Hit the Road (Joe Sugg Imagine) - requested

Hit the Road (requested)

Anonymous said: Hi! Can just say I absolutely adore your writing. I know your probably REALLY busy with requests but could you do one its the hit the road premier and Y/N and Joes is unknown to fans but your friends know and then one of your friends does a ZALFIE *cough Jim cough* but joe doesn’t know and awks happen. Love ya!

Leicester Square started to come into view and the sound of muffled screaming and squeals were heard under the music that was playing in the uber.

It was the Hit The Road USA premiere. You had gone to the premiere of the first movie last year and absolutely adored it. When you were invited this year, you were ecstatic.

However, something was different this year. This year you were going as Joe’s girlfriend. Sure, no one knew about your relationship, except close friends and family, but it still made it special. You were attending something really important and proud worthy of your boyfriend. You were so proud of how much he has accomplished in his YouTube career.

As the fans had no clue about your newly formed relationship with one half of Jaspar and one member of the buttercream squad, both you and Joe decided it was best for you to show up with the other boys. Plus, you knew Joe would be extremely busy, seeing as it was his premiere and all.

“Y/N, stop daydreaming about Joe and come on, we have a premiere to attend!” Your thoughts disappeared as you heard Jack exclaim from beside you. You noticed that the screaming got louder, but realised it was because the uber had arrived at the destination. You thanked the driver, paying him and getting out. Oli held the door open for you as Jack offered a hand to help you out. You gladly took it.

As you all got out and the car drove away, the fans, that had managed to come, noticed, their screams getting louder. You and the three boys you showed up with, Josh, Jack and Oli, laughed and started to walk down the red (it was blue) carpet. You smoothed down the Elie Saab ombré dress you were wearing that you loved and latched arms with Josh. You held onto Jack’s other arm and the three of you walked down the carpet.

The cameramen took pictures of the three of you in front of the Cadillac, the car Joe and Caspar showed up in earlier. Some pictures were serious, others funny.

You giggled as Oli ran towards you guys and started posing for pictures as well. The four of you spent a few minutes taking pictures and joking around in between. The next car pulled up, and you guys moved along the carpet towards everyone else.

Fans screamed your name, asking for autographs and pictures, and you happily did them. You loved the fans. They have supported all the boys along the way and you couldn’t be more grateful for them.

You were taking a picture with a girl you recognised from twitter, a big fan of Joe, when you were beckoned over as your interview with Jim Chapman was starting soon. You excused yourself from the fans, saying you’d be back, and went over to where the interview was being held.

“Y/F/N! It’s been a while, my friend,” Jim exclaimed as he hugged you.

“Jim Chapman! It has been a while, hasn’t it? Good to see you again.” You hugged him back and grinned.

“Right, so I’ll just ask a couple of questions and then you can be on your way,” he explained and you nodded, understanding.

He started the interview off and went straight to the questions.

“So, Y/N, seeing as you’re alone here, you can say anyone you want, but if you were to go on a road trip, who would you go with and why?” He asked into the microphone. He held it out in front of you, waiting for your reply.

You pretended you were thinking for a bit but you knew exactly who you would take.

“Joe,” you replied, a small smile on your face. You could hear the crowd screaming and you giggled.

“Of course, we all know why you chose Joe,” Jim said, trying to send a subtle wink your way, however the fans noticed, knowing what the wink meant, and all the other background noise was muffled by their screams and squeals. Jim sent you a worried look, as if to say, “shit, I didn’t mean to out you,” but you just gave him a smile to say, “don’t worry about it.”

You didn’t mind the fans knowing you were going out with Joe. You wanted people to know. You wanted to be able to go out in public without worrying someone might see. You wanted to be able to hold his hand and kiss him wherever you were. You didn’t just want to be able to be with him in the comfort of your own home, you wanted to be able to show him off, tell people, “yep, he’s mine,” when he’s off doing crazy shit and you even wanted to be able to scream, “I’m in love with Joseph Sugg!” and not worry about the consequences. You just wanted to be able to love the man and not have a care in the world about who knew about it.

However, Joe wasn’t very up for that. You didn’t mind; if Joe didn’t want his fans to know yet, then so be it. You would wait until he thought it was the right time.

After finishing off the interview, you went to walk away but Jim called you back.

“I am so sorry, Y/N! I did not think they would see that!” Jim blurted out.

You giggled and said, “it’s fine, Jim. Honestly. It just shows the fans are smart.” You gave him a short hug. “Now, I must go and find the boyfriend. He should know we’ve been outed. Surprisingly, by his sister’s outer as well.” You gave Jim a wink and he chuckled.

“Alright. Thank you for not being mad.”

“I could never be mad at you, Jimmy,” you said and pinched his cheeks. You both laughed and went your separate ways; you went to find Joe and he went to interview the next guest.

After searching the carpet for him, you found Joe behind a massive sign near the back. He was leaning against it, his hands in his pockets. No one was able to see him behind there so you quickly made your way to him.

