jacks little sister

Speaking from experience, I can tell you that Jack Zimmermann, who grew up chubby and awkward and strange-looking, will now sometimes catch a glimpse of his reflection and not recognize himself. And in those little jarring moments he’ll see his dad, not how he is now, but how he looked when Jack was still growing up.

I made this in hopes that one day it will be true lol

Got the idea from the last confession I posted today.
(Telltale has no affiliation with this, I made it myself)

Who wouldn’t want this?

anonymous asked:

If it isnt too much for me to ask, do you think we could get a Bioshock family photo? Made with Atlas and the lil sis's included? Idk. I just wanted something like that at the ending of it all. They all went to the surface together and lived out the rest of their together, happy and healthy. If you don't wanna that's completely fine! I love your work, it's very distinct and beautiful! (your color choices are flawless!!!)

And they all lived happily ever after. Except for Uncle Frank. Uncle Frank is going to jail for a really long time, so he can think about what he’s done


Everything stays
Right where you left it
Everything stays
But it still changes
Ever so slightly
Daily and nightly
In little ways
When everything stays.

Had some Strong Feelings about how good end Jack and the little sisters were basically the only good to come out of Rapture since the fall, and how even if Rapture never changes there will always be change for the better in the world

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You know iv'e always wondered if Jack, Tenenbuam, and the little sisters celebrate halloween considering that they've already survived the night mare of rapture. I mean, what would they even dress up as? Would the little sisters just break out their syringes and jump back into their previous uniform and call it a day? And would Jack go trick or treating with them since he's never actually done it before? These questions haunt me at night.

im sure he would try to persuade them to choose a costume  a little less fear inducing.


Headcanon - Jack Sparrow

Request: "hello!!! can you do an imagine to telling jack sparrow you’re his little sister and like what you guys would do and stuff??!! thanks so much"

gifs are not mine.

Being Jack Sparrow’s little sister would include:

  • You being 10 years younger than him
  • Constantly following Jack around and sneaking into the Black Pearl without his consent
  • You being nicknamed Lady Sparrow by other pirates
  • Despite Jack’s carefree disposition, he keeps and eye on you
  • “You’re definitely not going to Tortuga.”
    “But Jack!”

  • Him shooing away any men, even those that simply look at you
  • Playing cards and other games with Jack and his crew
  • Jack roasting superstitious pirates who say that it’s bad luck to have a woman on board
  • “Shut your gob, that’s my sissy you’re talking about.”
  • Him telling you various stories of his adventures
  • You listening wide-eyed
  • “The Kraken?? No way, Jack! I thought you were lost in Tortuga all this time!”
    “Yep. Did I mention mermaids?”

  • In general, you having a time of your lives and setting up true brother & sister goals

From oldest to most recent (roughly), here’s all the Bioshock related art I drew this summer. I didn’t draw nearly as much as I wanted too but I’m very proud of my progress. I think it’s safe to say I’m going to be obsessed with Bioshock for a very long time