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You mentioned really cool stuff Jackie did in season 8, why do you still consider this season the worst for her?

For all the grown up stuff she does, Jackie became an empty shell and a girl that considered herself only worthy of all she had because of her looks. Not even her season 1 or 4 self was as superficial as her.

While persuing Fez’s affection, she let him pass over her a million times and refers to herself as the shallow bitch her friends always told her she was. She even goes to the point of saying she’s ugly in the inside and being angry at being called ugly in the outside. It’s ridiculous.

She’s also childish and comes back to the illusion of the perfect love with the perfect love story in the most ridiculous romanic way she can find, to the point that she dreams herself as a princess and Fez as a prince when she was supposed to be far from that already.

When she had a similar daydream with Hyde, it was ins eason 3 when her infatuation for him wasn’t the deep connection and love she felt for him in future seasons and Hyde, out loud, tells her that wasn’t him. This is important because there’s no one to remind her that of Fez.

It doesn’t matter how much she dreams him as a prince, he isn’t and he’ll never be. Jackie went from wanting a good future to not mind it at all as long as she has a man to the point that she doesn’t care what man she’s projecting her childhood dreams into.

She went from having a deep, commited relationship based on mutual respect to one based on a list she did of things that actually don’t fit her or him at all, with a guy that doesn’t respect her and that she doesn’t respect at all.

It doesn’t matter how much growth they tried to give Jackie, it all falls in empty hands when you realize she just went back to being a childish girl not even her season 1 self would like. Season 1 Jackie is way stronger and even mature than season 8 Jackie.


~Jackie’s Relationship Stats on That ‘70s Show~

~Out of 200 Episodes of That ‘70s Show, Seasons 1-8~

Jackie Is in a Romantic/Sexual Relationship with Kelso: 79

Jackie and Kelso Are Broken Up/Not Together Romantically: 124

Jackie Is in a Romantic/Sexual Relationship with Hyde: 65

Jackie and Hyde Are Broken Up/Not Together Romantically: 140

Jackie Is in a Romantic/Sexual Relationship with Fez: 2

Jackie and Fez Are Broken Up/Not Together Romantically: 198

Jackie Shows/Has Romantic and/or Sexual Interest in Kelso: 8

Jackie Shows/Has Romantic and/or Sexual Interest in Hyde: 21

Jackie Shows/Has Romantic and/or Sexual Interest in Fez: 9


Jackie and Kelso are romantically/sexually together for sixteen episodes more during the show’s run than Jackie and Hyde are. But when taking Jackie’s romantic interest in Kelso and Hyde into account, her total “in love/in lust” interaction with both characters is virtually tied:

Jackie and Kelso: 87
Jackie and Hyde:

Jackie and Kelso are not romantically involved for all eight seasons of the show. They’re involved during the first four.

Jackie and Hyde are officially romantically involved during seasons 5-7, but she’s romantically interested in him during parts of season 2, 3, and 8.

As for Jackie’s stats with Fez? Negligible.

After the cut, you’ll find a breakdown of stats per season.

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A few weeks back, the blog asked:  “Do you think Fez and Jackie should had dated in the early seasons instead of season 8 or never at all? Why?”

You guys answered:

- jacquelineshyde: God, no. The things they have in common are not enough or deep enough to create a connection a couple needs. I also don’t think they could be healthy with him being so needy and sexist, and she being, you know, A RACIST. So no, never.

- katennara: NO! It made no sense for a reason. It wasn’t just that it was forced as hell, it was because it would had been ALWAYS forced as hell. She doesn’t like him that way and she would never do!

leonacastellanos: No! Gosh, nooooo. She should had NEVER dated Fez. They have zero chemistry and nothing in common. Just NO.

- starchyu: Never at all. The reasons they got together felt super shoved in at the last minute. If you ask me,, Jackie and Hyde made the most sense to me and I hate that something so perfect had to end! So idk maybe I’m biased. XD

ellizabethshaw: Nope, never. Their relationship would had been as bad as it is in season 8. They have only superficial stuff in common, he is disrespectful and sexist, and she’s a racist. I don’t think their relationship would ever survive.