Slipping behind the sign, you leaned against it as well, bumping shoulders with Joe.

“Hey,” you said, nudging his shoulder lightly.

“Hey,” he replied, moving to stand in front of you. He tucked a piece of hair behind your ear before caressing your cheek. You closed your eyes and sighed deeply.

“You look handsome,” you complimented and opened your eyes. This was the first time you and Joe have been able to talk since the premiere started.

“And you are absolutely breathtaking.” He looked into your eyes and smiled. Your heart started to beat faster and faster. God, what does this boy do to me?

Joe leaned in and pressed his lips to yours. Your hands wrapped around his neck and his went down to hold your hips. You haven’t been able to kiss him for hours, it was like you were deprived of his lips.

You pulled away and leaned your forehead on his. Your arms were still around his neck and he still had a firm hold on your waist.

“Why are you behind here?” You questioned, wondering why he was behind a sign and not out there, enjoying the premiere for his second movie.

“Just thinking, really,” he simply replied, his breath fanning your face. Minty.

“About what?”

“Everything. How I started off YouTube as just a small hobby. How much things have changed in the past 4 years. How much I’ve accomplished to get here. Like, I have two movies now! Two! And two graphic novels! Do you know how crazy that is? If you were to tell 15 year old Joe where he would end up, he would laugh in your face and call you insane!”

You giggled and replied, “well, babe, you deserve everything you have. You deserve all of this. All this love. You deserve it all because you’re a genuine, nice, amazing, down to earth, and fucking beautiful guy that deserves everything.”

“I don’t deserve you,” he said, a frown on his face, and pulled away from you.

You frowned as well and pulled him back. You pulled him into a tight hug and held him there. He soon wrapped his arms around your waist and buried his face in your neck.

“If anything, I don’t deserve you,” you replied, pulling away. You poked his chest when you said, ‘you.’ “You’re amazing, Joe. Please don’t forget that.”

It was silent for a few seconds. The only sound being the chatting of people and screams of fans on the other side of the sign.

“I think I’m ready,” Joe suddenly said. You frowned slightly and tilted your head to the side, confused. He saw your reaction and continued, “I think I’m ready to tell the world that we’re a couple.”

You laughed, awkwardly, and turned around. You spun back around and sheepishly smiled at him. He gave you a confused look.

“That’s why I came over,” you started. You paused and said, quickly, “basically, we’ve been outed.”

“What?” He didn’t understand a word you said.

Slower, you said, “we’ve been outed. By Jim.”

Joe had an expression on his face that you couldn’t recognise. “Well, that’s awkward,” he said, chuckling.

You furrowed your brows and asked, “why’s that?”

“I literally had a whole video planned to reveal you as my girlfriend but if everyone’s going to know by the end of the night, might as well just go for it right now,” he explained and you giggled over his video plan but was confused about what he meant by ‘go for it.’

Before you could question him, he pulled you out from behind the sign and back to everyone else. People did question where you guys were but you couldn’t reply as Joe had gotten a microphone and started to speak.

“Excuse me, hi, I’m Joe! As you all already know,” he chuckled and everyone around him did too. “Basically, I know tonight was supposed to be all about the movie and all, but I do have to make an announcement. Seeing as me and a certain someone,” fans screamed at this, “were revealed earlier by someone,” he sent Jim a look and Jim sheepishly waved at him, “I thought I’d clear up the air.”

“Joe, you don’t have to do this,” you whispered to him.

“I want to, love,” he whispered back so only you heard. “I have a girlfriend,” he said into the mic. You heard people gasp, other people cheered and some even clapped. “And it’s this beautiful woman here!” He held out his arms to show you off and you blushed as everyone’s eyes were on you. In the background, you saw the rest of the buttercream squad and they all gave you thumbs ups and big grins.

“Hi,” you squeaked out into the mic. People cheered at you and a small smile made its way onto your face.

Everyone was so accepting of your relationship. No one judged. Everyone just cheered. That made you happy. Happy knowing that people weren’t angry or mad. Happy that you no longer have to hide your relationship. Happy Joe was yours and you were his.

Of course, hate was inevitable when it came to dating a popular celebrity. You knew people were going to send rude comments on social media; you wouldn’t be able to run away from it. Everywhere you went, someone would send hateful comments your way. But you knew that if you had Joe by your side and all your family and close friends, you’ll be able to get through it. One way or another.

Raucous Productions | Joe Sugg Imagine Part 1

“Ms. L/N?” My PA Karen knocks on my door. I look up to her with a questioning look. “Mr. Sugg wants to see you.” She says before dismissing herself.

I save the final edits of my draft before turning off my computer, grabbing my notebook and pen. It was around 8 p.m, my shift was about to end. I work as Joe Sugg’s assistant meaning I usually work late than the other workers here. Raucous Productions was a company set by Mr. Sugg and his friend Mr. Lee after the success of their movie “Hit the Road” which was followed by a sequel.

