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L to R: Scoot Mcnairy, Michelle Dockery, Jack O’Connell, and TantooCardinal on the set of GODLESS - coming in November 2017 on Netflix…

@scottfrank Santa Fe, Summer 2016 #Godless# @netflix

audreyscoresmoore She is such a rockstar in the show.

Michelle Dockery & Jack O’Connell posing next to each other back when they were babies in 2008…

Jean Beazley in other ‘verses (Downton Abbey)

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Where she has to move abroad with her teenage sons after losing her husband in the war. Making a new life from scratch will be tough, but she must be stronger for her boys and herself.

Chris and Jack soon begin to feel they don’t belong at Downton, specially at school where the rest of students would mock their Aussie accent. They will, however find a kindred spirit in Mr Joseph Molesley, the awkward but kind literature and history teacher.

Lessons, advices, challenges and changes will pave their paths and the four of them will witness how slowly those paths merge into one. 

Writer Questions

I was tagged by multiple folks, and it’s been long enough now that I can’t remember who, so I will tag everyone that may have tagged me, may be interested, or may not have done this yet at the end.

1. How many works in progress do you have?

lol… um 4. Which seems ridiculous to me. It’s really difficult to juggle them along with my life. Right now I have:

  1. My epic, canon-divergent retelling of Inquisition through the eyes of 3 different women holding 3 different positions in the organization: In Love, Serenity
  2. My “Skyhold through the eyes of a servant who happens to have a major crush on the Commander” Fairytale-type thing: Skyhold Abbey
  3. My “Jack the Ripper and Kirkwall” horror mashup, short story: Nemesis of Neglect (which is pretty awesome if I do say so myself)
  4. And my co-author smut fest with @long-liv-prairies​ about our two OCs battling with the Inquisition, each other, and ridiculous amounts of sex: Strangers in Arms

2. Do you/would you write fan fiction?

It’s the only thing I do right now, but someday I think I would like to try my hand at something original. Guaranteed to be dark and gritty.

3. Do you prefer paper books or ebooks?

Well I read fanfiction online. I’ve never read an ‘ebook’ and there is something about holding the pages in my hand that makes me happy.

4. When did you start writing?

The fall of 2016 after I joined this fandom and began reading fanfiction for the first time. I lurked around for awhile until I thought I’d give it a shot for myself. My Aurora and Barris relationship in ILS was the first thing I worked on.

5. Do you have someone you trust that you share your work with?

I’ve shared drafts of some chapters of ILS with @roguelioness@ma-sulevin​ and @kaoruyogi​. I shared the beginning of Nemesis with my husband, I also discuss plot points of ILS with him, and @long-liv-prairies​ helped me fill a plot hole in ILS a while back. And obviously Liv and I work very closely together for our co-fic. Skyhold Abbey is the only one I keep to myself until it’s published, but I tend to crank out those chapters in one afternoon and then post right away…. it’s my trashy romance novel, after all.

6. Where is your favorite place to write?

On my bed, mostly. Sometimes I write on the couch. As long as I have access to speakers beyond my computer’s (they suck) I will write by those. However, I have never written at a desk. Once I wrote a chapter of Skyhold Abbey in 2 hours early in the morning next to a desk…I had my laptop in my lap and my body stretched between two desk chairs. I like it to be on my lap and my feet up…and next to speakers for music.

7. Favorite book as a child?

I’ve always been attracted to darker stories or growing into one’s independence.

I devoured  K.A. Applegate’s Animorphs as a kid, reading them as fast as she would write them for while. My favorite book for a long time was Smack, by Melvin Burgess about two young teen runaways/squatters who were addicted to heroin in Britain. 

As a teen I decided to become a graphic designer while reading Jerry Stahl’s Perv: A Love Story, which was a really weird, dark and gritty book about a guy growing up in the early 1970s. I adored the cover and wanted to do things like that for a living.

Later in my teens I had two favorites. I freaking ADORED Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment. And also inhaled the feminist novel, The Book of Eve, by Constance Beresford-Howe

8. Writing for fun or publication?

For fun, for now and possibly forever.

9. Have you taken any writing classes?

Nope!! Well, I took a creative writing class in highschool, but it was a joke. I had a couple poems published in young author’s books, but that’s about it. I think in that writing class we mainly sat around, and we might have put together a rag of student work at one point. I can’t really remember. I’m 32.

I did partake in a Young Author’s conference when I was in the 3rd grade. I think I was sent there by my school because of a little illustrated story I wrote called The Pole and the Sign. …Come to think of it, I wrote quite a few little illustrated stories as wee one. Usually to cope with moving…again.

10. What inspired you to write?

Dragon Age.
And the need to escape some dark shit I was trapped in when I started.

