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CP 14 Days of Love #11: Social Media (shenanigans, mishaps, accidents, chirps, announcements, etc)

A/N: I apologize for the super lateness of this. It’s been a tough, busy couple of weeks. shut up group chats totally count as social media

The Best Friends Gang

Shitty: *sidles up to Jackie poo* guess what day it is next week

Holster: *sidles up to Ransy-poo* hey bae

Ransom: omg shut the fuck up

Holster: GASP

Holster: YOU DARE?!!?



Ransom: bruh, chill you know I gotchu

Shitty: you BETTER ill fight u

Holster: <33

Jack: it’s Valentine’s day, Shits

Shitty: your FIRST

Jack: I’m 26. It’s my 26th valentine.

Jack: *valentine’s




Ransom: bruh, just tell us what you’re getting Bitty

Holster: yeah, man, we’re bros. we gotta make sure.

Jack: make sure what?

Shitty: that you haven’t planned something like a nice dinner

Jack: um

Holster: OMG JACK

Jack: haha

Jack: relax

Jack: not just a dinner but I’m not telling you

Jack: it’s secret ;-)

Shitty: Jack

Shitty: Jack, do you not trust us

Shitty: Jack

Shitty: Jack

arts and farts

Jack: gray suit…red or blue tie

Nursey: dark or light

Jack: dark

Nursey: red

Lardo: nice

Will Poindexter

Jack: you know how to cook right?

Dex: yeah

Jack: teach me

Jack: please

Dex: ok. I’m free Friday at three.

Jack: I’ll pick you up.

Dex: ok

SMH group chat


Holster: WHAT

Shitty: WHAT

Nursey: WHAT

Nursey: wait, who?

Dex: Jack and Bitty

Shitty: YOU KNEW?!?

Dex: Yeah.

Dex: well, I guessed correctly.

Holster: when?

Lardo: when he taught Jack how to cook


Lardo: careful, Shits


Shitty: *huffs*

Shitty: can’t beleve you didn’t tell me

Shitty: Jack is my bro


Lardo: he is still dumbass

Ransom: Paris, huh? Nice.

Shitty: I know! So romantic. <3333

Nursey: yeah, bro. i mean, PARIS. that’s like Goals™

Your Just Jealous - Jack Maynard

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A/N: Super, super fluffy and cheesy, and sappy

Originally posted by jxcewaylxnd

You and your boyfriend, Jack Maynard, had been dating for a year and three days. You had been counting, of course. You and Jack loved each other so much, strangers you meet would often ask if you guys were married. You dreamed that you would get married to him someday. Currently, Jack and you were doing nothing but laying in bed, cuddling, like you always do on Saturday mornings. Jack was on Snapchat, taking snaps of you and him. You were laying on top of his bare chest, his chin on your shoulder. While scrolling through Instagram you saw a picture of one your friends and her boyfriend doing a cute yoga pose. She was being lifted up in the air by her boyfriends feet, while holding hands for support. 

“Hey babe?” you said.

“Yeah.” said Jack.

“Can we try to do this?” you said showing the picture to Jack. He laughed. 

“We are never going to be able to do this.” he laughed. 

“Yes we can! Let’s do it! Please!!!” you pleaded with him. 

“Fine, fine, lets do this thing.” he gave in. He set his phone on the side table, and then grabbed yours and set it next to his. You got up off of him and stood up on the bed. Jack kicked the duvet back and put is hands and feet up in the air. You grabbed his hands and he put his feet on you waist. 

“Wait.” you said. Jack stopped. 

“Is everything okay?” asked Jack, concerned. 

“Yeah,” you paused, “Just don’t drop me on the floor.” Jack chuckled. 

“You worry to much.” he said. Jack slowly lifted you in the air and the higher you got the more you squeezed Jack’s hands. Jack was very wobbly, but he kept his grip on you. You let out a giggle. Jack let you down slowly. You stood up. 

“Again!” you said with excitement. 

“But we did it already!” whined Jack.

“Oh, come on Jackie-poo!” you said. You got down and kissed him. “For me?” You batted your eyelashes for extra cuteness. 

“Okay, just one more time.” he said. You scrambled up and got back in position. Jack put his feet on your hips again and grabbed a hold of your hands. He lifted you in the air again. You were giggling like mad. He lowered you a little bit so your face could reach his. You pecked his lips with a smile on both of your faces. Jack put you back in the air again. All of a sudden you heard a voice. 

“What are you guys doing?” asked Conor, Jack’s brother. Jack lost focus and dropped you. Luckily he dropped you on top of him. Jack let out a grunt. 

“What the fuck Conor? Why are you here?” asked Jack. You crawled off of Jack and sat next to him in bed.

“Why would I not be here?” retorted Conor. “I was standing there for two minutes straight and you guys didn’t notice me. You guys have to many sickening cute moments with each other.”

“Your just jealous Conor.” you teased. 

“Whatever, I can get girls when ever I want.” Conor shrugged it off. 

“But you can never get one to stay like I can!” teased Jack. He gave you a big sloppy kiss on the cheek. 

“Ew! Jack!” you giggled. You were only in your Calvin Klein bra, so you used a pillow to wipe of the spit that was left on your cheek. 

“You guys are gross. I’ll be in your kitchen, eating everything there.” said Conor leaving the room. 