The man himself was lovely, very sweet. Mr. Sugg however had a tendency to welcome in some fit girls into the building. That also means that when Mr. Sugg asks me to deliver them a bunch of flowers I get to know their names. Not that it wasn’t a bad thing that I see him with girls, but it was something I didn’t like about him.

Walking towards the mahogany door, I take a deep breath before knocking. Once I entered without knocking was one of the most embarassing moments I’ve ever encountered with my boss. Seeing your boss on top of a semi-naked girl was not something I would love to see.

I open to door once I hear a faint “Come in.”,  I then see Mr. Sugg standing across to room, looking out the glass walls and onto the London scenery. I clear my throat, “Good evening Mr. Sugg, you asked to see me?”

He turns around, hands at his back, his body showcasing a white button down and a black cardigan paired with black skinny jeans. “Yes, I did. Take a seat, love.” Mr. Sugg gestures the two single seater sofa chairs in front of his desk.

I walk towards his desk and sit down, my notebook and pen resting on my lap. “What is it about sir?” I push a strand of stray hair behind my ear, noticing that Mr. Sugg was staring intently at me.

He laces his fingers together against the desk, leaning forward. “I have a flight to LA, yes?”

I nodded, opening my notebook to scan what I had written about his flight to Los Angeles. “Yes sir, for a business meeting with. Ms. Lake will also be accompanying you on the flight.”

Mr. Sugg nods his head, leaning back to his chair with arms behind his head and feet crossed on the desk. “Well tell Ms. Lake that she doesn’t need to accompany me anymore, she will have a day off. As I want you to accompany me on this flight.”

I lump forms on my throat as I begin to process what he has just said. “You want me to accompany you, sir?” Mr. Sugg nods, confirming what he has said. “But Mr. Sugg, I must decline, it is Ms. Lake’s job as your secretary to accompany you in every flight you have.”

Mr. Sugg sighs softly, “Well Ms. L/N, you happen to know more about Los Angeles better than she does. That is why I want you to accompany me, that is if you are free that day?”

I didn’t have anything planned, I would to go with him but there’s a part of me that’s denying it. “Yes sir, I am free that day.” A grin forms of his lips, nodding his head.

“Well then you should tell Ms. Lake about you being my company instead of her, love.” I suddenly start to feel all flustered, seeing as Mr. Sugg prefers my company instead of his own secretary. I nodded my head, straightening my pencil skirt after standing up.

Mr. Sugg happens to call me “love” most of the time, it was just a polite gesture but he doesn’t do it to the other female workers here besides me. “Goodnight, Mr. Sugg.” I grasp the door handle, seeing Mr. Sugg nod his head in return.

“Goodnight Ms. L/N.”

Once I open the front door, I release my feet out of the heels I was wearing, slipping them onto the micro fiber slippers I have. I didn’t have the best flat, per say but it was good enough for me. The rent was affordable as Mr. Sugg gives me a salary of £50 each week.

“Sophia? You still here?” I call out, my best friend Sophia has been staying her over the past weeks since she just broke up with her ex-boyfriend since he was cheating on her.

I get no answer so I assume she was sleeping. I head to my bedroom, grabbing a fresh set of pajamas. Once I have changed, I grab my phone and sent a text to Ms. Lake about the whole Mr. Sugg flight accompany switch. A breath escapes my lips as I finally crashed onto my bed.

My eyes abdsentmindedly scan my room until they landed on the diamond necklace that was on my dresser. On my 22nd second birthday, Mr. Sugg gave me that diamond pendant necklace as a present along with the matching earings.

They were from Tiffany & Co. seeing as they were expensive but Mr. Sugg didn’t mind a bit. At some point his kindness towards me soon turned into flirting. Sometimes, Mr. Sugg will flirt with me that I get all blushy and stunned to even manage a reply without stuttering. That was the effect he had on me.

It was 9 p.m but I wasn’t tired or sleepy yet so I decided to play a game on my phone. Until I was debating on ordering dinner on the phone, I hear the doorbell go off. I stand up, walking to the door before looking through the peep hole. It was the flat delivery guy, carrying a Nandos and Starbucks bag.

I open my door, “May I help you?” As much as wanted Nandos and Starbucks at the moment, I didn’t order one right now.

“Ah yes. I’m meant to deliver this to Y/N L/N.” The guys said that left me even more confused.

“That’s me. But I’m afraid I didn’t order.” I furrowed my brows in confusion.

The guy shakes his head, “No m'am, Mr. Joe Sugg did.”

My eyes widen in shock. My boss just ordered me Nandos and Starbucks. Is that normal? Without another word, I nodded, grabbing both the paper bags from him before saying a “Thank you” then shutting the door closed. I open the Nandos bag first, seeing my favorite order from Nandos. My eyes caught a post it note stuck on the cover of the food packaging.

