jacks reads comics


It’s so obvious it’s easy to miss.

I can’t believe that I actually found time to do this… 

I like the hc where Jack loves to read comic books (about super heroes in particular) And this discovery just blow his and my mind wide open! They’ve been super heroes all along!

Ok so I’ve had these ideas in my head for a while now, I’m not very good at writing (specially in english) but I wanted to share it anyway.

Red riding hood AU, sort of. Hanzo as the Red Riding Hood and McCree as the Big Bad Wolf (also known as werewolf!McCree and hunter!Hanzo lmao). 

A few things about the AU under the cut.

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it seems to be a general consensus that if Jack Morrison liked comics… it would most likely be Captain America…

but can I add that if Gabriel Reyes could choose, he loves reading Midnighter and its not because that his OTP was Midnighter and Apollo that he was easily smitten by Jack “my hair is literally spun sunshine” Morrison…

I’m pretty sure Jack Zimmerman uses the little case iphone headphones come in when he’s not wearing them. Ransom and Holster watch him wind them up and laugh, but when they’re shaking out theirs and untangling them, Jack just smirks at them.

oops I drew this right after the Kent Parson update LMAO

Kent Parson just had to interrupt some key selfie time!!!! SO I UH HAD TO DRAW SOME SELFIES…y’know, just some selfies with your bro

Bitty and Jack are from this GREAT WEBCOMIC Check Please! by ngozi!! It’s just so cute and good…and so hockey

go check it out!


This love is good, this love is bad,
This love is alive back from the dead,
These hands had to let it go free
And this love came back to me

“You owe me 20 dollars.”

Let’s Play Minecraft - Episode 138 - I Spy 2

so i was reading samurai jack comic and in issue 17 the artstyle in this comic was amazing!!

and wooooooo!!!boy! look at this!!(he looks like an angry woman in here)

oh he swears! wonder what he was saying…

he was dumped in at the trash and now people hates his smell

aaawwww lookit dis adorable man

yeah still traumatized when he was curse into a chicken and was forced to fight

ayyyy then again the artwork and artstyle in this is fantastic!


   I want to make a tribute to Homestuck. Even though i left the fandom years ago i still kept up with the updates and kinda kept it with me i guess. It’s hard to believe it’s been 7 years. i remember when i first started reading after Problem Sleuth and no one could have thought it would have gone on for this long or be this spectacular! At one point Homestuck was a huge part of my life and has been with me for almost half my life so to be honest it hurts to say goodbye. I’m really thankful to all the people i’ve met through HS and the improvement in my art as I drew fanart of it. I wanted to post some of my old art, from before i had a pentab and only drew on paper or my schoolwork, but i either threw it away or lost it. I would have wanted to post this on 4/13 but it was only till after i watched Act 7 that i really felt my emotions come back and felt inspired to draw again. I might make a few more drawings depending on how the next few weeks go. Until then thank you to all my followers homestucks or not, and thank you to everyone who worked on HS to make it into the masterpiece it is today.