We kind of make it a tradition to bring Jack and Katnappe out every saturday of a convention. They are kind of tedious to put on but we’ve had plenty of practice. It’s funny to find how many Xiaolin Showdown fans there are hidden amongst con goers.
Anyway, here is a compilation of this past weekend at Ikkicon 2015~

(I have made it my life goal to get people to ship Jacknappe and with every last breath i will make that happen (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧)

Don’t even sit here for a minute and tell me that there wouldn’t be sexual tension between Jack and Katnappe like…these shitheads pick on eachother constantly and are considered rivals in a way (when she isn’t teaming up with him) They would yell into eachother’s faces only being inches apart and it makes everyone else in the room uncomfortable because they could either kiss or slap eachother and nobody wants to be around for either of those things.  Especially when teenage hormones play a factor oh god they need to get a room.

Man, I could write a whole essay about why Jacknappe is a good ship. Jack and Ashley have had enough interactions for me to go pretty in depth with it too! Its a shame most people write it off because either-
A.) Nobody likes/cares about Katnappe as a character

or even worse

B.) Alot of people’s headcanon is that Ashley and Jack are in someway related to eachother (which still puzzles me to no end but people are entitled to whatever they think is true.) 

Not even mad tho. I’m glad I ship something that is one of the less popular Jack ships of the fandom, but the lack of Fanart/Fanfics is what makes me wish it were as popular as Chack…

I dunno *rolls away*