“Eat up love” it said with a smiley face then his signature on the bottom corner of the paper. I place the bag on the counter top, shoving out the food that Mr. Sugg has ordered me. Not only did he order my favorite meal but from the Starbucks bag, he ordered me the chocolate macademia cookie and my favorite drink. I unlocked my phone, sending a quick text to my boss.

Me: Thank you sir, for the Nandos and Starbucks delivery. 😊 (21:47 p.m)

Nothing more than a minute, he replied.

Mr. Sugg: No problem love, it was my treat afterall for a thank you since you agreed to accompany me on my upcoming flight. 😁😚 (21:47 p.m)

Mr. Sugg: Also, I hope you haven’t eaten dinner yet or the delivery would have been too much.😂😚 (21:47 p.m)

I start to open up the Nandos meal, my nose picking up the fresh scent of the cooked meal, my stomach churning in hunger. I then decided to reply back.

Me: I haven’t eaten dinner yet sir, so the surprise take away isn’t that much 😂👍 (21:48 p.m)

Mr. Sugg and I start to talk via text while I was eating the Nandos order, saving the Starbucks drink and pastry for dessert. It was so nice of him to surprise me with this but, I just wonder why he treats me this way. He surely doesn’t call any of the femal workers “love” besides me and he surely doesn’t just deliver random surprise from Nandos or even Starbucks as a “Thank you”

Mr. Sugg: How’s life, gorgeous? 😚 (22:04 p.m)

A smile breaks on my lips, my stomach creating involuntary butterflies as my eyes scan the text. See, this is him flirting with me. Calling me names like “gorgeous”, “love”, “sweetheart”, “my love”, “darling” and other names you would call your partner.

Me: I wouldn’t really know how to describe life Mr. Sugg, but so far, it’s been great 👍💕 (22:05 p.m)

Once I have finished my Nandos chicken, I move on to the fruit salad that came with it.

Mr. Sugg: That’s great sweetheart, and I do insist that you call me Joe instead since we are out of work and being called Mr. Sugg makes me feel old 😂😛😚 (22:05 p.m)

I was chewing on a bite off my salad when Mr. Sugg decided to call me. I slide to answer, putting the phone next to my ear. “Hi.” I grinned, not expecting him to call.

“Hey love.” I can pratically hear the smile in his voice.

I take another bite off my salad, swallowing before replying. “Why did you call me sir?” My grin doesn’t falter a bit. I was quite happy with the relationship (not romantic) I have with my boss. He wasn’t those snappy, boring ones but he was completely the opposite.

“It’s Joe now, m'love. I called you because I wanted to hear your voice.” There it goes again, the butterflies.

“Is my voice that interesting?” I asked, giggling a bit before finishing off the fruit salad.

Mr. Sugg, or should I say, Joe chuckles through the phone. “To me it is.”

I bite my bottom lip, grabbing the Starbucks drink the the cookie in my hands, balancing my phone by pressing my shoulder against it with my ear applying the same preassure. “You’re too sweet Sugg.” I push the door of my bedroom open with my foot, placing the drink and the cookie on my bedside table.

“Well, you’re the sweetest strawberry of the bunch.” Joe replies back and I can hear a bit of shuffling in the background.

“Stop making me blush!” I playfully scolded, taking a sip from the Starbucks drink then taking a bite off of the cookie.

I hear Joe laugh from the other side. “Aww, I’m making you blush?”

I nodded, even though he couldn’t see me. “Yes, and I want you to stop it.”

“Aww, but you love it, don’t you?” Joe asks.

“Annoyingly, I do.” I giggled, placing my duvet over my as I hold my drink in my hand, the plate of the cookie on my lap. I love it when Joe and I have these kinds of coversations, wether it be in work or at home via phones, it was always full of banter.

“You’re cute, you know that?” Joe compliments.

I giggled again, “No I don’t, that’s why I need you to tell me.”

Gentle laughter errupts from the boy on the other side of the phone. “Yeah and I deserve a thank you, darling.”

“Well, Thank you,” I grinned again, bitting my bottom lip. “Are you normally like this with the girls that I see you with?”

“No, only you.” He replied and my breath hitches slightly. “Because those girls are nothing compared to you.”


Hi! So this is the first part of my first imagine series here on Tumblr. I might do a second part if I get some motivation such as how many notes this will get. Also if I do make a second part it might take a while since I get a massive writer’s block most of the time. To any one who read this, I hope you liked it.


“Ello! It’s me, I’m back again with Jack who many of you request to see because look at that face!” I tease before reaching over and squeezing his cheeks.

“So today we are gonna have Jack here pick my outfit and makeup look for tonight. We are going to be going to dinner for his birthday and he seems to think it’d be funny to dress me up.” I laugh and he nods.

“I’m actually not gonna sabotage her. I wanna show everyone that I have a fashion sense.” He smiles and I shake my head.

“I’m scared. I’m a single female who needs to look good when she goes out. Please don’t make me ugly.”

