly. Nash and I, who were next to each other at the moment were always together. Not because I liked him, but because we were best friends. As we were about to speak, I heard Gilinskys voice crash in. 

“Why do you think that?” He questioned. The girl awkwardly put the mic to her mouth.

“Nash and Y/N make the most videos together. They’re always together! Plus they’d be so cute!!” She answered. The girls around her nodded in agreement. Nash looked at me as he spoke. 

“Well i mean we might as well tell them…” He winked and pulled me close to him, playfully kissing my cheek. The girls went crazy, but quickly stopped at the sound of Jacks voice. 

“HOLD UP!” he screamed, making all of us jump. 

“Jack chi-” I began, he cut me off. 

“No y/n. I won’t chill, okay?” He sighed and lowered his tone. “For the past few months or so, Y/n and I have been to-” it was my turn to cut him off.

“Totally chill, really good friends. The best.” I nervously gave him the death glare. 

“I’m telling them the truth y/n!” He said angrily. He turned to the audience and quickly spoke. “We’ve been together! As a couple!” He announced, sending a shock wave of gasps and questions. one girl screamed louder than all the others.

“WHY HER?!” she shrieked. Jack stiffened and began speaking. 

“Why her? Why Y/n, and not somebody else? Because ever since i’ve met Y/n, everything has been great. Everything has been fantastic. Everything has made sense. Everything about her makes me happy. The way she walks, the way she talks, the way she she looks when shes typing, the way she twists her earrings when she’s nervous, the way her dimples by her mouth come out when she swallows her food, and the way she makes me feel. Y/n is beautiful, funny, chill, and the only person i’ve ever felt this way about. All I want to do is kiss and hug her and cuddle her every hour of every day. And if anybody gives her any shit about this, then they can never consider themselves a fan of me, or any of the boys. And that’s why.” He dropped his mic with a heavy sigh as he walked over to me. I stood up about to embrace him, but he had something else in mind. He passionately slammed his lips onto mine as the crowd, including the boys, cheered loudly for us. Johnson threw his hands up in excitement.

“YO NO PDA!” Nash joked as we pulled apart. I stared into Jacks eyes and mouthed the word ‘wow’ while blushing. He leaned closely to my ear and whispered.

“I know this may be a little early, but I love you Y/n…” He trailed off.

“I love you Jack.” I  whispered back, kissing him once more. 

We finally returned to our seats happily to finish the Q&A. All went well, and we went out together for the first time as a public couple, and we couldn’t be happier.


Woah betch if you really think that this lil cute cupcake, fucking sunball of happiness could hurt a girl, you’re so fucking wrong betch. I’m fucking tired of this Jack G drama, what he did wrong, omg, since when messing up with friends while u’re drunk is called “aggressive disorder?”, we were supposed to be drama free fandom but as u can see, some bitches even think that Jack is the only one from magcon that would hit a girl, so standing ovation for this one……

• Its the second day of Jack Johnson week! This scenario was suggested by an amazing anon! ❤️

“Babeeee stop.” I said while laughing when Jack squeezed my side, tickling me. Nate, Sam, and Gilinsky were next to us as we walked through the almost empty mall. We came when we knew kids would be at school so they wouldn’t be spotted. “Um can we get some pictures?” I suddenly heard a girl say to the guys. Damn, she and her friend popped up out of no where. “Yeah of course.” Sam replied, then I let go of Jacks hand. “I’m gonna go to Victoria’s Secret, just come get me when ya’ll are done.” I said to him, then I pecked his cheek and started walking again. I would have kissed him on the lips like always, but I didn’t like to do PDA around his fans. Right when I went to walk into Victoria’s Secret, my phone fell out of my back pocket. I knew I shouldn’t have got the iPhone6 plus. It’s ALWAYS falling out of my back pocket. I squatted down and picked up my phone then unzipped my purse to put it in, then stood up and pulled my jeans up. I forgot to wear a belt today so every time I bend down, I’m showing someone my pink lace panties. “Oh my god only a slut would wear those kind of panties hoping people see them.” I heard someone say, making me turn around, and I saw two girls looking at me. “Excuse me?” I said while crossing my arms. “We said you’re a slut. You dress like one and you’re only with Jack because you want Sam.” One of the girls said, and when I went to defend myself, someone else spoke up. “You girls are not real fans of me if you’re gonna speak my girlfriend like that.” Jack said while linking hands with me. “That was really wrong of ya’ll.” Nate added on, then the guys walked past the girls, Jack bringing me with him. “I didn’t get to get the stuff I wanted from Victoria’s Secret.” I said to Jack as we walked out of the mall. “I don’t wanna run into those girls again. They’re fake fans.” He replied, making me stop in my steps and kiss him. “What was that for?” He asked while smiling. “For defending me.” I replied while smiling, then kissed him again. “Does that mean I get a kiss?!” I heard Nate call out, making us start laughing.

