Submission: The Jobs of some of the creepypasta’s

Row 1:

  • Jeff the Killer
  • Jason the Toy Maker
  • The puppeteer
  • Anesthesia

Row 2:

  • The trio proxies
  • Nathan the Nobody
  • Nick Vanill
  • Bloody Painter

Row 3:

  • Ben Drowned
  • Candy Pop
  • The Doll Maker
  • Eyeless Jack

Row 4:

  • Nurse Ann
  • Papa grande
  • SlenderMan
  • Laughing Jack

Today, i’ve been visited by Tumblr Artist Jackrow and his friends. And yeah… we did some strange stuff together! XD Of course we had to visit the giant chickens, because… what else can Charr do? :D

At first we were just derping around, but then things got serious and we killed Zhaitan! Aaaw poor baby dragon…

Unfortunately i’ve taken waay too less schreenshots… But it was a fun time nontheless!!! :D

This illustration is for the story I’m still developing. This part will sure persist!
Jackrow is leading Raunkai to the Corvidean gate as he is the only one who can open it correctly.

The mysteriously glowing clouds are just seemingly nebula/clouds, they are the triumphal marks of where “Darkness” have taken control over a world. As they say: If you see long enough into the darkness, darkness looks back into you.

Raunkai, Jackrow(me) © to myself