“Guys of course she thinks I could make her ugly.” He grabs my face and kisses my cheek. “Aww as if I could make something ugly that’s already ugly.” He jokes and I slap him on his arm before frowning.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” He apologizes and I remain silent.

That’s Jack and I. We play around but for me it’s different. I wish he didn’t go so far, but he apparently means no harm. Sadly I like him a lot more than just friends so for me the little jokes and jabs are really hard.

“Guys I made her look good!” Jack shouts at my camera and I look in the mirror while cringing.

“Dude I look like your tinder dates.” I whine as I see the outfit. He put me in a skin tight skirt and tight top with heels.

“I don’t like this at all.” I admit but what makes it better is that he shrugs only to turn to my camera and smile even more.

“You’ll see more of what happens later on but im gonna do my hair and makeup and then get fucked up so I don’t have to remember that I’m dressed like this.” I explain before turning off all of my camera gear.

“Can you go so I can actually do my hair and makeup. I’ll see you at the party.”

I’m gonna regret this.

Oh boy did I not regret it when I was drunk, but in the morning I did.

The night started out okay and I was happy until I saw Jack with a girl on his arm. I realized that him and I weren’t going to be a thing when I saw him making out with that girl who was not me. After some liquid courage I also decided to get with someone and maybe I went further than Jack did because I woke up in someone’s bed who I never met before last night.

It got worse when I didn’t have my keys and had to actually knock on the door to my flat and face my friends and Jack himself.

“Oh this is really funny.” Josh laughs and I push past him.

“It is.” Conor adds and I walk into my safe space so I can try and avoid seeing Jack.

“You went home with that guy didn’t you?” I see him sitting there on the edge of my bed and I drop my heels down before letting my bag follow.

“What are you doing here?” I whisper and he holds up his camera.

“You did a Q and A one time on my camera cause yours was dead. I saw the footage. You admitted to liking me and then mentioned how you’d edit it out later and you did, but I never got over what you said. I wanted you at my party for my birthday because I love you, but you left with some random guy and I guess I didn’t expect it. You’re not the type to sleep with a random guy but you did and that’s why I’m here acting pathetic.” He stands up and goes to walk out but I immediately wrap my arms around his neck and stand on my tippy toes. My hands go up to his hair and I grip onto it while I bury my head in his shoulder.

“Don’t walk away.” I whisper. “I don’t want to lose you because I acted out of jealously.” I beg before pulling my face from his shoulder and looking him in the eyes.

“I love you too. I really do and I’m sorry, but please don’t walk away.”

“I won’t.” He nods before pulling my closer to him.

“Wow so are we gonna be watching this all the time now?” My door opens and I turn to see Josh and Conor smiling.

“Finally they get to together after what… two years of waiting?”

“Yeah and now you’re ruining the romance so go!” I shout like an angry toddler and Jack laughs. “Like really go we didn’t even kiss yet and you ruined the romance.” I add and Conor backs away slowly before shutting the door.

“You wanted to kiss?” Jack asks and I try to stop from blushing. “Cause so did I.” He slowly leans down to me and kisses my cheek.

“But you’re hungover and I still didn’t take you on a proper date, so I’ll kiss you then.”

“Jack you’re gonna pay for that.” I whine but he just smiles.

“I’ll be happy to, but for now I have a video to make so when you’re done being upset come and join me.”

“That seriously just happened.”

It Doesn't Matter

Please do a jack and Conor Maynard one where the two of them get into a fight, and jack accidentally hits Conor (not enough to hurt him really) but they stop fighting and jack goes into shock. He then like runs off and Conor goes after him and finds jack crying. He comforts him and says like it doesn’t matter, you’re my brother and stuff like that? Sorry if this isn’t very clear! :)

‘God you’re so annoying sometimes!” Jack shouted.
“You think you have it tough? I have to deal with you 24/7” Conor replied.
“You seriously think you’re so much better than everyone else don’t you just because you can sing?!” The youngest screamed.
“Is THIS what it’s about? You’re jealous of me?”
“Jealous? Why would I EVER be jealous of you? Jesus Conor you’re such a prick sometimes!”
“Oh you know what Jack, GROW UP! Maybe we can talk this out when you aren’t throwing a tantrum like a stroppy toddler!”
This was enough for Jack to see red and he suddenly flipped. He shoved Conor into the wall and started kneeing him. Conor pushed back and they both ended up on the floor. Before anyone knew what was happening, Jack punched Conor in the face. It wasn’t hard enough to really hurt, but the shock was enough for silence to fall upon the room. Conor looked up, wide eyed, only just registering what happened. Jack had gone pale, no colour in his face and his raised hand was shaking.
“Jack?” Conor said, trying to break the silence.
“I- I’m- I have to go” Jack whispered, voice breaking. Jack leapt up and sprinted out the house before Conor could stop him.
“Shit” The eldest brother mumbled, scrambling up himself.

