jackie-o shades

idk where this is but u know those old movies where a woman is driving in a convertible with the top down along this road and she has on some big jackie o shades with her white scarf blowing in the wind

The Used-Love Lot


She was an Aston Martin:

Luxurious,expensive to maintain

and coveted.

She was a Porsche 911:

Trunk in the front, no room for kids,

and quick to leave.

She was a Lexus:

Almost perfect, but I wasn’t allowed

to touch anything.

She was an Infiniti:

Little black dress, Jackie O shades,

great fun in corners, but noisy.

She was a Chrysler Sebring:

Reasonably priced, good looking,

but rather thin-skinned.

She was a Toyota Prius:

Plugged in, environmentally friendly

and with one previous owner—who

she wouldn’t stop talking about.

She was a 1970‘s Volvo:

Dependable, plenty of room in

the back, good suspension, but took far

too long to get anywhere.

She was an 1980’s Cadillac:

Low mileage, high maintenance,

and constantly falling apart.

There was still a lot more to see

and the salesman was obviously

keen to make a sale, but it was

getting late and the light was

starting to fade.

I’ll take them all, I said.