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OK CONCERNING THE WHOLE HEADCANON THING IM WRITING THAT PPL KEEP ASKING ME ABT, i was talking to @chompiee abt a ~love confession~ and then @cryptidsp00n abt the aftermath of said confession concerning them kissing

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This Stanley Cup Playoffs Had Everything
  • Injuries
  • Jake Guentzel Hatty
  • Horny kissing Chris Kunitz
  • Fogged up visors
  • Phil Kessel’s Finger Point
  • Goalie interference that wasn’t goalie interference 
  • Too many Too Many Men penalties
  • “He gave the puck back because he saw me coming and didn’t want to get hit by my big body.”
  • Geno being Nostradamus
  • Flower jackin’ his stick 
  • Flower saying a huge scrum in front of the net was fun.
  • Injuries
  • “It’s not fun. It’s the playoffs.”
  • 37:09
  • Mike Fisher and James Neal colliding into each other
  • Mike Fisher and James Neal colliding into each other and hitting the ice
  • Jake Guentzel tying Rookie Playoff Points
  • Jake Guentzel leading the league in goals
  • Jake Guentzel leading the league in goals even though he didn’t score once during the 7 game series with the Senators
  • Just Jake Geuntzel tbh
  • More injuries 
  • Country singers being the assholes we all already kind of knew they were 
  • Mouthwash jokes
  • Sidney Crosby being too busy taking selfies to accept the Conn Smythe right away
  • Sidney Crosby asking ‘they got some tunes going in there’ while he’s bringing the cup into the locker room like a 45 year old father of 3.
  • “excuse me, excuse me.”
  • “Did you get benched…..yeah….haw haw.”
  • 7-0 Shutout
  • 6-0 Shutout
  • 3 additional shutouts
  • Sid shaking off Boone Jenner when Jenner tried to check him 
  • “Hockey hands, Phil, not football.”
  • Double OT
  • Chis Kunitz being a hero
  • Horny being a hero
  • Hags being a hero
  • Walking On Sunshine 
  • Sully almost getting hit in the face with sticks as the boys celebrated.
  • Sully being a hero
  • Doubting Sully and then wondering, ‘why the hell would anyone ever doubt Sully?’
  • Dumbass penalties
  • Phantom tripping penalties
  • Sid and Jake getting punched in the face but no penalties being called
  • People not understanding how the Conn Smythe works
  • “Sid didn’t even get a goal this series.” HE DID AND IT’S OVER THE WHOLE PLAYOFFS NOT JUS- you know what never mind.
  • Mike Fisher only having 4 points the WHOLE PLAYOFFS 
  • This photo:

  • #DoItForTanger
  • #DoItForDad
  • #DoItForMe
  • Trevor Daley’s kid having a 6 painted on one side and a 7 on the other.
  • Matt Cullen’s kids being savage as always.
  • “Pour some out for the homies.”
  • Dumo wearing two hats.
  • Honry being naked in almost every batting helmet video.
  • Carter Rowney getting the helmet and looking at it like it’s his whole world.
  • Geno pointing his finger at  Phaneuf.
  • Geno inviting Bryz to the ECF.
  • “they think they won an easy game tonight, they think they can win game 7, I say no.”
  • This guy:
  • Sid insisting that they played well in Game 4 of the SCF
  • “Simple bunch of D-Men.”
  • Olli Maatta going on a two game goal streak.
  • Muzz getting emotional talking about Flower
  • Flower’s face when he realized the fans at PPG were chanting his name
  • Jeff Schultz
  • Flower taping over Niskanen’s name 
  • Geno liking that comment on Insta that roasted Ovi.
  • This photo:

  • Tanking Rinne’s save % 
  • Own goals from the Preds
  • “Jesus take the L”
  • “I looked at him and thought, he’s not going out like this.”
  • “I have a better arm than that.”
  • “Hey, I didn’t mean to throw that.”
  • Geno or someone suddenly learning how to photoshop
  • the top leading scorers in the playoffs all being Penguins 
  • Sid smiling before Sheary even scores because he just fucking knows 
  • “Let’s not do that again.”
  • whatever these are 

  • That Preds fan that bought Jake catfish, I hope he’s having a shitty day.
  • Early whistles 
  • Salty fans
  • Me laughing my ass off
  • Horny hugging Geno like this:

what do y’all have against problematic characters do y’all expect rps to thrive with 30 neutral goods just baking pies and feeding the homeless doin the same stale ass skinny love angst plots like fuck

EDIT: you know iont even agree with this shit anymore? when i made this post i was runnin with the wrong crowd & looking for validation from the wrong people and most of my opinions were some kinda fucked up because I was (and still am) in the process of learning how to be less shitty so yeah this post is bullshit and i hate that people use it to excuse some pretty vile shit like pedophilia, abuse, incest, racism, nazism etc. so anyways all y’all jackin off to reylo fic and your hydra death eater nazi bullshit talkin bout some “it’s just fiction” can kindly get the fuck off this post & delete while you’re at it thanks

OK. This is interesting (I think I’m just going to commentate as I go along, instead of doing one absurdly long post.)

The first time Bum addresses Sangwoo is when he’s jackin it.

This just says “..Sangwoo Sangwoo…” with no honorific. It’s a bit unusual to address someone with no honorific at all.

This says “Oh Sangwoo (Sangwoo’s full name, that’s not an “oh” of passion). And “Sangwoo-ya..” 

“-ya” is a suffix that implies a certain amount of friendliness and familiarity. You would usually not call someone this unless you’d known them a little while and you consider each other friends. (This is usually how Bum refers to Sangwoo in his head.) 

John is the name that Jack is the short form of (despite both being one-syllable words). There are a few theories as to why including “Jackin” being the medieval Anglo-Saxon version of the biblical name “John”, The French name “Jaques” being the word for a generic everyman the same way the word “John” is in English and the two getting swapped around interchangeably a lot back in the day, and ye olde Germanic invaders who took over the area calling people named John “Jankin“ as a diminutive nickname due to languages and accents and all that noise that eventually got bastardized down to “Jack”.


*These are NOT my audios. All credits go to the actors who made them. Thank you!

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