Conor wasn’t sure where Jack had gone, but he had a good idea. It was mid November and it was really cold outside, so Conor grabbed an extra coat for his little brother. Whenever Jack got stressed out or needed time alone, he always went to the park. Conor had found him there many times, the youngest often needing comforting. Conor walked to the bench and saw his little brother sat there, knees tucked up to his chest. He sat next to Jack and turned to face him.
“You ok?”
No reply.
Still nothing.
“I hit you” he whispered, so quietly, Conor only just heard.
“I know, but it’s alright, it was just a-“
“No! I HIT you!” Jack said, louder this time.
“What is ok about that? I hurt you. I NEVER wanted to hurt you. I know I was angry, but how could I physically hit you?”
“It’s fine Jack, it didn’t hurt”
“That’s not the point Conor. I could have done. I get so angry sometimes and I just lose control. Imagine if I had hurt you. Imagine if it had been worse” he whispered, a tear slipping down his cheek.
“I shouldn’t have encouraged it. It’s just as much my fault as it is yours”
“But you didn’t hit me. You would never hit me. And I hurt you”
“It doesn’t matter Jack! You’re my little brother and I still love you! So what if you got a little too involved and lashed out, you didn’t mean to. I know you would never do that on purpose so that’s all that matters”
“You’re not cross?” Jack whimpered, wide eyes shining with tears. Conor’s heart melted at the sight.
“Never Jack, nothing you do will ever make me love you less, ok?”
“Ok” he replied softly. Conor pulled Jack into a hug, and held his little brother. Conor noticed that Jack was shivering and pulled out the spare coat.
“Here you are, wear this. You’re shivering. Not very clever is it? Going out mid November with no coat on?” Conor said, chuckling slightly.
“Thank you Con, I mean it”
“Always, I’ll always help you, yeah?”
“Yeah. I promise I’ll never hit you again. Ever. I love you”
“I love you too Jack”
No fight was enough to break the bond of the Maynard brothers. Conor always had his brothers back, always.

Hidden Talent

Could you do one about jack singing and he’s really good and then Conor finds him singing and jack gets embarrassed


Conor was always the singer in the family. Although Anna had a good voice, Conor’s was amazing. That’s why he was famous and was successful in his career. From a young age, Conor was known as ‘the boy who was going to be a star’. And he did. Now everyone knew that although the singing talent was passed through the siblings, Jack didn’t possess it. In many videos he had proved that he just didn’t have the talent. He had musicality, he was an amazing DJ, but not voice wise.

That is why Conor was so surprised when he heard a voice singing as he walked into the flat. He knew Josh wasn’t home and neither were any of his friends. The only person it could be was his little brother. And that didn’t sound like him. This person was good, like really good. So Conor assumed Jack must have had a friend round. He crept into the flat, trying to be as quiet as possible so he didn’t disturb the voice. It got louder as he walked towards Jacks room. What he saw as he entered shocked him. He stood at the door frame and watched as his little brother sang. Jack was just sat on his phone, probably texting someone, but he was singing at the same time. Conor coughed and watched Jack jump out of his skin.
“Jesus! Con! What you trying to do? Give me a heat attack?!”
“Sorry” Conor laughed as he walked in the room.
“How-how long were you there?” Jack mumbled, his face turning red.
“I heard mate”
“Oh my god, how embarrassing” Jack groaned, pulling a pillow over his face.
“Embarrassing? Jack, you’re amazing! Like insanely good! Why didn’t you tell me? And how did you keep it hidden for so long?” Conor blurted out.
“I’m not that bad, but I don’t want anyone to know. I always sing when no one is home and whenever we film I just sing badly”
“But Jack! It’s a waste of talent! You could make money on this!” Conor gushed, feeling excited.
“No. No. That is precisely why I didn’t want you to know. I don’t want to be famous for singing Con, that’s your job. I want to make music, not sing it. I’m good at Djing, and I love it”
“I get that Jack, but this could help you. It would help you get noticed”
“No thanks Con, that’s not for me. That’s you. You’re the singer”
“But that was before I knew you could sing!”
“I get you’re trying to help, but I just don’t want to sing. Thank you though, for believing in me”
“Of course Jack. Although I want one thing in return for my silence”
“Anything” Jack said eagerly.
“You sing backup on my new track”


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I tended to sleep in bed and not get out of it. I would sit and not get up. I would occasionally walk to the kitchen or to the bathroom but that was it. I didn’t do much. They all became worried for me, but I assured them I was just not feeling well. I definitely wasn’t feeling well, but it wasn’t just a cold. It was my heart and there isn’t really anyway to fix the type of pain I was in. I was going to have to sit and watch him with her for the rest of their relationship. It hurts and I expected that, I just didn’t expect this. I didn’t expect to care this much.

Turns out I care too much.

“She isn’t getting out of bed. I mean she just sits there all the time. I haven’t seen her eat in like a week.”

“She hasn’t uploaded a video either.”

"Well I don’t want to make her angry, but she’s only hurting herself.”

