#3 Favorite TLAT Ship: Donna Shacklebolt & Jack Lathe

Nickname(s): Shacklebojack, Jacklebolt

Typical Reaction:

Best Quotes:

“Yeah,” sighed the auror; “she was really only there during the trial, y'know? She got off, in the end. The problem…” He leaned closer, and so too did Icarus, “was just a lack of evidence. I mean, they figured he was dead, right, but all they could ever find of him was… well…” He trailed off meaningfully, taking another drink of his firewhiskey. Frop, however, did not catch the meaning.

“All they ever found was… what?”

Lathe arched his eyebrows significantly. Icarus caught on and almost literally jumped back.

“Oh my Merlin!”


Lathe picked up his glass and raised it to her, and Donna nodded. Then, he returned to his table, and Sirius returned from taking an order. He looked at Donna, eyebrows arched, as did both Remus and Peter.


Sirius grinned. “You like him.”

What?” Donna put down the bottle of firewhiskey. “I do not.”

“She does,” agreed Remus, awestruck. “This is weird. Am I dreaming?”

“Does Donna Shacklebolt fancy a bloke?” asked Sirius incredulously. “I feel like we should inform The Daily Prophet.”

“They wouldn’t believe it,” argued Peter. “I’m not even sure I believe it.”

“Fuck off, all of you,” snapped Donna.

“Bloody hell,” muttered Sirius, shaking his head. “I can’t believe it. Donna Shacklebolt has grown a heart.”

“You shut your mouth, Sirius Black.”

(Note from Liberty: I know the casting here is typically Antonia and Garrett, but Dana Davis is literally the perfect Donna in my head.)