OKAY SO since i stalk the Bennefrost tag like a hawk, ive come to notice the Artist and Muse AU and read the fanfiction so far from tumblr- user isaaclaheyfeels and im so intrigued!! Its so cute and interesting so far i cant wait and decided to doodle super-hero jack although in the story he is noted to have a visor like thing, i couldn't resist to give him goggles. I hope you guys like it! QuQ

“Forget it. There’s no way you’re taking Jamie’s heart!”

Kingdom Hearts AU where Jack is Sora and Jamie is Kairi. Yarra mentioned it the other day and I’ve been obsessing with the idea since.

The top of his keyblade is supposed to look like the crook of his normal verse staff.

I have a feeling I’ll be drawing more of this AU.

“It’s always so cold around you, Jamie, what the Hell” “I carry winter on my head what did you expect” “Pffft, yeah right you’re soooo funny” Yes, Jamie. You’re such the comedian. When you tell Jamie that the new X Files are better than the old he stares at you with those big bespectacled eyes of his until you start feeling guilty. Because he’s a big ugly nerd. If arms don’t work like that I don’t want to know. Better call agent Mulder and get him on the case.

1980s!Jack and Jamie AU. I was rewatching The Breakfast Club (1985) and listening to some 80s music tonight. 



can i just say im far from being a bennefrost shipper unless its your au which im in love with and your art makes me all warm and happy inside



Just a friendly reminder you are a extraordinary person with a fantastic blog. I stalk you blog on many occasions and you have phenomenal drawing skills! :)

Thank you both, here’s a drawing. Haha, snow-days-with-jack, you had me there for a moment. I was like AM I IN TROU-oh wait!.Slowly getting through everyone and their comments. <3 

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Fic: Neverland (Jack Frost/Older!Jamie, NC17)

Title: Neverland

Fandom: Rise of the Guardians

Pairing: Jack Frost/Older!Jamie

Warnings: None

Original prompt:

“So I suddenly got a craving for some fic where older Jamie grew up, and while he did still believe he kept quiet about it… Then one day, for whatever reason, while Jack is in the room, Jamie starts talking. To a mirror, to thin air, whatever. And the entirety of the conversation is vague but really emotionally charged (kind of like someone practicing a confession for a crush), and until it turns into being about how he knows he was supposed to grow up and all, but he can’t because of reasons and those reasons are he has been crushing on Jack for years. Like, his whole life even.”

Yeah, I was write about how the last fic wouldn’t be my only one for this fandom. Because it is a perfect fandom.


“You’re not coming again? Jack! It’s been four months!”

“I know, i know. But I messed up North’s workshop, and he said I have to help him because Christmas is close!”

“Really now Jack?!”

Bennefrost week day 4: Long Distance
In which North’s workshop has a telephone and Jack and Jamie is in a (long distance) relationship.

Yep yep it’s late don’t kill me