jackie traina


Jackie Traina pitching!

“She has such a great personality; I don’t think anything really fazes her,” Traina said of her pitching counterpart. “She’s a great person, and we get along so well now. When you know them on the field, you don’t know them at all. When you know their personality off the field, that’s when things get better.”

What I knew of her is just always watching her and what type of pitcher she was,” Ricketts said. “So once I got to know her as a person, it was a lot easier to handle, I think. She’s a people person. Everybody gets along with her, so it’s easy to have a conversation with her.”

If USA Softball is going to be the best it can be for the next few years, Shults, Traina and Ricketts are going to spend a lot of time together. That seems just fine by them. Ricketts  has nothing but affection for Traina these days, calling her the kind of person “you want to hang out with.”

Just one word: Tricketts.

Their babies would be softball superstars.