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here’s samples of the main 4 kid’s skin tones, color-sampled from screenshots. Star, a white person, is left in for reference and in a line for comparison. Notice how significantly darker Janna, Jackie and Marco are

here are skin tones from fanart. uncredited, unsourced for just this once because i’m not trying to call any one person out in specific or shame. 

the blobs on the right are the color-sampled tones from canon. the left are from the art, again w star’s canon skin color as an anchor. It’s far too similar.

no one’s editing marco and janna to have blonde hair and blue eyes, all i’ve seen are victims of pastel filters and genuine mistakes. Often people give them peachy or golden undertones; try to keep in mind brown skin has less saturated/reddish undertones. 

y’all need to be careful. I do too, in what i produce and reblog; most importantly, we should not be stripping these brown-skinned characters of their color!! Thank you for listening, stay vigilant, and if you see a mistake, help the artist/editor fix it! :D

I think that at the time we broke, there were a lot of hippie bands who just wandered around onstage, looking at each other between songs and just sort of wondering what to do, wondering what key they were in… just wondering. We wanted to eliminate that. we wanted to hit people hard and put on a show, which included dressing a certain way. We wanted to look good, sound good, and play good. And at the time, not many people were putting as much conscious effort into every aspect of live performance as we did.
    The hippie approach was generally ‘Come as you are and do what you feel like,’ and we completely electrified audiences because our act was so focused on every level. Again, it was our professional attitude. People were paying a lot o money to come and see us, so you wanted to sound like something and look like something. And people appreciated it when you put in the effort. It doesn’t detract from the musicianship and it adds to the show, so why not?
—  Jimmy Page, quoted in Brad Tolinski, Light and Shade: Conversations with Jimmy Page

Jacqueline sighed, shaking her head. <<Well, then what are you waiting on?>>, she hissed.

Bethany rolled her eyes, taking a deep breath. <<It’s not easy, Jackie. I have to triangulate the signal and the phone has to be on, too>>, she explained. <<It may take a while>>.

Jacqueline crossed her arms, stomping her feet. <<Whatever>>, she mumbled under her breath.

Marco Comes Out to Jackie

@adolfin-hitlai, this is the second part of the prompt you sent me with Marco coming out to Jackie. I’m not 100% sure on where I am setting this or when but I am writing it as a continuation of my previous headcanon where Marco and Jackie are at St. O’s.

For ease of having a context though I’m gonna have is set with Marco and Jackie hanging out in Marco’s room. Seems easier. It also not quite as long as the one between Tom and Marco.

Hope you enjoy :)

Also just for those not aware I am now taking prompts for headcanons. Trans Marco and Tomco prompts can be sent to this blog, prompts for anything unrelated to these two topics please send to my side blog @jenniferdiazisatransgirl-general.

“So what do you want to do today?” Jackie says sat on Marco’s bed.

Marco is sat in their desk chair and acting kind of nervous. “Jackie, I invited you over today because I want to… need to tell you something.”

Jackie sits up straight looking more serious, “Oh?”

“You know back at St. O’s, I dressed as a girl and couldn’t quite explain why?” Marco says fiddling with their hands. “I just said it was “easier”.“

“Yeah”, Jackie responds.

“Well, when you asked I really didn’t know why”, Marco says still sounding nervous and speaking quite fast. “All I know is I felt more confident and more like myself.” Marco pauses and takes a long nervous breath before continuing, “I… I think I finally know, why. Jackie, I’m trans.”

“You’re what?”

“I’m a girl. Well on the inside I’m a girl and well, I guess my outsides don’t really match that, or at least how I’d like people to view me”, Marco says still rather fast. “It’s why I have always been so nervous and awkward. I’ve just had these feelings I have never really been able to place until now.”

“Right”, Jackie says kind of bluntly. She sits silently for a while as if thinking over what she has just heard, her expression unreadable.


“Ummm… I’ve got to go”, she says getting up off of Marco’s bed. “I just realised my… Mom needs me to help her with the shopping.”


Jackie cuts Marco off, “I just need time to think. I’ll call you.”

Jackie leaves Marco’s room and Marco turns round to face their desk and cries into their arms.

“I don’t want to go out on a Kennedy driveway to a Kennedy airport to visit a Kennedy School – that’s what Ethel said. And besides: I’ve got everything I want, I have that flame [in Arlington National Cemetery] and I have the Cape. Those were the only two things I cared about. I care about the flame. Sometimes you drive across that bridge and see that Lee mansion all lit up, that’s one of the first things Caroline learned to recognize. I wanted that flame and I wanted Cape Kennedy. I don’t care what people say. I want that flame, and I wanted his name on just that one booster, the one that would put us ahead of the Russians…that’s all I wanted”

(-Jacqueline Kennedy)

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LOL that sounds like him! I love the detail of the theme and the tag system. How do you think Jackie's would be?