“Your just jealous!” called out Jack. 

A helpful guide for Gabriel Reyes

Names to use on your boyfriends in bed

Jack Morrison:
-Daddy (this one must be natural at this point)
-Boy Scout
-Papa (if ur feelin spicy)
-Poster Boy
-Bag of Dicks
-Cutie with the Booty
-Money maker

Jesse Mccree;
-thats it
-nothing else
-he’s such a 
-good dog
-I guess you could say
-Good boy 

Improved With Age (Jackson/Stiles)

Anonymous  asked: Jackson/Stiles - Hi, I know it’s been ten years since we graduated high school and we haven’t seen each other, but do you remember how we got schoolyard married in third grade? Yeah. Me too.

Nonnie! I had so much fun writing this fic! I really hope you enjoy it. Fic #25 in my 2017 Prompt Challenge.

Improved With Age. Jackson/Stiles. Teen. Also on AO3.

Jackson is working a Saturday night in the ED when a drug bust gone bad brings a familiar face into his exam room

The Emergency Department at Zuckerberg is packed on this particular Saturday night. There’s been a five car pile-up on the 280, a minor fire at a night club in the Castro that resulted in smoke inhalation, and the usual bar fights and shootings that tend to happen on weekends when people have the time to get liquored up without worrying about work the next morning. It’s chaotic at any given time, but especially weekend nights.

Which is the main reason Jackson loves working weekend overnight shifts. Since he started his Emergency residency a little over two years ago, he’s taken to it like a fish to water. The General has the only level one trauma center in the Bay area, too, which means they get all the major cases. He’s been able to learn so much, and he’s becoming a shining star in the residency program. Shiny enough that he’s already been approached about possibly remaining when his residency ends next year.

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Remembering Past Heroes

Let’s call this the prologue to:  Heroes Never Die 

A small grimace crossed Winston’s face as he joined his teammates at the table.  He wasn’t really going to join them in eating, but rather keep a watchful eye on their expressions.  This was the week leading up the dreaded death of their beloved companion, Jack Morrison.  And this?  Well, this was the first time the gang was together again.

As he kept an observant eye on all his friends (old habits die hard), he knew how they behaved.  Most would grieve alone, drink with friends, or spend a few hours wandering the Overwatch Exhibit at the museum.  You know, reliving the good old days.  But there was one in particular whose emotions caused him some concern.


Being with her old friends was the medicine she needed but…

Well, just looking at her, you could see the scars she wore.  The incident that took the lives of Jack and Gabriel still burdened her.  And now that the group was eating together, sans those two, he could only imagine what her mind was thinking.  How she failed Jack.  How she failed Reyes.  How she lost HQ and couldn’t do a damn thing about it.

Angela was strong, impressively strong.  Her stomach was lined with lead or something as little phased her, especially in the gore and horror department.  But when it came to past crushes….

She sighed, looking at the meal before her.  It was the same old, same old.  Chicken, carrots, and beans.  Her folk glided her chunk of chicken around the plate until she reluctantly took a bite of it.

“We should do something,” Tracer said.  She meant no harm by it.  The sweet girl was always trying to do something that could bring the group together.

“A tournament,” D.Va was quick to add.  That large, sly smirk on her face.

“No, not that kind of something.  I mean in honor of the lives lost.”

Silence filled the room before Mercy spoke.

“I think it’s a wonderful idea,” although her words seemed riddled with sorrow, her eyes seemed hopeful.  "A memento to give thanks to those who lost their lives so we could return again.“

"Exactly,” Tracer purred before turning to the rest of the table.  "Dish to pass?  Our personal favorites?“  Her accent as cute as always.

D.Va’s eyes went wide.  "How about we leave you on cleanup.”

What!”  Tracer’s brown fringe fell flat in her face.  "Are you saying I can’t cook?“

"She’s just saying that the last time you grilled burgers, they were still mooing.”  McCree cracked a grin. Tracer, being the speedy type, might have forgotten that just because she can manipulate time didn’t mean food could.  She had the burgers done in record time only to find out she hadn’t cooked them at all. “Not that I mind but I’m pretty sure D.Va still has nightmares about them.”

The shorter brunette’s face had a slight green hue to it.  Her fingers covered her lips.  "So…much…b-“

Beer,“ McCree cut her off, seeing the paling faces of the others.  "A lot of beer.”

D.Va’s head instantly nodded.  "Yes, all of it.“

"Whoa,” Mercy’s finger pointed down the table to the little lassie, “someone’s not old enough yet.  You’ll have to leave the drinking to us.”  

McCree, who was sitting beside Mercy shook his head no.  He would sneak the gamer girl some drinks while Mercy wasn’t watching.

“Don’t think I can’t see your nodding, Jesse,” her lips curled up into a coy smirk.

Jaw dropping, the cowboy sank in his seat some.  How the hell did she know he was nodding?!

“I have eyes on the back of my head,” she looked over her shoulder, “it’s how I keep you kids out of trouble.”  Her cheeky wink followed.

Kids?”  Reinhardt’s bellowing laugh filled the room, immediately drowning out any thought of sadness.  "Last time I checked, I had a good few years on you, Ang.“

"My apologizes,” her hand pressed lightly against her chest, “it’s how I keep you kids and grandparents out of trouble.”

