Bennefrost comic. I wanted to doodle today, so I doodled up some pages and then colour splashed them.  Kind of continuation of this:
older!Sophie meets Jack

I’m thinking of continuing this if I feel like it/if others want more. Jamie also didn’t eat any of the fries ‘cause he says it’s bad for his figure skater physique hahahha.

“Forget it. There’s no way you’re taking Jamie’s heart!”

Kingdom Hearts AU where Jack is Sora and Jamie is Kairi. Yarra mentioned it the other day and I’ve been obsessing with the idea since.

The top of his keyblade is supposed to look like the crook of his normal verse staff.

I have a feeling I’ll be drawing more of this AU.


“You’re not coming again? Jack! It’s been four months!”

“I know, i know. But I messed up North’s workshop, and he said I have to help him because Christmas is close!”

“Really now Jack?!”

Bennefrost week day 4: Long Distance
In which North’s workshop has a telephone and Jack and Jamie is in a (long distance) relationship.

Yep yep it’s late don’t kill me


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((Just stopping by to send you some love. I could stare at your artwork all day. It’s all gorgeous!))

Thanks to you two lovelies! Here’s a sketch for you guys. :)

I apologize for my sudden absence and no update for Sunshine in a Bag. The middle of this week had taken a turn into being something emotionally wrecking for me that I couldn’t draw or post things. I’m aiming for an update for next week. Thanks everyone, though.

Perhaps I shall presume my hiding now. (Keepthekay, I shall answer you soon! + others who have left messages.)

OKAY SO since i stalk the Bennefrost tag like a hawk, ive come to notice the Artist and Muse AU and read the fanfiction so far from tumblr- user isaaclaheyfeels and im so intrigued!! Its so cute and interesting so far i cant wait and decided to doodle super-hero jack although in the story he is noted to have a visor like thing, i couldn't resist to give him goggles. I hope you guys like it! QuQ




:((asdfghjkl your art is so cute, I actually feel like I’m going to vomit kittens and rainbows))

Anonymous asked frosted-cocoa:I absolutely adore the way you draw noses and the chin and the ears and the eyes and the mouth and the hair is so cute too and the neck hng and the blush is so cute. And then I try to do it and it’s so different and I just can’t help but wonder how you make it so fantastic.

“Don’t forget, okay?”

Thank you to the both of you and everyone :)
Anon, here’s some more noses, chins, ears, eyes (not really), mouths, hair and necks for you. :)

Omg okay so I was just doodling and I drew this and I realized how much I want like an elementary au where they’re like cutsie little boyfriends and they just hold hands and make sure bullies don’t mess with the other. And they always sit together at lunch and play games during recess. And I just think that would be really really cute. Does anyone else think so??? Probably not ahaha