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I've been following you since the beginning of the Demon Boyfriends series and I've still yet to be disappointed. I love your style and your imagination. I always look forward to your art. Thank you for continuing to draw

Wow, what is happening, so many nice messages today~
I’m so glad you sticked around! I always feel a little bad that many people follows me for demon boyfriends when I don’t really draw them any more. (Although I thought about it recently when in the episode of svtfoe star, marco and jacky went to this fav boysband concert and I can’t belive they didn’t invite Tom, he’s such a big fun, it was his and marco’s thing, and when “too little too late” started to play I just…anyway, I saw some official art with them recently on one of the creators’ twitter. At least they kind of ship it too)
Actually this series defined the form of this blog. That I mostly draw comics, not actual fanarts. Ah, now I’m sentimental…
Sorry for sidetracking, what I meant to say is that I really appreciate that you stayed with me for so long and I’m glad you still enjoy the content, I hope I’ll never disappoint you and…
bless your heart? (I spent hours in texan!keith tag)