Junkrat, amused by the whole lot, soon joined in with the laughter and added a few little sly comments here and there about how Mercy was all right, save for being a hardass when it came to post-battle inspections.

“You’ll thank me for them,” she added in a mockish, sing-song tone.  "You all know what happened to Jesse.“  The way she flitted her lashes made the cowboy squirm.

"We don’t have to remind them,” his hand raked nervously through his hair.  "Besides, aren’t you bound by some doc-patient thinger-magger?“

As the evening antics continued, one particular brute at the table finally decided he had enough.  Soldier 76.  Raising promptly and without warning, he stopped off into another room away from the giddy crowd.

"What’s his problem,” D.Va asked without restraint.

“Old geezer needs to turn in for the day.  It’s past his bedtime,” Junkrat quipped before a few of the younger members found themselves laughing.

“Maybe that should be our cue,” Winston chimed in.  "It is getting late and we need to move out early.  We’re combing the west corner.“

"Awww,” D.Va’s lip quivered.  "But we were just getting to the part where Ang, Jack, and Gabe decided to have a shot drinking contest.“

"And we all know I won,” Mercy said with a wry grin plastered on her face.

“Oh that’s how it went?”  Reinhardt punched Torbjörn lightly.  "That what you recall?“

"No, I’m pretty sure Jack had to haul your ass back to camp.”

“Remember how jealous Gabriel was?  Oh he was fuming.  Why did Jack get to parade Ang around?  Wouldn’t let that go for weeks.”

"Wait,” Tracer’s nose twitched much like that of a bunny, “Reyes and… Ang?”

At that comment, Mercy barked.  "Are you serious?  Me?  Him?  Ha!  I would rather kiss a dog!“

"Oooh hooo damn,” Lucio’s hand covered his mouth.  "Rejection!“

"No, it’s called friendzoned,” D.Va corrected with her most bratty tongue ever.  "Ang was too busy eyeing her Jacky Wacky-poo.“

"H-how, how would you know?”  The nervousness in her voice obvious due to the pitch change. Not to mention that slight stammer.

“You have a picture of him tucked in your med log,” her wide, white grin spread across her face.  "When you stepped into the next room to get those bandages, I might have looked through your book.  His picture fell out.“  As smug as the little bug she was, she teased on.  "I can only imagine what you do to that picture.  Looked a little too loved.  Oooh la la–ahhhh!”

“HANA SONG!”  She was diving across the table, ready to murder the small child.  Her bare fingertips just gracing the girl’s long, brown locks.

Thankfully, McCree was ready and tugging the woman back into her seat.  There would be no strangling kids tonight.  "On that note, scatter!“ he rattled out while dealing with the flailing elbows.  He did manage to keep her seated while everyone else dove into the other room.  Granted, in the process he did take her elbow to his nose.

"Doc,” he said gravelly once she settled down, “I’m going to need you to look at this.”

“It’s not broken,” her defiant head turn and ‘hmmpft!’ followed.  "I could have taken her,“ she muttered.

"Uh-huh, sure.  She’s half your age.”

“She’s not!  She’s–”

“No, we’re not half-mathing here.  It’s close enough.  Now off you go.  I’ll clean up.”  He looked to Winston.  "You in?“

Released from McCree’s firm yet gentle grip, Mercy marched off into the hallway.  The bathroom was full–Tracer, D.Va, Symmetra–were all doing their thing.  Pharah and Mei were changing in the room and getting ready for bed.  Zarya was locking up her gear before heading to the bathroom to join the others.  Though based on the light screaming coming from there, Mercy had a feeling a water-fight had broken out.

Shaking her head, the blonde medic decided she would spend the next few hours sitting out on the balcony just staring up at the twilight sky.

Only, those minutes soon became hours.

When silence finally wrapped around her, so did a claim, gentle voice.

"Ang,” Winston stepped up beside her, “it’s time.”

Blue orbs glued to the heavens above, she nodded.  Breathlessly, she added, “Yeah.”  Following after him, she washed up quickly before changing into her silky satin lingerie.  She wasn’t trying to look sexy.  It’s just…well, D.Va and Tracer thought it would be funny.  Mercy was always so prim and proper.  To see her in a cute white and orange gown with lace?  It just made them giggle (and also stare a bit as she was breathtaking in it).

Undoing her hair, she lowered herself to the floor.  Tracer and D.Va’s beds were right beside hers.  They said they felt safe beside her, like an angel was watching over them.

Propping herself up on an elbow, she leaned forward to kiss D.Va’s still pink cheek.  "Sweet,“ she rolled over to kiss Tracer’s cheek, "dreams.”  Falling back against her sleeping bag and pillow, she smiled.  It was nice to be close to them.  To have friends.  To not be alone.


The smile faded.  Turning over, she tugged her bag up around her shoulders.  Alone.

Lip quivering, she slammed her eyes shut.  She pushed out the sound of explosions.  The broken look on his face.


Body shooting up, she glanced around the room.  A cold sweat clung to her creamy peach-colored face.  Hair wet and matted due to her hot flashes, the blonde un-mangled herself from the blankets.  Instantly, the night air hit her but it wasn’t enough.  She was still too warm.

Gingerly, she rolled up from her bed and tiptoed across the smooth wooden floor.  It didn’t creak or moan, which was nice.  Helped that the weight was distributed across the room.

