jacks not there

Finally! I present you some of the most important characters in DP beside the ones that I had already done xD I have worked on this since the last year but I could only finish it now .D

I’ll draw a second part soon! Who would you like to see? .D
Por fin! Les presento a algunos de los personajes más importantes de DP en genderbend además de los que ya estaban hechos! xD Este dibujo lo llevo haciendo desde el año pasado! Pero recién pude terminarlo! .D

Dibujaré una segunda parte pronto! A quiénes les gustaría ver? .D

Danny Phantom © Butch Hartman

day 2! a bodyswap between gabe and jack- don’t tell me this wouldn’t be great. i assume something went wrong in some lab somewhere, or with a teleporter or something! maybe angie was messing around?

whatever the case, jack and gabe have switched, and it’s all very confusing. poor guys.

i honestly partially consider this as a sequel to this. jack finally obtains The Thighs Of Glory.


Imagine Jack needing to leave for the week, but being reluctant to go until Geoff says, “I got this covered. Don’t worry about anything.” And she’s still iffy, but she’s needed elsewhere, so she goes. Only to return to find the penthouse in shambles, Geoff tied to the table, Ryan declaring himself king of FAHC, and the lads all locked in the bathroom.

I think she’d sigh, turning around, and leave the penthouse again