"So we just let her lie in bed and ignore us? She hasn’t spoken to anyone either. She hasn’t even texted anyone or been on snapchat. She lost her streaks with everyone and just stares at the wall or ceiling. Not even music is playing.”

All of their comments are true. Conor, Josh, and Jack are all stating true things, but I just need time. Jack does have his girlfriend living with us now and I don’t want to witness it. I don’t want to see him with her. It sounds childish, but I’ve known him and Conor for fifteen years. They’re my best friends. Well Jack is more than that, but nobody else knows that. In fact I think Jack himself forgot we had something. We did sneak into each other’s rooms and sleep in the same bed for about a year. We even kissed one time, but it didn’t mean much because he started dating Piper soon after. I tried to act okay, but then this happened.

She moved in.

I started avoiding them at all costs, but every turn I made she was there and I couldnt escape the heartache. That heartache turned to heartbreak very quickly and that’s why I’m lying in bed like a dead fish.

"Y/N, we’re going to lunch, do you want to come?” I hear Conor’s voice but I don’t answer. He ends up walking to the side of my be, but I remain still and continue to look at the wall.

"I know you don’t want to die because you’re afraid of dying. You’ve been afraid since we were younger. So I don’t think I have to worry about you hurting yourself, but part of me is scared. You haven’t even spoken to anyone in five days. You haven’t uploaded or posted anything. Even Piper is worried for you.” He admits and I almost cringe at her name, but I remain stone faced at what he has to say.

"Just know that we all love you and want you to let us help you if you need help.” He leaves me after that comment and I don’t move until later on in the day when someone else walks into my room.

"Get up now. Stop this I can’t watch you lie here like a dead body. I cannot watch you do this to yourself.”


"Seriously stop. I don’t care what you want, you need to get up.” He pulls the covers off of me but I still don’t react. I just continue to lie in my bed. The bed we used to sleep in next to each other some nights.

"Y/N I don’t know what to do. You’re hurting yourself and I need to know why. If you don’t get up I’m going to do it myself. I won’t hesitate to put you in a cold shower and shake you out of this trance your in.”

"Jack stop she doesn’t want to talk.” Josh stops him from pulling me out of my bed.

"Is nobody else noticing her behavior. She’s trying to kill herself. I’m not stupid and neither is she. She’s slowly trying to kill herself by not eating of getting out of bed.”

"She’s just upset Jack. We have to getup early, just come to bed.” Piper comes into my room and Jack just stares at her blankly.

"I’ll be there as soon as Y/N has gotten up and eaten something or at least taken a shower.”

"Okay look I’m not into this game anymore either. Get up.” Conor turns the light on and I realize they’re staging an intervention.

For moi.


Well I’m not really at the best point in my life, but I don’t need an intervention. I have in fact eaten, I have taken a shower, and I have moved around slightly.

“Come on sweets.” Jack picks me up and for a second I feel like things are back to normal. Like we are still the duo that did everything together and who were inseparable. I wrap my legs around his waist and I press my face into his shoulder.

"See isn’t that better? Your room is only so interesting.” He jokes, but I don’t really respond.

"Everyone can just go to bed. Y/N and I are just going to talk for a little while.” He ends up walking to the balcony and placing my down on the swing. I cross my legs and I look up at the sky. It’s beautiful.

"What’s going on? I don’t want to have my brother telling me that our childhood friend is depressed and suicidal.”

"I’m not depressed or suicidal. I just wanted to be left alone. I’m upset about certain things and I need time to heal. This is how I heal.”

"What has you so hurt?”

"Everything. You know I have issues, you watched them first hand for years. Turns out I still have those issues and I still can’t do very much without panicking. I thought it was over, but I was wrong. I still panic all the time.”


"At night when I have all the time in the world to think.”

“And I can’t help you like I used to because Piper.” He puts the pieces together and I look back at the sky. We sit in silence for the rest of the time he’s outside before he leaves me to stare at the stars by myself.

“Take it.” I turn and see Jack holding a cup of tea. I accept it before looking back away from him. Somehow the sky is more beautiful tonight then it ever has been to me.

“She’s really nice if you got to know her. She just doesn’t know anyone yet, so she’s acting a bit odd.”

“Jack no offense, but I rather not hear about her. She’s your girlfriend not mine.”

“She’s my girlfriend Y/N. That’s exactly what she is and I know I used to be there for you more and it seems like I’m not, but I am. I just have another person in my life to be there for.”

“Then be there for her right now. You have a big morning like she said. I rather not be the cause of anyone’s pain or misfortune, so go to bed. I’ll be fine. I always end up okay one way or another. This time I just simply need more time.”

“I’m sorry Y/N. I’m sorry that I can’t be there for right now because I need to be there for her.” He stands up and I look over at him.

“It just shows me your priorities.” I shrug and he turns back to me with a pained expression.

“Don’t make this harder for me Y/N.”

“The reason it’s hard is because you know it’s wrong.” I explain and his eyes dart from me to the light coming from his bedroom.