Hand feeling the grain of the wood that made up the door, she jerked the handle up before twisting the knob.  It slid open without a sound.  With swift, quick steps, she escaped into the hallway before making a bee-line for the balcony.

The air chilled her body in seconds.  Hands crossing over her chest, she paid little to no attention to the visible points formed by her cleavage.  Why would it matter?  It wasn’t like anyone else was up.

Slumping up against the railing, her sapphire eyes flew to the sky above.  The mix of black, blue, and purple brought her to awe.  "So beautiful.“

Blissfully, she lost herself in the celestial world above.  Only, the more she stared, the more her heart began to ache.  He…he was up there.

Head falling down, Mercy found tears swelling in her eyes.  He was gone.  "Why, why did you leave me?” Her breathing started to deform.  It was now heavy and off beat.  "The world needs you.  I need you.“  He was gone.  Really gone.  And she never found the courage to tell him how she fel–

A noise came from behind.  Hand gripping the railing, she whirled around with grit teeth.  Leaning back against the bar, her legs lifted into the air before folding on themselves.  In that same second, they went flying out, kicking the solid form back against the sturdy wall.

She hadn’t registered who her attacker was yet, but she didn’t want to give them that opening.  Arms releasing from the railing, she flew forward with her elbow primed and ready to dish out some serious damage.  She knew the human body.  She knew where to push to make it hurt.  She could do this.  So what if she was a medic!  She could be a fighter!  She could—

In a blur, she was falling back against her attacker.  The hand snaked around her neck, cutting off her breath.  Her spark.  Her fighting spirit.  She was going to die.  This was going to be the end and she couldn’t even scream for help!

Eyes wide with panic, she flailed and flung her arms wildly, doing all she could to break free.  She had to find her voice.  Tracer would come.  McCree would come.  They would save her.  They were family!

"Christ, Mercy!”  The grip around her neck loosened.  "It’s me,“ the voice said while stepping around to put himself in her sights.  "Soldier 76.”  Hands flying up, he submitted to her as she was clearly still on the offensive.  He did manage to rub his sore jaw in the process too.  That red visor looking directly at her, making her skin crawl.

Hands flying around her neck, Mercy looked from herself to the man before her.  Teammate.  Teammate, she kept telling herself.  Still, he could have at least taken that mask off!

“Breathe,” he instructed.

She did.  Slowly.  In and then out.  Again.  And again until her heart stopped racing and beating a mile a minute.

“There,” his arms fell over his chest.  Stepping forward, he rested his elbows along the balcony’s edge.

Hand running loosely through her blonde locks, she laughed sheepishly.  "Sorry.  I, uh, I thought I was alone.“  She completely forgot about her attire and found herself wrapped up in Soldier’s form.  He had a nice build.  Her eyes faltered.  And a nice ass.  Oh yes, it was indeed fine.  So what if she was staring?

"Can I help you with something?”

Red smeared across her cheeks.  "No, no.  All is well.  I ju–“

The space between them vanished.  His hand now rested against her tender cheek.  Then it slipped away and fell against her forehead.

Blinking, her brows furrowed.  "What are you doing?”

“You’re pretty red in the face.”

“It’s why I’m outside.  It’s hot in the room. Winston said no–”

He was close.  So close.  If he wasn’t wearing that damn mask she could have sworn he was going to kiss her.  Hell, she almost wanted him too!

Mercy’s hand fell against his chest.  It was so firm.  That black shirt looked amazing on him.  His arms.  Ugh, she could get used to running her fingers up and down them.  A kiss.  Just one kiss.  Maybe it would help her forget?  A distraction?  Yes, a distraction!

“You sure you’re felling all right?”

She fanned herself before stepping back.  "Yes, I’m fine.  I, uh, I…I should go.  Wouldn’t want Tracer to miss me.“

Uh huh.

With her vanishing back inside, Soldier slammed his fist into the railing.

Really?  You had three chances and you blew them all.“  He was kicking himself for not saying, 'yes you are’ when she said 'so beautiful.’  He was also beating himself up for not grabbing some of that ass.  And did you see what she was wearing?  It was a good thing he tucked his dick up before stepping out.  A boner wouldn’t have been quite the introduction he needed.

If you could call it an introduction.

"If only you knew,” he whispered.  Sighing, he too decided it was time to call it quits.  Maybe tomorrow he could try talking to her again.

Monster- Liam Dunbar (3)

I don’t know where I’m going with this plot, but wherever the wind takes me is where I’ll be

You looked at Liam out the corner of your eye, pressing your lips into a thin line before clearing your throat, whispering so you wouldn’t get caught. “Liam, the other day, at your house, something strange happened and I was just wondering, if you could explain it.” You fiddled with your pencil before looking up to see where the teacher was, noting she was still standing by the board trying to teach. “Your eyes, they were blue one minute, and then the next they were gold. And I don’t know if I’m just going crazy or what.” Liam blinked at you, his lip pulled slightly back between his teeth. “But I swear, they changed.”

He was panicking, deep inside his mind screamed to tell the truth, but he couldn’t find the words to explain it to you. How do explain that you were bitten by a werewolf and now you are one? Even just thinking about it made him sound like a lunatic. There was no way you would ever believe him. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Maybe you were just hallucinating.” He snorted, turning away from you so you couldn’t see his face.

