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Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (Live October 1988, Landover Capitol Center)

WOW. Just stumbled upon super HQ amateur footage from the 2ND US LEG of the legendary BAD WORLD TOUR.

I can’t believe that this footage is in better quality that the Wembley DVD (which is in VHS quality)!

Michael has already perfected his European stadium show to a T. He is such a FUCKING PRO, as he CROUCHES MID-SONG AND TOSSES a dancer’s white shoe cover (that drops at 3:07) off the stage and towards the band at 3:15!

All without missing a beat.

This is normally something a roadie would frantically run onto the stage to clean up, but the King of Pop does his own stage maintenance!

However, there are so many people going up and down the stairs MID-SONG. This is so annoying!

Thanks to Ronald Baker for filming this 26 years ago and Chief Mouse for reformatting it!