Taking Things Too Far

Pairings: None but if you want you can view the ending as the start of AH OT6

Summary: What starts as harmless ends up hurting both sides of the situation in ways that are hard to come back from.

AN: So I was in a chatzy(I cannot remember if it was Chu’s or Davie’s >_>) But we got on the topic about the ah guys eating habits in the rt hybrid au and Davie gave the idea of this. Sooo yeahhhh all aboard the angst train (i hope i made it angsty anyway xD).

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Don't Joke Like That!

Pairing: AH OT6
Word Count: 3324

“AH OT6- Everyone is in the relationship but Michael. They’re trying so hard to get him to join, but he honestly thinks that the entire thing is a joke. Eventually they convince him that the five of them are actually together and get him to join them, but he gets really embarrassed about thinking their relationship was a joke. ~Davieboi from JackinthatPattillo”

Notes: this was an excellent prompt



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Raywood 1 Raywood 2


Soulmates by talkingfishsandwich

Summary: Ray wasn’t sure what really happened when you meet your soulmate until it happened to him.

WC: 556

BM What? by Donvex

Summary: He was young. Well, younger. He could justify it through that. After all, if he had known that one day he was going to be working at Rooster Teeth, let alone amongst one of the more popular community members, he would have never made his gamertag stand for Brownman.

WC: 2,677

With Love, PathiePie

The Lives of the Fake AH Crew

Summary: One of the most feared gangs in all of Achievement City is the Fake AH Crew. No one is sure how they came together to become the most fearsome gang in the City, but many have came up with theories. Here you will learn about how each member came to join this Crew and a look into the many adventures they have had together.

Total Word Count: 15,748

Pairings: Jackoff (Jack/Geoff), Myan (Michael/Ryan), Rayvin (Ray/Gavin), Kerry/Caleb

Master List

Reuniting of Old Friends

A Fortunate Accident

Controlling the Animal Within

Up in the Sniper’s Nest

Meeting the Mad King

Needing a Savior

Thief in the Streets

A Night Out

Through a Camera’s Eyes

Don’t Touch What’s Mine

Who is Russel King

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone

The Wrath of Mogar

Author’s Notes: Here it is! My submission for the ragehappy big bang 2014. I had a blast writing this and I’m happy to have had Davie doing the art for me. You guys will like it I promise! I still had some one shots I wanted to do so this AU will be ongoing. I’ll make additions to his master list as I go and I hope you all like it!

Let Out a Little Steam

prompt: ah ot6 Jack walks out on them because some of them are drunk while they were supposed to be doing things together and he’s pissed.
702 words
AN: More Jack centric fics are needed so this was a great prompt! I guess it’s more angsty than anything? I’m horribly tired.. this is probably a very horrible fic; sorry about that. Enjoy!

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Family Bonds, Healing Hands, and a Dragon
Author: http://caffeineassassin.tumblr.com Recipient: http://jackinthatpattillo.tumblr.com Summary:Jack and Caleb are traveling Clerics. What happens when they meet Geoff’s group of warriors? Pairings: Team OG (Jack/Geoff), Kleb (Kdin/Caleb) and if you squint really really really hard some Jermatt and Raychel Warnings: Some swearing, character death(kinda?) WordCount:6325 words

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Got a couple of drawing prompt while playing CaH on pretnd your xyzzy with some amazing AH OT6 writers. I promise I’m working on the other prompt but this gave me cavities while thinking about it…. I have other ideas to go with it but weeping over the lack of time I have *saddness*

Prompt: Draw anyone dealing with computer problems and someone giving them a kiss on the forehead. 

Heh… Ryan seemed logical seeing as he’s the Steam guy XD. And I have a sweet tooth for R&R… I promise I’ll try continuing this when I’m not so… *weeps at myself* 

anonymous asked:

Hey I was wondering if I could get some Ryan being protective of Gavin? Whether it's freewood or not, really any pairing is rad! Thanks so much! I love your blog!


Late by jackinthatpattillo

Summary: Gavin was ready at 5pm. His phone was dead, he didn’t have his charger, but it was fine because he’d managed to get a warning out to the boys before it died.

WC: 879

T: Illness/Trauma

Amends by tiikeria

Summary: Big brothers always have to look after their little brothers, right?

WC: 1,339

T: Illness/Trauma

Crowd Control by tiikeria

Summary: It seemed like a running theme in his life the last few months, that every person he tried to hide his illness from, they inevitably found out in the worst possible way.

WC: 1,958

T: Illness/Trauma

Care For Me? by tiikeria

Summary: Ryan agrees to give Gavin a ride home since they are busy at work. Whilst working, Gavin has a seizure, and Ryan has no clue what to do.

WC: 1,452

T: Illness/Trauma

Love you too, anon!

Let's be Monsters Together

Word Count: 2,179

Warnings: Blood, potions, child abandonment, child tattoos??, cheese

Pairing: Jackoff, slight Freewood

A/N: For Davie who I don’t talk to as much ;.; sorry and the other people who’ve been waiting for my stories T.T I’ve been so busy with school projects.

Key words: Potion, Body, What if

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BEFORE reading this you should definitely read this (general point of view) and this (ryan’s point of view) by jackinthatpattillo (they’re totally awesome).

EDIT: So there’s one more story by me, one by dregs and one by jackinthatpattillo.

I apologize for being rusty as dicks in the writing department, holy shit, but i needed to get rid of the emotions i got from those two. I fucking cried, okay?

Also two small stories (i dont think they count as drabbles) under the cut because, as i said, im rusty and couldn’t figure out how to make it into one big story. Also because most of this story was thought of while i was tired and ive forgotten most of it.

Pairing: ah ot6

Warnings: death, i guess there’s a sentence that can be taken as insomnia but really i dont know at this point

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My Own Mask [a Mask series FST] | inspired by My Own Mask by jackinthatpattillo

So Close -Jon McLaughin | Things We Lost in the Fire - Bastille | Dog Bite - Dead Kennedys | What Sarah Said - Death Cab for Cutie | Buried Alive (Tell Tale Heart) - Riot | What the Water Gave Me - Florence + The Machine | Afterlife - Arcade Fire | How to Save a Life - The Fray | 42 - Coldplay | Here Without You - 3 Doors Down | All the Little Lights - Passenger | Vanilla Twilight - Owl City | Hear You Me - Jimmy Eat World