Taking Things Too Far

Pairings: None but if you want you can view the ending as the start of AH OT6

Summary: What starts as harmless ends up hurting both sides of the situation in ways that are hard to come back from.

AN: So I was in a chatzy(I cannot remember if it was Chu’s or Davie’s >_>) But we got on the topic about the ah guys eating habits in the rt hybrid au and Davie gave the idea of this. Sooo yeahhhh all aboard the angst train (i hope i made it angsty anyway xD).

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Don't Joke Like That!

Pairing: AH OT6
Word Count: 3324

“AH OT6- Everyone is in the relationship but Michael. They’re trying so hard to get him to join, but he honestly thinks that the entire thing is a joke. Eventually they convince him that the five of them are actually together and get him to join them, but he gets really embarrassed about thinking their relationship was a joke. ~Davieboi from JackinthatPattillo”

Notes: this was an excellent prompt



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It’s the end of the year and everyone is making follow-forevers so here is mine. bold is for amazing mutuals. italic & boldis for my lovely friends. italics is for network friends

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and to the other blogs i follow, I still love you. You’re a great blogger, you are.

And to my followers I love you and have a Happy 2015!

Gender Dysphoria: mild to severe unhappiness with one’s biological sex or its usual gender role, with the desire for the body and role of the opposite sex.


Body dysmorphic disorder: a mental illness that involves belief that one’s own appearance is unusually defective (worthy of hiding or fixing), while one’s thoughts about it are pervasive and intrusive (at least one hour per day), although the perceived flaw might be nonexistent.If the perceived flaw is actual, it is minor or perception of its significance is severely exaggerated

I have both of these.Pretty severe cases,actually,esspeically concerning the dysmorphia one.I hate my body.There is literally not one good thing i can find about it.I hate my legs,my stomach,my breasts,my vagina,the arms,everything.I hate it.

Because of this,taking showers are a very daunting and difficult task for me.I dread taking showers,dread seeing my body naked.When i first began experiencing symptoms of dysphoria and dysmorphia,showers were the hardest thing in the world for me.I had to take them In the dark,with my eyes shut just to keep from doing something drastic,and I often cried myself to sleep because of this.I would often skip taking showers for this reason.

I needed help. Desperately. I tried everything i could,everything I found online;nothing worked.Nothing,that is,until i was introduced to the Roosterteeth community.

I’d been a huge fan of Roosterteeth since i was 7,but I never really interacted with anyone in the community.Then,i started making fandom accounts on a few different sites,and my life was changed.I’ve met so many awesome people,laugh more,appreciate art and stories more.But more importantly,i can take showers again.

The community provided me with fanfictions and fanarts and headcanons and whatnot.When I took showers,I began to think about those.My body would go on autopoilot while I dreamed up fictional universes and situations for the RT Crew,or imagined them doing the things I saw in fanart,or in headcanons.Before I would know it,my shower had been completed.

I could take showers again.

This was a huge deal for me.While it didn’t completely cure my illnesses, I didnt have to fear the shower anymore.I could shower with the lights on again,without fear of doing something horrible once I saw my body.Again,the  community didn’t cure my illnesses,but this was still a huge,huge deal for me.

And It was all thanks to the RT community. I have a never ending list of people I’m so,so,so thankful for.That list includes,but is not limited to:







And so many more people.

If you write fanfcitions or headcanons or draw dumb fanart for this fandom,and you are not on this list,i still owe you so,so much.Because your words or your art may have helped me through the night without crying.They may have helped me get to sleep.They may have prevented me from doing something horrible to myself.

This is a huge,long,sappy,embarrassing post that i’m probably going to regret making and that I’m super nervous about posting,and i’m sorry for it,but I just felt the need to make it,to show my gratitiude for everyone in the community.You’ve helped me through so much..And while I still have major problems with my body,you’ve fixed this thing for me.For that,i owe you guys so much.

Thank you.From the bottom of my heart,i thank every single content creator in the Roosterteeth fandom from the bottom of my heart.I love you all so,so much.

Thank you.

Hi guys! So I know a majority of you will not know who I am. After all, I am just a tiny RT/AH sideblog (almost to 100 followers though!). You may know me by my main blog (swiftings) as I follow you all under that url. This follow forever is just to show my appreciation for your blogs and helping me find a reason to stay and love this fandom more and more each day. 

I specifically wanted to mention someone in this follow forever and that would be Dee michaelsgavin. She not only gave me this wonderful url, but also we’ve been talking more on twitter and she has been a really good friend and I really appreciate her and her blog. (PS: I sent you that anon yesterday, Dee.) 

Anyway, I want you guys to have a super wonderful 2015. Please be safe and happy for the holidays and let’s hope for another great year of content from Roosterteeth!!

(One more note: You may have already been tagged in my main blog’s follow forever if you follow me back on there.)

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I know this is a lot but I adore all of you <3

Wow! I can’t believe after a year of watching Rooster Teeth and having this blog for 9 months that I actually hit this amount of followers. It’s extraordinary and I love you all, thank you. <3 Picture made by yours truly: me!

I.R.L Best Friends:

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And everyone at:thegamecrashers

This is long than I thought it would be, but once again thank you all. 

And Happy New Year <3 

JackinThatPattillo's 600+ Followers Give Away Post

On another blog so I can keep the notes straight and not lose the post ever. First of; I apologize that this isn’t so grand, I was going to do something a bit bigger but then PCC took all of my extra cash so.


  • 4 people will receive a hand written letter. This letter can contain anything you want. You want long Mavin fic? You want a drawing? You want stupid joke fics? You want a picture of my face? You can have it all. You choose what you want! I reserve the right to decorate the envelope though. I promise to try my best not to cover it in dicks.(Maybe.)
  • That’s kind of it I’m sorry.
  • I mean unless you guys want like an icon or something.


  1. You must be following JackinthatPattillo. I mean, if you’re a ragehappy fan why wouldn’t you be following me? (Probably because I’ll break your heart. I apologize.)
  2. Reblog or like this post. Or both. Those are your two entries. (Pssst: Want an extra entry? Send an ask to this account with the title of your favorite story by me [Or the first one you read]. Because I’m fabulous.)
  3. You’ve got to be okay with giving me your address and a name that I can address the letter too. 
  4. Ends April 23, you’ve got three weeks.
  5. Your ask has to be open and you will have 42 hours to respond before I pick a new winner. (If your ask isn’t open, I’m automatically picking a new winner).

Guide lines are up and can be found here. Good luck, my darlings!