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[Interview] ‘Ain’t Them Bodies Saints’ Director David Lowery
  • The Film Stage: One shot that stood out to me in particular, one that tells you everything need to know about Rooney Mara and her daughter, was the shot where she was walking down the street. Was that something that was in the script?
  • David Lowery: It was kind of in the script. We just said they walked home from church. The great thing with Rooney is that she is so wonderful with children and they instantly [got along], from the day they came in. They’d done a couple of auditions and they came to meet her. Just instantly they all just gravitated towards her and attached themselves to her and just wanted to be around her. So basically, whenever she is in a scene with them it’s more case not me directing but her just interacting. I was like “We’re just going to follow you for a while and just walk home and dialogue, talk about whatever.” That point in the movie the spirit is a little lighter. It was a good moment to capture the dynamic between the two of them and it really was that’s just how they were acting all day long.