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List top 10 fave characters from 10 fandoms:

  1. Handsome Jack - Borderlands
  2. Abbey Smith - Misfits
  3. Tara Chambler and Beth Greene - The Walking Dead
  4. Jughead Jones - Riverdale
  5. Bellamy Blake - The 100
  6. Stephen Holder - The Killing
  7. Noora Amalie Sætre - Skam
  8. Audrey Jensen - Scream
  9. Fiona Gallagher - Shameless
  10. Rosalind Lutece and Robert Lutece - BioShock

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Jack’s Abbey - Kiwi Rising, Douple IPL

Acquired this via trade. This is supposed to be a premier IPL and I’m sure it is, but it’s just not something I really enjoyed.

I’ve tried a few IPLs now and I think I’m just going to write them off as a style that’s just not for me.  I have tried Base Camp’s IPL and it was decent but nowhere near the hop profile of this one. 

Now DIPAs? Can’t get enough of them!