You stared at him for a little bit, turning back to focus on the lesson at hand. You weren’t happy with his answer, but you didn’t press him further, knowing that when he was ready, he would tell you. But still, you couldn’t take your mind off his eyes changing just like that. It was as if he was transforming into a different person. You were so lost in your thoughts, you barely noticed the teacher calling your name. You jerked out of you thoughts when Liam jabbed you in the ribs, glowering at him before snapping your eyes to the teacher.

“Since you haven’t been listening, I will go over partner assignments again, just for you.” You sunk in your seat when a bunch of glares were sent your way, a blush rising to color the apples of your cheeks. You found out that Liam, was not your partner, and you had been paired up with one of the cockiest players on the lacrosse team, making your life ten times worse because you’d be doing all the work. You picked up your assignment packet, looking around until spotted Jack sitting with his girlfriend. He casted you a smug look and you rolled your eyes, checking over the requirements before turning to look at Liam with a frown written over your face.

“Who’d you get?” He nodded his head to a red-headed girl playing with her phone. “You want to switch partners?” You whispered lowly, a chilling growl leaving your lips. Liam turned and blinked at you, the corner of his lips turning up.

“Nah, you and Jackie-poo can have fun together.” He teased, recalling your once crush on the dumb player. You ground your teeth together with a glare, punching him in the arm lightly. “I’m just kidding, but seriously, you’ll be okay.”

“Your only saying that because you got someone who’s going to work with you. Jack isn’t going to do anything but get in my way.” You grumbled, putting your head on the table with every curse word in the book coming from your muffled lips. Liam laughed and you cracked a tiny smile, standing up when the bell rang.


You walked beside Liam, laughing and joking like nothing had ever happened between you, but the nervous thought that he would hurt you again was still buzzing in the back of your head. You looked up at him with tears in your eyes from how hard you were laughing. He looked down at you, a smile sliding across his face from how happy you looked. “So, tonight’s pizza night, are you sure your not coming?” He suddenly asked, leaning against the locker right next to you, a hum deep in his throat. You looked up at him after pulling you locker door open, shrugging while digging around for you Spanish book.

Your eyebrows furrowed when you turned to look at him. “How’d you know I wasn’t going?” Liam visibly froze and you narrowed your eyes.

“Uh, M-Mason texted me in class, and I was just-”

You saw right through him, gritting your teeth with a glower. “You never even pulled your phone out during class, so I know you’re lying to me.” He took a step away from you, rubbing the back of his neck with a nervous chuckle. “Liam, what are you not telling me?”

He swallowed thickly, looking around before sighing. “I have to go, Finstock will be pissed.” You watched him walk away, a frown plastered on your face. There was something he wasn’t telling you, and you were going to find out, one way or another.

He's my Bestfriend (Jack Gilinsky imagine)

Chapter Onê; invitations

Okay so first things first, I didn’t hate Madison beer, I just didn’t like that she was with jack. Besides she was like six years old compared us all, and I didn’t think that he should date her, she wasn’t good enough for him. Of course I could also be thinking this because I thought no girl was good enough for him. We had become really great friends when we went on tour. All the boys and I were tight as ever. So watching him go and fall for some girl was, well different, especially because he was like my, I don’t know how to explain it other to say he was my person. I guess you could call him my other half but that was putting it lightly, however I strictly kept my thoughts as Friendly as possible. Though it was a struggle have you seen that mans jawline? God he was so sexy.

~ ~ ~

“Jacki chan!!!” I yell.

Flinging myself at Jack as he opens the door to my apartment. He’d been gone on tour with his best friend Jack Johnson. I hadn’t seen him for over three months and to say it had drove me crazy was an understatement. The moment his eyes landed on me that weird feeling started up in my chest, and as his strong arms wrapped around my waist and he spun me around I couldn’t help the giggles that were spilling out of my mouth.

“Kitten.” He coos.

The nickname he’s given me has me smiling like an idiot as he gives me chaste kisses all over my face.

I pout my bottom lip sticking it out as he stops.

“Kitten I have to tell you something.” He says a bit worried.

“What is it jackie-poo?” I ask using yet another cheesy nickname.

Jack sets me down, yet keeps his arms locked around me as he looks me in the eye, biting his lip.

I suck in a breath through my teeth, feeling a blush rising to my cheeks as my heart pitter patters, he looks fucking sexy biting in his bottom lip like that. Though I wish it were my bottom lip between those teeth.

I frown slightly confused by the way my thoughts were going, when Jack clears his throat. So I look up at him slightly nervous by his newly nervous grimace.

“Kitten while I was on tour, I met someone, and um I hate to say this but you’re not my only girl anymore” he says speaking fast.

This information isn’t too bad as I had heard he’d been seen with some girl, but I hadn’t known that they were dating, which wrecked me on the inside. But I didn’t want to see my Jack upset so i forced on a smile.

“As long as I’m not going to be replaced then I guess it’s okay.” I whisper.

But even as I say these words, i’m trying to step back away from him and his warm arms and make some space between the two of us. But he isn’t having any of that as he wraps his arms tighter around me wresting his head atop my own.

“Thank goodness I didn’t want my main girl not talking to me or something” he whispers.

I gently push him away so that I can look into his eyes gulping a bit the fact that even though he has a girlfriend that he would still call me his main girl.

“Well in that case I aught to tell you, that I have another man in my life” I say.

