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"Some weather we're having, huh?" The winter spirit chuckled, rubbing the back of her neck shyly. Ok, so maybe she made a blizzard on accident but hey, she was still trying to get used to her new powers.

Tooth fluffed herself up against the chill in the air. A laugh on her lips at the silly little grin on Jackie’s face.
“The most sparkly weather there is.”

Six Mourn The Wicked!

Elphaba looked down at the group of people that had just appeared in her castle. The last time a giant group came to see her; they wanted to kill her. The witch caused a cloud of green smoke and appeared in front of the group. “What is your purpose for intruding in my castle!?” She demanded, already in her Wicked Witch mood.

Jackie's Nightmare

Drops of melting frost fell from the overgrown trees in small dew drops like a child’s tears would. A scream cut through the cold air and shook the snow off the wild branches. Jackie stumbled through the snow unable to fly to the voice that was calling out for help. The shrill terror that emitted from the fearful little girl was enough to disturb the peace of the whole forest, and Jackie of course felt it necessary to help this innocent being return safely to her bed. 

Darkness shrouded the woods as the nightmare ceaselessly closed in on the recently named guardian. The sound of wind hissing was not coming from Nature at all as it was the fearlings dashing from tree to tree making their inhuman cackling noises sound like a brewing storm. 

If the child stayed in the forest any longer she would freeze in the oncoming cold!

Jackie trudged through knee deep paths, panting as she followed the shouts for Mommy, Mommy! I’m Scared! But just as Jackie grew hopeful for the closing distance between her and the little one, the voice cascaded over the fearlings and re-emerged on the other side of the pond behind herself. As she frantically turned to see what had happened, another little voice joined the little girl in her new location.

Without dwelling in confusion any longer, Jackie took off and ran faster this time as she could retrace her steps. When she reached the pond she could see no person standing anywhere near it and the voices had stopped. Her heartbeat quickened as she feared the worst for those kids until another little boy began crying out from the right, Papa! Papa, I had a NIGHTMARE!

Clenching her jaw and tightening her grip around her staff, Jackie cursed the name Pitch Black

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jackiefrosty sees me!~

“It’s like.. looking in a mirror.” The white haired teen mused as he took a small step forward, poking a pale finger to the girl’s nose gently. “A mirror that shows me what I’d look like if I had boobs.


so, I (mun) love apples a lot. I eat a lot of those amazing fruits and let me tell you something, I am EATTING an apple, DRINKING apple juice, and am in heaven.

my homework?


I get to basically write apple porn and connect it to an essay.

Apples. apples everywhere. not even Dave strider could handle these sick apple beats.

so many apples in the fire….

+5 Loons

Harley frowned as the light poured through her apartment window, stirring her awake. Her two hyenas, Bud and Lou, whined as the climbed out of the queen sized bed and went into the kitchen. It was the start of the day and they were hungry after all.

The blond sat up in the bed, stretching and then rubbing the sleep from her eyes. As her feet touched the cold, hardwood ground, the doorbell rang. “I’M COMING!” Harley called, irritated and curious as to who it could be at this hour. The Queen on Crime slipped into a pink, low cut tank top and a pair of white shorts which hung loosely on her hips.

She padded to the door, throwing it open and rubbing her left eye. “What do ya want? Don'tcha know it’s too early in the mornin’ ta be human?”

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Esmeralda’s lips were curved into her usual smirk as she let her hips sway side to side, her slender hand beating against her tambourine, the gentle rattling noise filling the air as she felt Djali jumping playfully to the beat around her bare feet, which were moving to spin her around once more, her dancing becoming more upbeat every time she heard the jungle of someone’s coins dropping to the floor, the empty street becoming a little more crowed due to the attention she brought.


Already dead/inhuman people have been located.

Well, either already dead, not human or in the possession of a death note anyway. Names but no dates. Maybe they’ll be more interesting than the usual people you come across usually, maybe not. Guess it’s up to them to decide. 

“I swear there is nothing more annoying then knowing someone doesn’t have a death date and not knowing why. Alright then. Let’s get this over and done with, shall we? I can’t see why you’re going to die. That means you’re either not human or have a death note. So how about we just skip all the formalities and the obvious and painfully bad lies about your apparent humanity and get straight to the part where you tell me just who and what the hell you are?”