[We are talking about this]

I’m glad you think so, dear! As for Jackie, well… I believe she would do her own blog because she wants to. She probably had one since tumblr started and her older publications embarrass her, so she abandoned her first blog and has made like four ever since.

  • Was a directioner, so her first blog was basically that. Nowadays she still reblogs about them, but not as much, and it’s mosty about idk, Zyan?
  • Fashion blogger, and she also makes posts of her own from Fashion Weeks and whatnot.
  • Has a lot of followers but rarely interacts with them. But her selfies get reblogged A LOT.
  • Her theme is something minimalistic, but her entire blog is in pastel colors that may kill your eyes if you try to read something. She doesn’t give a flying fuck about it, it looks nice.
  • pink and purple #aesthetic everywhere.
  • Reblogs moodboards and Kardashians.
  • Clean tag system, but not so deep. Just things like #fashion, #photograpy, #me, #easthetic, etc.
  • Likes but never reblogs shitposts. Spends hours at night reading blogs of jokes and text posts.
  • Went crazy when Lemonade. Hasn’t recovered yet.
  • Katy Perry vs Taylor Swift drama was her favorite drama.
  • Never gets involved in drama but loves reading drama.
  • Lowkey reblogs pictures of cars and references for it. Used to tag it under her tag for Michael, then for Steven, until Hyde convinced her to not be embarrassed about it. Now it’s just #cars and #references.
  • Her tag for Hyde is probably something like #puddin’ pop or #my steven, or some shit like that and she puts corny shit under said tag. Hyde stalks  that shit every night, but she doesn’t know that.

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i know i just asked something but i has another one: davey and jack are dating and none of the newsies know except crutchie and then davey and jack kiss in front of the other newsies forgetting they are there (kinda like the friends episode)

“Jackie, I really gotta get going before ma comes lookin’ for me.” Davey speaks softly to the boy next to him. As much as he’d like to spend the rest of his evening goofing around with all the Manhattan newsies, he knows better than to stay past dark. His mom is the worrying type.

“But ya just got here,” Jack pouts.

He rolls his eyes. “I’ve been here for an hour, Jackie.”

“Hey, earth ta lovebirds!” Specs waves a hand between the two boys, “We asked ya what ya wanna do for dinner.”

The two boys are startled by the nickname, not so subtly moving further from each other when they direct their attention back to the group of boys sat around the table. Crutchie laughs at this, seeing as he’s the only one who knows how true the statement actually is. Jack and Davey have been seeing each other for awhile now, but they haven’t really told any of the other newsies. Even Crutchie only found out because he barged in on a more-than-friendly cuddle session one night.

“Oh! Well I actually can’t stay, gotta be gettin’ home and all. See ya later, boys!” Davey speaks too quickly for someone who wasn’t just caught doing something he shouldn’t be. He jumps up from his seat and makes a beeline for the door.

The table of newsies exchange confused looks as Jack gets up to follow Davey outside.

“Daaaaaave, wait.” Jack whines when he thinks they’re out of sight. When Davey stops to look at him, Jack juts his lower lip out and gives the taller boy puppy eyes, “Don’t I get a goodnight kiss?”

Davey raises his eyebrows at the pouty boy and shakes his head with a chuckle. He closes the distance between the two of them, muttering, “insatiable” before pressing a chaste kiss to Jack’s lips.

“Dunno what that means, but I’ll take it as a compliment,” Jack mumbles against the boy’s mouth. When Davey moves to leave again, Jack grabs him by the tie and pulls him back in for a proper kiss. Davey is briefly caught of guard, but quickly settles into it and loops his arms around Jack’s waist.

It isn’t until they hear the hooping and hollering from the other side of the window that they realize they may not have actually been out of sight after all. The two boys jump apart again, heads snapping to follow the sound of the newsies jeers. Their eyes are met with the sight of every newsie they had been hanging out with pressed up against the window, trying to talk over each other. Jack’s pretty sure he even heard a few of them groan something about losing a bet.

“You can’t make me go back in there.” Jack looks up at Davey with a pleading expression.

“Oh really? Cause, uh, I think I can.” Davey looks between the boys and Jack with an amused grin before pressing a kiss to Jack’s cheek. “G’night, Jackie. Have fun!”

With that, the taller boy spins on his heel and practically takes off running down the street, leaving Jack alone to deal with his friends’ heckling.

“I picked the worst boyfriend.”

people are really reaching as far as they can to make neda look like a bad feminist for going after people who are clearly against her. which is gary/cass/jackie. but i guess to be a good feminist she should let them stay and just go after people she’s aligned with.