“What? Who is he?!” Jack asks.

When I look up I can see that he’s slightly angry, his jaw is now clenched, making his sexy jawline even more pronounced. I can’t help it when I reach up, tracing my finger tips along it, which has his eyes looking hooded.

“Who is he kitten?” He growls.

I smile giggling again before taking his hand and leading him further into the house.

“He’s been in your apartment with you, what the fuck kitten!” Jack yells.

Chuckling I shrug but continue to pull him along before pushing him on the couch.

“Just wait here, he’s sleeping in my bed, I tired him out last night” I say biting my lip.

Enjoying the fact that Jack looked like he was going to murder someone. He was about to say something but I’m rushing up the stairs to get my man.

Coming down stairs I keep a straight face as I yell for Charlie. Barreling in comes my new man. Jacks jaw drops, causing me to laugh hard. Charlie is a dog, a bear like dog, with black fluffy hair making him look like a well bear.

“Your new man is a dog” Jack asks incredulous.

“Yup isn’t he the cutest thing?” I ask getting down on my knees to wrap my arms around his neck.

“For sure” Jack is mumbling as he rubs his hands through his hair.

When a loud ding is heard through out the room, and by the way his face lights up I can tell that it must be his new leading lady.

Not wanting to disturb his euphoria I get up, whistling for Charlie so that I can feed him. When we come back Jack has turned on the tv, Charlie makes his way over to him sniffing his hand and such. I watch as Jack takes the time to let him familiarize himself before petting Charlie, who lays at his feet giving out a content doggy sigh. I can’t help but smile and take a picture, liking the way Jack seems to make my apartment feel like home. Before moving to lay against him in the couch and taking a selfie, the caption reads: my bestfriend finally came home.

Before posting it on Twitter. Already hundreds of people have liked it and commented sweet things, though some of them say awful things, but I ignore them.

Jack and I have been watching the office though he continued to text his boo, making me wish that I had one. When I bite his shoulder, causing him to growl at me.

“All you’ve done is text your girlfriend, come on the office is on” I whine.

“Sorry it’s just apparently Madison wants to have a get together tonight for me and Johnson, to see all the guys and she’s asking me who to invite, since she doesn’t know them all that well,” he states.

“Oh okay that makes sense” I shrug turning back to the tv.

“Awe kitten, come on now don’t be like that” Jack groans before pulling me into his lap and hugging me close. Resting his head on my shoulder while I stroke the back of his neck.

Jack and I have always had an affectionate and physical relationship, so I couldn’t understand why I was so, flustered, feeling him rub my back, before slipping his hands under my shirt and massaging my back. And honestly I was glad I was wearing a bra because my nipples had turned hard.

I had to take a few deep breaths before I was able to say anything to my Jack.

“Well it’s just I thought tonight we would have our annual sleepover with Johnson, but now it’ll just be me and Charlie” I say.

“Kitten, we can do that later, come on Madison just wants to do something nice for me, and she’s my girlfriend” he says pleading.

Again that stupid word, girlfriend. Not wanting to be that clingy friend who tried to make herself the first priority I decided to let it go.

“Alright yeah, we can do our sleepover some other time” I agree.

“Thank you kitten” he says kissing my forehead.

I nod again before sliding off his lap, wanting to somehow punish him for messing up our traditions when in reality he could hangout with whoever he wanted on his first night back.

“Kitten, won’t you please come to my welcome back party?” He asks shooting me a begging look.

I frown at him flipping him off.

That’s when he lunges for me, attacking me with the tickles, until I can’t say anything but yes.

[Scarlets POV]

I’m sitting on Madison’s hotel room, watching as she twirls around her room, a big smile on her face. I’m guessing its because of her new boyfriend Jack, seeing her happy had me happy even if I wish it was me. Yeah I’m in love with my bestfriend even though I’m a girl I mean she’s beautiful and she helped me come to terms with everything.

Not wanting her to see me moping I start to play games on my phone when she tackled me to the bed and straddles me. I’m surprised and feel my heart race as I place my hands on each other sides of her thighs rubbing soothing motions. She’s grinning as she plays with my hair.

“What’s going on mads?” I ask slightly breathless.

“I’m throwing a welcome back party for Jack and everyone so far has agreed to come including the guest of honor!” She squeals.

I roll my eyes, but smile for her benefit.

“That’s awesome!” I say.

“I know now we just need to get ready.”

“We?” I ask.

“Yeah us, I can’t do this without my bestfriend!” She says her eyes widening at the idea.

“Look madi I’ll just third wheel, so how bout I help you get ready and then I’ll stay here watching tv and eating junk food without you talking about how bad it is for me.” I say hopefully.

“No way you’re coming with, besides Jack says his other bestfriend is going to be there and maybe you’ll guys hit it off” she days wiggling her eyebrows.

“I highly doubt it.” I sigh.

“Please come on pretty please” she starts to beg me pouting her bottom lip.

I’m so very tempted to crash my lips to hers, but I resist, letting out a loud groan before agreeing, though I stated I get to leave if I started to feel uncomfortable.

“Deal! Oh my gosh I’m so excited!” She squeals.

She kisses me hard on the side of the mouth before hopping off me and running towards our suitcases before jumping into the shower.

“Seriously Madison we have like 2 hours before we need to leave are you really going to take a shower right now? what about me?” I whine.

