jackie lo


“I play Magic cards with my drug dealer” J-Dog.

Our new interview with Hollywood Undead is out now!

imagine like a Falconers Face-off thingy where it’s one of those quickfire round of questions like:

interviewer: who is grumpiest in the morning?
Falconers: Guy
Interviewer: who eats the most?
Falconers: Tater
Interviewer: who spends the most time on their phone?
Falconers: JACK

which Jack finds odd because he’s never really been like attached to his phone much before but now he’s constantly texting or calling Bitty and the reality sinks in like ‘oh, i haven’t been subtle at all’

Falconers: We know what he’s really up to
Falconers: Little Jackie’s in lo~ve
Falconers: Shows on face
Interviewer: is that true, Jack?
Jack: *groans*

In January 1960, JFK made the formal announcement of his candidacy. A few months later Jackie learned she was pregnant, and her doctor ordered her to stay close to home. From there, she answered mail, taped TV spots, wrote a syndicated column (”Campaign Wife”) and coped with the press. In July, on the day after Jack won his party’s nomination in Los Angeles, Jackie was swamped by reporters at Hyannis Port.