• I hope ya’ll enjoyed this! I wrote this really fast bc I’m tired. An imagine will be posted tomorrow so send me a scenario and you’ll be tagged in it!❤️

Jack G Imagine for Anon

i was one of the only magcon girls. i got on really well with all the boys especially jack. we kind of had a thing for each other but it never went further then a make out session here and there and casual flirting. we were all sitting backstage at magcon just hanging out before the meet and greet. “hey (y/n)?” jack asked me. “yeah?” i said looking up. “if i can get this piece of paper in the trash in one shot you have to kiss me okay?” he said grinning. i looked around to find the trashcan. it was the complete other side of the room. i laughed “alright, good luck” i said not expecting him to get it in. he threw it and i heard an uproar of cheers. i looked up to see jack with a smug expression on his face. he walked over to me confidently while i bit my lip slightly. he grabbed my face pulling it into his. it was a quick kiss but it was intense. “get off me” i said laughing as i pushed him off me although secretly i didn’t want him to stop.

later that day we all went to chipotle for food. we all sat down at a bug table. we all ate our food as jack announced that he was going to the bathroom. a few minutes later the boys began wolf whistling. i looked over to where they were directing it to and my heart fell. jack was standing there flirting with some girl that looked like a model. i could feel my insecurities pulsating throughout my body. he was holding her hand playfully and grabbing her waist. i couldn’t watch so i just turned back to my food. a few minutes later jack returned at sat back down beside me. the boys began congratulating him. “did you get her number?” matt asked “of course?” jack said high fiving him. i tried to hide my jealousy as best i could.

we began walking home after our food and jack pulled me into a side hug as we walked. i usually hugged his back but instead my body stiffened “what’s wrong?” he said looking at me frowning.i brushed him off but he kept asking. “you probably shouldn’t flirt with me if you’re planning on dating the girl at the restaurant” i said looking away from him. “what? i only got her number?” he said laughing. “yeah but i just don’t want to be a side chick” i said. “i thought we were only fooling around? we never discussed if we were anything” he said to me. “okay well now we don’t have to” i said beginning to walk faster. “wait” he said grabbing my wrist “look i do like you, a lot and i would never have gotten that girl’s number if i knew you like me that much”. “it’s fine jack don’t worry about it, go have fun with whatever her name is” i said walking away from him.

for the next week or so at magcon jack kept trying to talk to me. i knew he wanted to ask me out or something but i didn’t want him to do it out of guilt. it was late at night when i heard a knock on the door. it was 1am so that was unusual. i opened my door and no one was there i looked around still no one. there was a single rose in front of my feet. i picked it up and noticed there was a trail of them going around the corner. i picked them up as i followed it. as i picked up the last one i noticed a pair of feet. i looked up to be greeted with jack. he smiled at me as i stood up “what are these for?” i asked him “for you” he said smiling. “why?” i asked emotionless. “because i really like you and i feel bad for flirting with other girls when the only girl i want to flirt with is you” he said rubbing his neck. i couldn’t hep but smile. “i don’t want you to do this just because i got jealous” i said looking down. he paced his hand under my chin moving it up “i’m not, i’m doing it because i want to” he said placing a soft kiss on my lips. i kissed him back as he hands moved around my waist. i broke the kiss and said nothing i just leaned my head on his chest enjoying the momet