“Then come and shower with me you butthole” she yells back.

Dear lord this woman was going to kill me.

“No hurry up”

Friday nights; Jack Gilinsky

*not edited*

Friday; the last day of the school week. Which meant tonight was the night I would hang out with my four best friends, Gilinsky, Johnson, Sam, and Nate. Our Friday traditions began about two years ago when we started going to one of our five houses every Friday night. Each week it was a different persons house. It just so happens that tonight we would be at my house. 

I sat on the couch waiting for the four boys’ arrival. I reading a text message off of my phone, until the sound of the doorbell ringing echoed through the house. I knew it wasn’t one of the boys because they usually walk straight through the door. I sat up off of the leather cushion wondering who was at the door.

As I approached the door, I looked out the peephole to see no person but a package waiting by the doorstep. I looked around before picking up the package and bringing it into the kitchen to place on the island. Once I finished placing it down I heard the door slam open followed by sets of footsteps. I heard a familiar laugh which belonged to Gilinsky, which assured me it was the boys. 

I’ve always had a small crush on him but, he’ll probably never feel the same way. The only one that knew about my little crush was Sam. I still don’t know how he figured it out. I thought I did a great job hiding my feelings towards him.

“Hey (y/n).” Johnson smiled, wrapping me in one of his warm hugs. A smiled back before speaking.

“Hey Johnson.”

“So, what’s our plan for tonight?” Nate curiously asked. We were trying to decide on what to do. We couldn’t think of much until I thought of the perfect plan.

“How about, we have a movie marathon in the basement.” I suggested. My suggestion earned nods from all four boys.

“Me, Nate and Johnson will go get everything set up downstairs and we’ll pick out a few movies,” Sam said knowing what he was doing.“And you two can get snacks and drinks.”

We all nodded our heads to the game plan. The three boys started jogging down the stairs down to the basement. Gilinsky were left standing in the kitchen. Without saying a word to him, I turned to the cabinets to grab some snacks. He instantly took that as his queue to get the drinks. He turned to the fridge and bent over to grab some cans of soda. I grabbed a bag of popcorn and popped it in the microwave. I grabbed assorted candies from the lower shelves before struggling to reach the Oreos which were higher in the cabinets.

“Let me help you with that.” I heard Jack say before coming up behind me and grabbing the chocolate cookies. I loved the feeling of his body pressed against mine.

“Thanks.” I said while turning to face. 

“No problem.” He spoke flashing his award winning smile. We were staring into each others eyes until the annoying beep of the microwave went off signaling the popcorn was finished.

“You might want to get that.” He said backing away to release me from his trap. 

“I just might.” I replied laughing slightly. I grabbed a bowl on the way for the popcorn to go in. I grabbed the piping hot bag from the machine, being careful not to burn myself and dumped it in the bowl. I grabbed the remaining food with the popcorn in hand and followed jack down the steps.

“We picked a couple movies that we mostly all like.” Sam said throwing the ‘mostly’ part at me. I knew there was going to be a scary movie involved in the mix and I hated scary movies. I mentally scoffed at Sam and his ways before sitting on the smaller couch that seated two. 

Apparently Jack forgot his phone upstairs so the normal sized couch was already filled my Johnson, Sam and Nate. Jack came back downstairs, taking the seat next to me and snuggling up under the blanket that covered me. Of course they decided to put the scary movie in first. The lights were off and the flat screen TV in front of us read Paranormal Activity.

“You guys.” I whined earning a laugh from them all, except Jack. He leaned down to my ear and whispered.

“Don’t worry baby girl, I’ll protect you.” His voice sent chills down my spine as the movie began playing. All eyes and minds were focused on the television. As the movie went on, scary things kept happening and I kept snugging into Jack more and more. 

By the end of the movie I was so buried into Jack I hadn’t realized that they turned the lights on till I heard them talking. 

“Aww is Jacky poo protecting wittle (y/n).” One boy cooed.

“Shhh guys I think she’s sleeping. I going to carry her upstairs, I’ll be back.” Jack whispered loudly. I quickly pretended I was asleep as Jack picked me up bridal style. I felt him go up the two flights of stairs before entering my bedroom and placing me on the bed. 

“Gosh why do I have love you so damn much.” He whispered out of breath thinking no one could hear him. He sat there stroking my hair and face watching me carefully. “Goodnight.” He once again whispered planting a kiss to my forehead. 

I felt weight lift off the bed and the sound of footsteps on the floor. I opened my eyes right before Jack exited the door. As soon as he was about to step foot out the doorway, I called out to him.

“Hey Jack,” I said causing him to turn back.“I love you too.”

“Goodnight (y/n).” He said back not caring if I heard everything he said to me.


First imagine on tumblr guys. It probably is short and sucks but whatever, I liked it. Expect more soon.    

Jack Johnson Imagine

“Please don’t leave me here all alone, you know that you are the only thing I have in my life.” She pleaded to her best-friend who was moving in three weeks. This had been the topic of discussion since he told her about four weeks ago. To be exact he was moving a week after graduation, which just happened to be in two weeks, to pursue his music career with their other close friend. She couldn’t have him leaving though, after everything they have been through together she couldn’t say goodbye to him and not have him around all the time.

