Jackson and RapMon having a convo

Jackson:BRO! *man hugs namjoon*

RapMon:JACKSON! *starts speaking korean*

Jackson: *Is understanding but having a difficult time speaking*

RapMon: *in english* If you’re having a hard time speaking in Korean we can just speak in english if you want *does his famous :) smile*

Jackson: Huh? *in english* No no…Its fine you’re more comfortable in speaking Korean so its ok…

RapMon:*puts his hand on jacksons shoulder* You know…I’ve known you for a long time…And I can see that you’re struggling so I REALLY insist..and plus I’ll do ANYTHING for you ;)

Jackson: *blushes and looks away* Ahhh….Thank you Namjoon sshi…-mumbles- and don’t wink at me ever again…It makes me feel weird..

RapMon:*starts walking with jackson* What do mean? There was a fly in my eye…OOPS theres the fly again ;)

Jackson:*punches RapMons arm*