    There’s frost patterning the windows of the castle, creeping over the lead holding the panes of glass in place and making her breath visible in the air. She scratches patterns into the delicate ferns of ice with her fingernail nd it curls up in short strips before melting upon her fingertip. When she’s done, there’s a merry little hunt taking place upon the window, all in stick-figures– complete with rabbits and a hunter with a head of curls. She’s never really been much of an artist, but she smiles in satisfaction all the same.

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Ship meme thingy-majig for Rainbow Snowcone?

Send me a ღ and I’ll fill this out about a ship

Who’s the first to wake up in the morning:
Tooth. Always the hummingbird.
Who’s the one to make breakfast:
Jack tries, but ends up needing help he is so bad at cooking.
Who’s the one to serve the other breakfast in bed:
After getting assistance with the cooking, jack makes her go back to bed so he can bring it to her.
Who would suggest a quickie in the morning before work:
Jack. Depending on 
Who suggests they both ditch work to lay around all day:
Jack. Tooth protests a lot, but he half the time wins.
Who chooses the movies:
Jack suggests a few and Tooth chooses from his suggestions.
Who initiates kissing during the moving, thus distracting the other from the movie all together:
Jack starts some cute little pecks enough for cute giggles
Who orders lunch:
Tooth would make it for them. Or the mini fairies would.
Who steals food from the other’s plate without asking:
Jack would. He totally would. But still feed it to her half the time.
Who curls up next to the other and falls asleep due to a full tummy:
Who distracts the other from trying to work at home:
Who asks to go get ice cream like a five year old:
Jaaack, yeah he totally would.
Who takes pictures of their partner eating ice cream:
Who makes a sexual joke about the dripping ice cream on their partner’s face:
Jack. Makes her blush like crazy.
Who cooks dinner:
Tooth or her fairies
Who cleans up the kitchen afterwards:
all of the above tbh
Who stays up until 2 reading:
I feel like Jack could
Who stares at their partner while they’re sleeping:
Tooth, Jack is so cute when he’s sleeping.
Who kisses their partner while they sleep:
Jack. It’s not a bad wake up call.

jackiefrosty entered the keep

“Ice… in… den?” Came a soft growly voice from within the warm cave. A flame erupted towards the back of the cave, illuminating a woman with dark red hair and forest green eyes. She eyed the winter spirit cautiously, “Why.. here?”

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Jackie carefully set piles of snow balls strategically over slightly opened doors and on different seats, snickering to herself. This April fools prank was going to be awesome.

{Are we really doing this. You’re amazing. I’m making this a drabble.}

With an open palm, Pitch pushed against old wood of the hinged door that marked an exit from his elaborate tunnels and stepped forward with his right foot. It was in that exact moment that he realized the door had not been closed all the way and a sick feeling in his stomach compelled him to look up. Worry furrowed his brows as he recognized yet another trick played on yet another April first when yet again he forgot until the last moment that such an occurrence was imminent.

The worst part was not the trick that felt wet onto Pitch’s face. The worst part was that he had to look and watch in fear as the snowball rolled off where it had balanced on the top of the door and dropped ever so gracefully between his eyes. He barely had time to blink before the infuriating ball smacked itself upon his nose and water trickled over his irises. Shaking his head madly now, Pitch grit his teeth and condemned the top of the door frame as though fault was by the very mechanics of the trick. Who else though, who else other than Jackie would set up such a ruse? Shaking a pointed finger at the place where the snowball had fallen, Pitch groaned in absolute frustration as the cold snow dripped down his cheeks in agitating chunks.

“JACKIE! I swear to Odin you will be punished for this one! This time, this year you will notget away with this foolery!” Three hundred years of this had passed and every time Pitch was caught by surprise having forgotten what the first of the month meant for him. It was a new ploy every time, and Pitch always hoped, always hoped that Jackie would run out of new schemes to torment him with. She always pulled through though. Jackie always knew how to have some fun. The worst part was how good these pranks were. How easily she was able to always actually impress Pitch with how cunning she could be. It was a good trick. Like always. Like every April Fools. It was a good moment for her to remind Pitch where the fun was in the world. That the fun would always come with time. 

"Virgo and Frigg, could you teach that girl a lesson!” Pitch couldn’t stand the fact that she had outwitted him once more, had set him off again for such a little thing. How could she possibly be so mischievous? How could she always deceive him until the proper moment. It was as if she knew what would get him the most riled up each year. This year she duped him with a gift from above. This year she initiated a snowball fight without having to be around. Where was she anyway? Where was she so that he could tell her his empty threats? Obviously he wasn’t too keen on letting her see him this way, but he still felt compelled to confront her with the horrors she’d inflicted on him. What a little rodent.