Okay, time for tagging. I’m tagging you because you might have tagged me, or you might be interested, or you might not have done this yet. It’s a mess, I know, we all just have to deal with it. It will be okay. 
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Holster and Jack - Year 4

So, obviously, the Year 4 in this title refers to Bitty’s Year 4. But, I was thinking about the hcs that holster and jack weren’t that close at first (and maybe aren’t particularly close now) and I got to thinking about how they could become closer (BC ALL MY BOYS MUST BE BEST FRIENDS, SORRY NOT SORRY) and, well, here we go:

  • So, it is Jack’s second year in the NHL which means a few things: 1. He is more used to the workload; 2. He is a lot less stressed about playing in general, he has his team and his likes his team and he thinks one day he will be captain, but for now he doesn’t have too many extra responsibilities. His team has his back, his relationship with Bitty is awesome, life is good for Jack Zimmermann.
  • Bitty is a senior, though. He is a Senior and he is Captain of the Samwell Men’s Hockey team (and, privately, Bitty is starting to think that they should always have two people for the job because good lord is it a lot of work). He has help but he has a lot to do and he is applying to jobs and finishing his American Studies Thesis (or… well, he should probably start on that soon) and the point is Bitty and Jack are strong as ever, but Bitty actually doesn’t have time to talk to Jack for hours a day.
  • And Jack understands that. But it does mean that he finds himself with a few more free hours a day than he is used to.
  • Seriously. There is now a chunk of time after morning practices or before night games that used to be filled by listening to Bitty butcher the French language or working out a hair more than he should that are now just… free.
  • And it is then, finally, that Jack remembers all the Television shows Holster always tried to get him to watch. Or, rather, he recalls that they existed. he doesn’t actually remember the names.
  • Hence the first fateful text: ‘Hey, Holster– what was that show about english people you wanted me to watch? Something about a butler?’
  • Holster receives this text while working in an econ-related job (in a cubicle) that he is starting to realize might be the most boring thing that has ever happened to him. He blinks at it and replies immediately, ‘I have no idea what you are talking about.’
  • Jack: ‘There was a dog named ISIS that they had to kill off. You cried and Bitty made you your own mourning pie.’
  • Holster (after face palming; both because Jack should KNOW downton abbey and because, actually, his description was one that Holster should have recognized): ‘OOhh! You mean Downton Abbey!!!!!!’
  • Jack: ‘Cool, thanks. I’m going to watch it.’
  • A few more things about Adam Holster Birkholtz at this point: 1. He is working with accountants. 2. He is rooming with Ransom who is in his first year of med school. 3. Holster literally loves TV more than anything else in the world– So combine these things together and you have a Holster who is a little bit bored at work, a little bit lonely, AND So FUCKING EXCITED THAT JACK ZIMMERMANN IS FINALLY GOING TO WATCH A SHOW HE RECOMMENDED!!! (because GODDAMM, he was just trying to bring joy to people’s lives).
  • So instead of texting back something like ‘Haha, happy to help.’ Holtzypoo responds: ‘DUDE YESSS LIVE TEXT ME EVERYTHING!!’
  • And Jack, also slightly bored and a little bit lonely, texts back: ‘Okay will do. I already found it on Amazon Prime. I like that the episodes are a full hour.’
  • And Holster smiles at that and puts his phone down, expecting that Jack probably won’t ‘live text’ him the episodes. He probably doesn’t even know what that means.
  • But, then, 2.5 hours later, Holster gets a text. ‘Dude, a guy just died on Mary during sex! at least we never had that happen at the Haus, eh?’

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Favourite Characters meme

Take #2 because tumblr ate my first attempt 😩😩 Tagged by @ultrahotpink ages ago sorry!

Rules: Choose ten favourite characters from ten different fandoms, then tag ten people to carry on!

Ten fandoms. Right.

1. Matthew Crawley (Downton Abbey)

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2. Jack O’Neill (Stargate SG-1)

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3. Trixie Franklin (Call the Midwife)

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4. Donna Noble (Doctor Who)

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5. David Haller (Legion) (Yes I have multiple Dan Stevens, what did you expect?!)

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6. Dot (Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries)

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7. Wyatt Logan (Timeless)

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8. Pippin (Lord of the Rings)

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9. Mr Carter (Cranford)

10. Beast (Beauty and the Beast) (BECAUSE I CAN)

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Jack’s Abbey - Kiwi Rising, Douple IPL

Acquired this via trade. This is supposed to be a premier IPL and I’m sure it is, but it’s just not something I really enjoyed.

I’ve tried a few IPLs now and I think I’m just going to write them off as a style that’s just not for me.  I have tried Base Camp’s IPL and it was decent but nowhere near the hop profile of this one. 

Now DIPAs? Can’t get enough of them!