“I’m sorry.”


“Did you help her or just make her hurt even more?” Josh asks Jack as I continue to sip my tea on the balcony. I ended up staying out here last night and it felt more wonderful than anything I’ve ever felt. I felt supported by the brisk air and the occasional twinkle in the sky. I did make myself a new cup of tea before sunrise, but they don’t know that.

“She’s out of bed isn’t she? She’s awake and talking. I did what I could. I just realized I can’t help her without hurting somebody else.”

“But you’ve known her for 15 years and you’ve known Piper for eight months.”

“I care about Piper.”

“Yeah and you also loved Y/N but obviously you don’t care anymore unless you’re feeling guilty.”

“Josh you can go try to help her. I can’t.” Jack shouts back and I actually jump slightly. I turn my head towards them and they both notice that I’ve moved and am paying attention to them from this side of the sliding door.

“Don’t bother Jack.” I shout back so he can hear me fully. “Do not bother trying to help me because those days are gone. You have someone else you care for. Just don’t come to me when you’re hurting because I’ll have someone else I’m caring for and that person is myself.”


I ended up caring for myself and avoided Jack for about a week before I found myself in Conor’s bed venting to him.

“I’m sorry about Jack. He’s been a dick.” He mumbles and I shrug slightly.

“It’s not your fault. You don’t have to be sorry about him. What he does is on him, he’s 21, he can be accountable for his own actions.” I sit up straight and lean against his pillows before looking over at a picture of us from not even a year ago.

“You know he kissed me that day right?” I speak up and Conor raises an eyebrow.

“That picture of us was the day he kissed me. He came into my room like he had been doing so he could check on me and he kissed me. It wasn’t some small kiss either. It was real and then two days after he’s on dates with Piper. He kissed me and then started dating her. I mean I cried for a week and then acted like I was fine. I was fine until he brought her here. She’s living with us Conor and I no longer have my best friend. At least I still had him there for me when she wasn’t living here.”

“He told me he was going to kiss you that day. I was confused but turns out you’re even more confused.”

“I’m still confused. Then he goes to the balcony with me the other day and tells me he wants to be there for me, but he also has to be there for Piper. I was just pissed because you don’t have the right to come help me only to make me feel guilty for needing help from the person I’ve called my best friend for over ten years.

“He hasn’t payed much attention to anyone recently.”

“But I love him.”

“I can honestly say I love him, but I can also say that I hate him right now. He loves her and I hate him for that. I hate that he can love her when I love him more than she could ever love him.” I add.

“You’ve loved him since we were little Y/N. But you guys are twenty one and he still hasn’t admitted to having any feelings for you. I mean he practically shoves his relationship with Piper down your throat. It’s time to let him realize what he’s missing.”

“Well how do I do that? It’s not like I can go out and date someone because I still love him.”

“You can always just have a one night stand. No strings attached type thing. Just gave some fun. Maybe you’ll be able to get him off your mind.”

“Conor if I do that I’m gonna seem like a whore.”

“No that’s not true. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen Jack do that a million times and he’s not a whore. You can do it if you want. Who cares what people think.”


“I cannot believe I’m doing this.” I mumble against this guys lips as his hands wrap around my waist.

“We don’t have to.” He pulls away.

“I never said I didn’t want to, but Daniel we cant be anything more than this. Just sex.”

“Never thought you’d say that.” He jokes and I roll my eyes.

“Well I didn’t either, but I need a little fun and last time I checked you’re always down for some fun.”


Jack’s POV

“Who is the guy she was with yesterday.” I ask Conor while pointing to Y/N’s door.

“Nobody Jack. It’s none of your business.” He continues to look down at his laptop and I start to get frustrated.

“Yes it is.”

“It actually isn’t. You already have a girlfriend. Y/N is allowed to see whoever she wants.”

“No she can’t be seeing him. Not when I love her.” I shout and his head snaps up.

“Oh fuck.” He mumbles and I slowly realize exactly what I’ve said.

“You love her? But you’re dating me Jack.” Piper joins into the conversation and I start to process everything that just happened and what exactly I’m going to do.

“I’m sorry Piper. I am dating you and I do care about you. You mean a lot to me and I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” I turn to her and she for some reason has a smug look on her face.

“But you love her? You love the basket case?” She starts to laugh slightly in disbelief.

“Yeah I do, but she’s not a basket case. She’s my best friend and I’m sorry, but I obviously have feelings for someone else.”

“Fine. It’s not like you’re irreplaceable.” She storms off and Conor starts to laugh.

“Well she’s a bitch, but you fucked up. You loved Y/N all along meanwhile you dated Piper who doesn’t give two shits about you or the relationship. Now you’re single while Y/N has a fuck buddy.”

“I’m not getting her back anytime soon am I?” I ask and he shakes his head while still laughing.

“God I love her, but right now I can’t hate anyone more.”


So I hope you liked this. I want to do a Part 2 of this but I’m not completely sure about it. Let me know.