It’s amazing how this one actress was only known in some parts of the world for being in The Refugees and now she is well known throughout the world for being a damn good actress in a role where she said very little. The way she showed her emotions in Logan just makes it seem like she will be amazing in any role. I hope one day she will be in a role again with Hugh Jackmen and Sir Patrick Stewart, I don’t mind what type of movie it is just as along as the best trio of 2017 work together one day. Keep making us proud Miss Keen!!!!!

Movie Night 3

Here is the final part. please enjoy.

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Stef pulls into the driveway, the rain has finally died down to a drizzle. Lena exits the house, making her way to the driver-side door. “Hey love.” Stef greets her wife while getting out of the car. The pair sharing a quick hello kiss. “I’ll grab the pizza, could you just get my bag?”

“Sure hun.” Lena says with a smile.

With the goods in hand Stef makes her way up the stairs through the open front door “Pizza’s here! She yells out. A chorus of cheers coming from all corners of the house. Lena following close behind and whispers "get ready for the stampede.”

All of the kids managed to make their way into the kitchen before Stef and the pizza. “Man, you would think you guys are starved.” Stef says to herself.

“I’ve been craving pizza since Mama called you, if you had been any longer we were going to put up wanted posters.” Mariana says in a matter of fact tone.

“Well, have no fear, we have extra cheese, pepperoni, and a ham and pineapple for your dining pleasure.” Stef explains, placing the boxes onto the kitchen counter. “Go ahead and get started, I am going to go clean up a little.  But a warning, if all the ham and pineapple is gone by the time I get back, I WILL arrest you.” the family laughs at her. “You think I am joking? I will build a boat and sail you down to the station.” Her threat undercut by the smile she cracked.

“Go clean up, I think you are starting to grow moss on your uniform.” Lena says with a hand on Stef’s shoulder.  

“Yes, Mama.” Stef turns to giver Lena a kiss before heading upstairs.

“Alright kids, dig in. But don’t neglect the salad, Callie and Mariana made a glorious mess making it.” Lena points at the salad bowl for emphasis.  

Stef returns a few minutes later and asks “Whoever left their stuff in the dryer, you forgot to turn it on so its drying now with my uniform.”

“Oh, that’s mine, I got soaked coming over here.” Connor says through his mouthful of cheese pizza. “My bad.”

“I should have known, there was a plaid shirt.” Stef says just before she takes her first bite of her prized ham and pineapple pizza.

“It’s an addiction.” Connor says, hanging his head. The family responding with laughter.

Small conversations break out, everyone telling each other about their day. Stef and Connor trying to one up the other about how wet they got in the rain. Jude was silent, content to simply sit next to his boyfriend and eat his pizza. The first bite of his second piece threw him a curve-ball when all the toppings slid off and whacked him in the chin. After pealing the melted cheese off he was left with a large glob of sauce on his chin. “Could i have a napkin?” he asks. Connor hands him a clean napkin, and Jude wipes it away. “Oh, you missed some.” Connor points out, then uses his own napkin to wipe the last of the sauce off of Jude’s chin.  

Jude was worried that everyone saw, his face preemptively blushing, but everyone was focused on their conversations. The only one who did see was Stef, who looked and Jude with a warm smile.  

“So, who has movie picks tonight?” Stef asks.

“I’m up first with Van Helsing.” Lena answers, Mariana chiming in with a comment about Hugh Jackmen being “dreamy.” Callie was quick to agree. “And then its Mariana with?” Lena paused so Mariana could say her choice of “The Notebook.” surprisingly no one rolled their eyes, something Jesus or Brandon would have done if they were home. “And since this is Connor’s first time at our movie night, i thought he should pick the last one.”

“I brought "Field of Dreams” its a baseball movie.“

"Awesome, lets get started!” Lena said excitedly.

Halfway through the third movie, the only ones still awake were Connor and Stef. Mariana was asleep in the armchair, Callie snoring on a large pile of pillows in front of the tv, Lena sleeping on the couch she shared with Stef and Connor, and Jude sitting on the floor. Right below Connor, his head resting against Connor’s tucked in knees.  Stef was playing with Lena’s hair, and Connor was doing the same to Jude.

“This is the only thing my dad and I would watch together, other than Padres’ games.” Stef said, just barely above a whisper.

“Same for me, either sports or sport movies.” Connor added. “I don’t even know if i actually like it, or if i just put up with it because my dad likes it.”

“I know how you feel, me and my dad had a complicated relationship too.” Stef said. Realizing more and more that her experience and Connor’s were very similar.

They were silent for a while, watching the movie when Stef said, “I saw you wipe that pizza sauce off of Jude at dinner. That was very sweet, you two are a lot like Lena and I. I am happy you two are so open around us.”

“You saw that?” Connor looks at Stef, his face a mixture of embarrassment and panic.

“I did. It was sweet, you make Jude happy, he smiles so much when you are around, or even if we mention your name.” she stopped to laugh a little. “And your eyes light up when he walks into a room. I know you really care for him. I’m glad you two figured things out.”

“I am so much happier now, and everything seems better with Jude, and all of you, around.” Connor explained. “It just took me getting shot to realize it.”

“Well, I speak from experience, getting shot can really change the way you look at things. I wouldn’t be married right now if I hadn’t been shot. I was still in the hospital bed when I proposed.” Stef laughs a little, her mind lost in memory. “I guess I’m trying to say that I like you around here. You and Jude are great, and you are welcome around here whenever you want. And I know what it is like having a difficult relationship with your Dad, so if you need to talk, I’ll listen.”

“Thank you.” Connor says. He was touched that Stef thought so highly of him.

“Although, I am required by law to say this, if you break my son’s heart, I will shoot you in your other foot.” Stef says with a wink.


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