jacklyn moriarty

Books I checked out/read during break. FINALLY got to read for pleasure. You don’t even understand how happy I was to stumble upon some of these books (for example, one of my favorites in this pile was Mark Haddon's The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time and I just picked it out among all the books because the pink and white binding stuck out to me).

The library is a wonderful, magical place and I like it very much.

Jonathan Tropper’s This Is Where I Leave You is a stunning novel. I read it imagining certain actors and actresses for almost every part (except Paul, never managed to decide who would best fit the role), and midway through the book, I decided to flip to the back to learn more about the author of this wondrous piece of work and found out that he is working with Warner Brothers to adapt the novel into a movie!!! Jennifer Aniston would be perfectttttttttt PERFECT perfecto for the riole of Jenn. I know, I know, so not creative with the name and the sudden actress fit, but I’m serious.
But yes, it’s beautiful and hopefully the film doesn’t disappoint.
Jacklyn Moriarty still, for now, claims the spot of my second-favorite author, and in fact, she may be inching up on Nick Hornby, my favorite. Read her Feeling Sorry for Celia and The Ghosts of Ashbury High (which kinda sorta sometimes freaked me out a little but it wasn’t as freaky/creepy as Steven Halls’ The Raw Shark Texts.)

The bookworm inside me was very thankful for this break.


book meme - favourite book (1/3): Dreaming of Amelia by Jacklyn Moriarty

My first look at her was her name.
It was inky dark blue. On a note they’d left stuck to my backpack.
“Amerlia, eh?” said I.

There’s a lot you can do with a name like Amelia.
You can step right into that name, is what I mean, and walk around. Swim with it or spill it on your shirt. Whisper it over like a sad, soft ache, or bark it out alound like a mad, manic message: camellia, come heee-re, a-million, ah murder you, ye-eah.
You can peel it off your backpack, fold it up safe, walk right past that second red door, or you can not.