The preference is clear. Fans believe Fez and Jackie wouldn’t had dated at all, an opinion that seems to not change no matter the years after the show’s ending. We also see a preference in ship in the results; it isn’t a surprise but it’s interesting to see how opinions haven’t changed at all in so many years.

Thank you for talking to us!

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I hope you don't get mad at this question. I always wondered why fans say that Fez/Jackie was forced? I remember Jackie always got jealous of Fez's girlfriends and that in season 1, Donna makes her realize she likes Fez. Fez obviously always liked Jackie. I don't like them as a couple but I don't think it was forced. I think it was actually showed since season 1.

Hi! Not angry at all. It’s a good question.

First, an important note: early-seasons Fez is a very different character from S6-S7 Fez, and season-8 Fez shares little more than the original character’s name and accent (and portrayer).

Initially, Jackie is attracted to the sensitive romantic part of Fez’s personality but not to Fez himself. She wishes Kelso had the same romantic sensitivity, and Kelso often takes advantage of and benefits from Fez’s attempts at wooing Jackie – because Jackie isn’t romantically or sexually interested in Fez but in Kelso. 

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hi guys, i really need your help. that 70s show is my favorite show and i wanna get a tattoo in honor of this wonderful show that has been making my life better for the past one year and a half but i have absolutely no idea what would look cool as a tattoo and google has no inspirations at all. does anyone has a sugestion? it could be a sentence or a symbol (or both) that makes sense, not just “we’re all alright” or the show’s name, i really want it to be special.

~Classic Comics Sunday~

Those ’70s Comics: 388

Inspired by episode 424 - “That ‘70s Show Musical”

Comments: Jackie and Hyde are paired up quite a bit in this episode, but those interactions take place in Fez’s mind. I foreshadowed this in the comics by having Fez notice Jackie and Hyde’s real-life interactions in earlier episodes. Part of him his suspicious of their relationship, but he doesn’t ship them … yet.

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do you think nina and kat had good platonic chemistry? what are some examples of natural platonic chemistry?

I do think Nina and Kat had good platonic chemistry which is why in the earlier seasons it can be debated that Caroline was the better friend to Bonnie (now she’s just Elena 2.0) but Elena and Bonnie felt more like friends because Nina and Kat had the better chemistry:

Jensen and Jared have good platonic chemistry too:

Ellen and Sandra:

Jesse and Zach:

Sarah, Alyson and Nick:

Paul and Arielle:

Paul and Candice:

Matt and Mathew:

Mila and Lauren:

Topher and Danny:

Wilder and Ashton:

Holly and Shannon:

Guillermo and Kerry:

Aja and Jack:

Aja and Conrad:

Dylan and Tyler:

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If you could change one thing of T7S what would would it be?

If I could change one thing it would be season 8! I definitely wouldn’t continue the series without Eric/Kelso. I would not have included Sam or Randy. Kelso would have stayed a cop, because it was something for which he could be proud of himself. He would have ended up with Brooke and Betsy. Eric and Donna would have stayed together, either eventually going off to Madison for University or even living next door to Red/Kitty. Fez would have opened his own salon and gotten back together with Laurie, because their banter was hilarious, and Red having Fez as a son-in-law was priceless! And last, but certainly not least, Jackie and Hyde would have ended up together! They helped each other grow, and season 8 completely disregarded all that growth. Jackie and Hyde was my favorite ship, and they ruined them completely.

But that is a huge thing to change so if you’re looking for the short answer it would be: Jackie and Hyde end up together. I would not have Hyde stay married to a stripper only to end up alone, and I would not have Jackie randomly get together with Fez for the most shallow possible reasons. Jackie and Hyde would have gotten married and both FINALLY had the love and security they were denied their entire lives by their shitty parents.