Technovirus JackR; Re: SourcesP secure

I-mail begin//

Progranm code 0159erJXK

Operant; Annonymous

Transport; Carriage code 9xvz=7er19

Inform the magistrit we Ducata have the newest code-bearer

 I-Mail stop//

A dark void illimuniates with the will of a “code-bearer” a guard flag-ship of the Syrn Ducata corporation. Legacy viral programming with destructive code used to enforce “order” in society. A faceless blank single stare from a red beam in the left eye of a properly man. Called in to fill transit routes of the boro roads.

-Later in a misty laboratory. Steam emitting from a large capsule in the center of thelab being well ventilated. Surrounding the room are dark lit areas with large computer stations. This area is blocked from the center area. Only a key pass can have access. group of scentists enter to examine the capsule as the mist begins to clear from the room the inside of the capsule stays visibly foggy.

Sicentist2: Well get on with it. Turn it on!

Behind a one-way view screen in a dark room program technicians work on their products.

Programmer 1: He’s not responding.

Programmer 2: There, connect Program Annonincal online to serve Red1X

The scientists brush up against one another, in the capsule a misty hallow figure appears fully draped in old English attire wearing all black except for white collared shirt and a red tie. Energy builds inside the capsule walls as a bolt of lightning breaks the glass. The figure disappears.

Scientist2: Where did he go?

Scientist1: Back into the server.  

A white ball the shape of a distant star and approximately a foot in length replaces the man to ascend in flutter the glass and through the cracks dissappears.


I made a snowman out of marshmallows, powdered sugar, coffee grounds, and toothpicks…. Snow-Robot-Man! And then he fell… Poor Snow-Robot-Man… Snow-bot found love! Then Snow-bot got dumped… Then Snow-bot got drunk… Snow-bot went NUTS… Then an angel came down to talk to Snow-bot…. The angel told Snow-bot his true love was waiting for him this Christmas… So Snow-bot went on a long journey… Snow-bot trekked through the perilous poinsettia forest… Snow-bot fought off the evil Nutcracker-men in the Cove of Pines… And deep in the Cove of Pine… Snow-bot found his true love, Marsha Mallow. Snow-Bot and Marsha Mallow had a baby and lived happily ever after… until I ate them. All three. THE END. 

-Jackson Rathbone.