He walked up to her and grabbed her face in between his hands, “We’ve been over this time and time again, I will always come back to visit you and I can always fly you out. Me moving away will not change anything, I will still be your best-friend and you still be mine. I’m moving on to better my life and I know you will too. You’re going to get out of that house and away from all that bull-shit. But guess what?” She looked up in his blue-green eyes and encouraged him to go on, “We will always be in each others lives. No doubt about it.” He leaned down and placed a kiss on her forehead, something that he has done countless times but now causes butterfly’s in her stomach. Ever since he told her that he was moving, her feelings for him became more prominent. She was so emotional because of it. She wrapped her arms around his torso and he rested his head on hers.

“Something I think I’ll miss the most is your hugs. You always give the best hugs Y/N.” He chuckled, pulled away and continued looking for things he wouldn’t wear in these next two weeks. “Here, since you love this pull over on me so much, I figured I would give it to you.” He tossed it to her and she smiled. They picked this one out together on a website called Tyler’s. They only have them in Texas but they shipped anywhere. It was a navy and white North Face. She smiled and pulled it over her head. It smelled exactly like him; Versace along with a hint of weed. It was a wonderful smell and always calmed her. She sat down on his bed and let out a huff.

“Jacky-poo I need to tell you something.” She was going to tell him because they did not keep secrets from each other. “Can you sit down please?” She gave him her pouty face and put his suitcase on the floor.

“What’s up lovely?” He smiled a cheeky smile at her urging her to go on.

“I…” She took a deep breath before continuing, “I like you a lot. More than just friends, I guess I always have but when you told me you were moving with Gilinsky, something over came me and the small gestures sent sparks through me and I’m only telling you this because we do not keep anything from each other. No secrets remember?” Something in the pit of her stomach told her this wasn’t going to end well. She couldn’t make eye contact and kept looking at her nails. The gel set of pink and white chevron was starting to come off and she desperately needed to go get them done again. Y/N looked up at him and when she did, the facial expression was not one she had seen in a long time. Heartbreak was written all over his face.

“I..” He ran his hands through his hair and sighed, “I can’t do this right now. Please leave.” He looked on the brink of tears. His words sliced her deep, deeper than being told that he didn’t return the feelings or saying he had feelings for somebody else, he just asked her to leave. Nothing happened except her getting off the bed and leaving his room. His mom was standing down the hall and from the look on her face, she heard everything and his mom approached her to hug her, “Do you want me to talk to him?” She asked and Y/N just shook her head no and went to leave. She didn’t want to be there anymore, she didn’t really want to be anywhere anymore. As she walked, her destination was home but she never made it there. She ended up in the woods where her and the guys, (Sammy, Skate, Gilinsky & Johnson) would come to talk about things they didn’t want anybody else to hear or do things other people would deem unlawful. She pulled up one of the lawn chairs they brought here the second time they had ever came to this spot. She sank down into the chair and screamed. She was loosing her best friend and her mind. She stood up in anger and took a rock that was sitting next to the chair, and chucked it at a tree, she took another and another until she heard people coming. She could recognize that collection of voices anywhere. She ran behind the tree just a couple feet away.

“I didn’t know what to fucking do guys. She poured her heart out to me and I just told her to leave. I fucked up and I can’t call her because she left her phone at my house and she didn’t go home. I already called there so I’m assuming she either came here or went to Alex’s.” He sighed as they all sat down in the chairs.
“Why didn’t you tell her you felt the same? You said you were going to tell her!” Sammy said.

“I don’t know man!” He stood up and kicked the chair. “I don’t want to do the long distance thing. I don’t want to have to put up the missing her and the feeling of sadness from not being able to see her, touch her, feel her fucking lips on mine or to feel her arms wrapped around me as she confides in me! It will all be for nothing if I’m in California and she is here. I’ll be living my dream, a dream,” He wiped his eyes and took a shaky breath, “A dream that I almost gave up on and if she hadn’t been there to push me to keep going to chase those dreams no matter what any fucking person said, I wouldn’t be going and to not have her by my side, to have her stuck in that hell hole of a family, would be pure torture for me and I wouldn’t be able to handle that.” Gilinsky came up and put a hand on his back.

“You really think that any of us want her to live there? You really think we want to leave her behind? We fucking have to for now, until we get some more money and a bigger place than we have lined up. We will get her away from them. No matter what it takes’. But you shouldn’t let all that bullshit keep you from having happiness because she will still support you and love you and care for you while you are in California man.” He threw some tough love in there, he had to in order for Johnson to listen.

Y/N needed to leave, this wasn’t a conversation for her ears and she felt like she was violating their privacy. She took a step back, her foot caught a rock and she fell straight back.
“Fuck.” She whispered hitting the ground. Everything was silent and she had hoped the boys didn’t hear her. But lost that hope as soon as she heard footsteps coming towards her. Y/N looked up and locked eyes with Skate, “What’s up Skate? Long time no see.” She let out an awkward laugh.

“Hey Johnson! I found her!” He laughed and grabbed your hand to help you up.

Skate and Y/N walked over to the group and all eyes were on her.

“Well I could lie and say I never heard that conversation and we can all be on our merry way.” She shrugged her shoulders and went to walk off when nobody answered her. “Well Gilinsky and Johnson, I hope you have a safe flight and wish you nothing but good vibes in your career.” She took a deep breath and turned to walk away, nobody stopped her, not even the person who mattered most.