red stars /fckc - in which we win!

red the house down -

i knew we could do it! we are still in the race for the playoffs! here are a few half-assed observations:

1 -  the scoreline clearly should’ve been 3-1. leon’s goal was aces. truly some class shit. same with press picking out leon’s run. class shit. so here’s a gif of it. for immortalization’s sake. 

External image

2 - we were missing chalupny, but we were still able to create which was nice to see. i wasn’t too worried. just a little. but i still felt like with bywaters, dibernardo and press out there we’d be creative. 

3 - our gameplan seemed to be to hit fckc with some high pressure action. and we did that and it made it supremely entertaining to watch. we were everywhere on the field, swarming immediately whenever kc got the ball, maintaining a high line and playing a lot of the time in kc’s half. we also seemed to be working the ball up the field with passes on the ground more than usual. also nice. 

4 - shannon boxx and jackie santacaterina both seeing the field was nice. and always love to see our supremely offensively minded defenders hemmings and johnston getting in on the attack. 

5 - also, those two opening goals were pretty aces too. tancredi poaching the rebound from press’ long distance shot and then press chipping fckc’s sara keane. good stuff. 

6 - wes lomnicki is solid as color commentator. i feel like he is the current standard for us. he knows the team, he knows the other teams. he says intelligent things. he says what kind of formations we’re playing. he doesn’t talk about landon donovan. yes!