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It’s so obvious it’s easy to miss.

I can’t believe that I actually found time to do this… 

I like the hc where Jack loves to read comic books (about super heroes in particular) And this discovery just blow his and my mind wide open! They’ve been super heroes all along!

Last one

Mccree probs don’t walk around killing vampyers for fun but you know. Dialogue. (Local cowboy’s idea of first date is attempted murder of adoptive father. For fun.)

This is basically just a spoopy version of that vine, you know that one. Now with a 100% more Mchanzo lol.

Leave these tierd old ass vampires alone! They only got 50 years of sleep last century!

Please don’t tag any ships but Reaper76 and Mchanzo. No idea why you would but, you know.


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That sucks about Cummings and diversity and comics. They are the kind of people that want marvel to stop being so incompetent with its sjw stuff (Carl manvers, America Chavez, squirrel girl)

criticizing super hero comics for being too “social justice warrior” has always been so funny to me because like, buddy, that’s what super heroes are haha always have been too, not my fault you’ve only ever read the killing joke 

Ok so I’ve had these ideas in my head for a while now, I’m not very good at writing (specially in english) but I wanted to share it anyway.

Red riding hood AU, sort of. Hanzo as the Red Riding Hood and McCree as the Big Bad Wolf (also known as werewolf!McCree and hunter!Hanzo lmao). 

A few things about the AU under the cut.

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Black Jack Comics [by aoimotion and rem289] - Google Drive

Hey guys, I finally made a folder on Google Drive for the whole Black Jack comics, including all the extra chapters I wrote! You can now download everything or just open it in your browser by clicking on the link above (or here, if you like). I’ll probably make a separate folder in the future for all the extra not strictly involving the BJ’s timeline, but for now you can have this. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Please note that you don’t need a Google account to access this folder, so don’t worry.
(Please, let me know if you can correctly see every content or not!)

So I Read Today… Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #1 to #6 (Marvel Comics // 2016)

Sometimes is really nice to pick the odd book by accident. That’s what happened when this one feel on my lap a few days ago. For some time Marvel Comics has been trying really hard to put out the most diverse line of book within continuity. Some of them aimed at the longtime fans, some others aimed at kids. Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur falls in the second category, not because it’s a naïve book but because if one of those few examples of empowerment that comes from good storytelling with the right kind of art. The first issue opens with the passing of the mantle. In the modern world little genius Lunella Lafayette is struggling at school because she has a brain that takes her above and beyond the capabilities of his fellow students and teachers, while most of them are happy to receive basic education she’s researching science she can only comprehend and preparing herself to face Terragenesis since she has known for some time she’s prone to be affected by the mists and become an Inhuman. Back in the past, original Jack Kirby creation Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur are searching for the Nightstone, a Kree device of worship to the Small Folk but searched by the Killer Folk for their own primitive means. They caught Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur separated and beat him to death while a portal to modern times is opened and Devil Dinosaur chases the Killer Folk to the present. When Lunella and the Dino find each other, hilarity ensues as we have six issues of a fierce strong girl who feels misunderstood by every single being that surrounds her with a huge demonic dinosaur at her command.

There are no one-dimensional characters in this book. The main antagonists, The Killer Folk take it up to themselves to bully their way into Yanci Street beating the world famous Yanci Street gang within an inch of their lives (breaking a longstanding tradition at Marvel set in the long missed Fantastic Four of having these guys heard not seen) As far as main characters go Lunella is very relatable to kids from 6 to 12 years old. She has folks that really love her but whom she struggles with to communicate even in her best days. Of course as it’s expected she believes herself entitled to some stuff that adults see as dangerous or non-permissive and while she tries to make her point understood even The Totally Awesome Hulk can’t quite grasp with what he’s dealing when he comes “to the rescue” at Lunella’s school. The interactions with devil Dinosaur are quite funny since he behaves like a puppy around her. The strong point of this story is this little girl trying to fix her own mess by getting back her new friend and finding the Nightstone since she believes is the key to help her avoid becoming a freak after Terrigenesis affects her. By the time our story ends all her efforts are almost for naught since what she has been trying so hard to avoid catches up with her in an instant. Does she gets off easy of this experience?  I guess I’ll have to keep reading to find out. The book is very easy on the eyes and a good read if you have a kid that you want to introduce into comics. It’s masterfully written by Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder with colorful art by Natacha Bustos and Tamra Bonvillain.

it seems to be a general consensus that if Jack Morrison liked comics… it would most likely be Captain America…

but can I add that if Gabriel Reyes could choose, he loves reading Midnighter and its not because that his OTP was Midnighter and Apollo that he was easily smitten by Jack “my hair is literally spun sunshine” Morrison…


This love is good, this love is bad,
This love is alive back from the dead,
These hands had to let it go free
And this love came back to me

Congratulations Entertainment Weekly, you’ve managed to write an entire article celebrating the life and work of comic book creator Jack Kirby without mentioning his Jewish heritage even once. 

Well done.

oops I drew this right after the Kent Parson update LMAO

Kent Parson just had to interrupt some key selfie time!!!! SO I UH HAD TO DRAW SOME SELFIES…y’know, just some selfies with your bro

Bitty and Jack are from this GREAT WEBCOMIC Check Please! by ngozi!! It’s just so cute and good…and so hockey

go check it out!

I’m pretty sure Jack Zimmerman uses the little case iphone headphones come in when he’s not wearing them. Ransom and Holster watch him wind them up and laugh, but when they’re shaking out theirs and untangling them, Jack just smirks at them.