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Things I’ve learned from my reading so far:

-Abe Lincoln once suggested cow dung as a dueling weapon.

-James Madison is the only president to have honorary citizenship in another country. (it’s France)

-Ronald Reagan was the first president to ever be divorced.

-Dolley Madison is the longest serving First Lady or White House Hostess.

-The Kennedys met because Jackie was the camera girl interviewing JFK.

-Edith Wilson is known as “the presidentress” because of her role in making decision on behalf of her husband after he suffered a stoke.

-Grace Coolidge delivered a is the only first lady to give a speech at Gallaudet. (and yes, she did sign it)

-Lincoln was the first president to be born outside of the original 13 states.

-William Henry Harrison gave the longest Inaugural Speech, FDR gave the shortest. 

-Andrew Jackson was drunk when he was sworn in as Vice President.

-James Madison is the only president to ever lead troops from the battlefield.

-John Tyler had the nickname of “His Accidency”

-John Quincy Adams wore the same hat every day for 10 years.

-JFK was the first president to never wear a hat.

-Ulysses S Grant’s favorite horse was named Jeff Davis, to mock the president of the Confederacy. 

-James Madison once accused Benjamin Franklin of being a British spy.

-Robert Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln’s son, was present for three presidential assassinations.

George Harrison during the Traveling Wilburys recording sessions (previously posted on the blog here).

Photo © Genesis Publications

“I remember one time, at an airport, I was starting to worry whether we would get to the gate on time but George just smiled and said he wanted a cup of tea.
‘OK,’ I fretted, ‘but I don’t think we have time.’
'There’s always time for a cup of tea,’ he said.” - Sir Jackie Stewart on George Harrison, Winning Is Not Enough [x]


George Harrison and Jackie Lomax in the studio during the recording of Jackie’s album Is This What You Want? (produced by George and included the Harrisong “Sour Milk Sea”) in 1968; auctioned by Heritage Auctions in the summer of 2014, photographer unknown.

“George was a champion. He made time for me and was protective even, inviting me to his home. I felt really privileged. It was incredible. To have my name associated with The Beatles – what better thing could happen to a budding artist?” - Jackie Lomax, Apple Records website

After George’s passing, Jackie wrote and recorded the song “Friend-A-Mine” in his honor. It appears on The Ballad of Liverpool Slim:


I just lost a friend of mine
I hadn’t seen in quite sometime
But he’s been here in heart and mind
He was a friend of mine

Though I have some other friends
I won’t see one like him again
Now I feel an era end
Yes, he was my friend

Now it’s up to us to carry on
Play the gigs and write the songs
We have to carry on

Yes, he was a friend to me
He taught me ‘bout humility
I just hope when it’s time for me
He will be right there
He will be right there

Words and music by Jackie Lomax; © 2004 & 2009 Jakmax Music

“He also has his black moods, as we all do - and God help anyone who at that time incites his wrath!” - Ravi Shankar

“George had two incredible separate personalities. He had the love bag-of-beads personality. And the bag of anger.” - Ringo Starr    

“His face was a mask of fury and contempt; I had never seen an angrier man. George’s anger even paralyzed John.” - May Pang, Loving John 

“I saw George back-out three Hell’s Angels. We were in an office together with Alistair [Taylor], and these three Angels just flung open the door and walked straight in. I was looking for the closet, but George walked straight up to the biggest guy in the middle and said, ‘What are you doing here? We don’t want you here, we’re having a meeting.’ The guy must have outweighed him by 200lbs, but he just walked back and kept saying, ‘I know you, I know you…’ He walked out the door and George shut it in his face.” - Jackie Lomax, George Harrison: Behind the Locked Door 

“You’ll stay on the fucking label. Hare Krishna.” - George to Paul

“Suddenly the entire Drug Squad began pressing so close that George was moved to shout: ‘Give us some fucking room, will you! I’m not going to run away!’ Whereupon a press photographer duly popped out of the bushes, temporarily blinding us with his flash camera as he snapped his group portrait. At that, George completely blew his top. 'What the fuck do you think you’re doing on my property?’ he yelled. 'I’m gonna fucking kill you, you bastard!’ Tearing after the photographer, with the entire Drug Squad fast at his heels, George embarked upon a protracted wild-goose chase around his own garden. Observing it all from the drive, I couldn’t help but laugh; bad as I felt for George, the scene was altogether worthy of a Marx Brothers film.” - Pete Shotton on George’s drug bust

"As we were listening, I noticed that something down in the studio had caught George Harrison’s attention. After a moment or two he began staring bug-eyed out the control room window… Yoko had gotten out of bed and was slowly padding across the studio floor, finally coming to a stop at Harrison’s Leslie cabinet, which had a packet of McVitie’s Digestive Biscuits on top. Idly, she began opening the packet and delicately removed a single biscuit. Just as the morsel reached her mouth, Harrison could contain himself no longer. ‘THAT BITCH!’ Everyone looked aghast, but we all knew exactly who he was talking about. ‘She’s just taken one of my biscuits!’” - Geoff Emerick, Here, There And Everywhere

“A couple weeks later George dropped by the Pheasantry and left me acetates of the double album on which [While My guitar Gently Weeps] was going to appear[…] Word had got back to him that I was playing the [White Album] around town, and he was furious and gave me a huge bollocking[…] For a little while I steered clear of him, but in time we became friends again, although after that, I was always a little wary of letting my guard down around him.” - Eric Clapton, Clapton: The Autobiography

“I think chanting helped George a lot, overcoming feelings of distress and anger.” - Mukunda Goswami


June 1968 - George works with Jackie Lomax in the studio, producing and playing guitar for “Sour Milk Sea” a song he wrote while in Rishikesh and offered to Jackie. The sessions were held between 24 June - 26 June, 1968 at Abbey Road Studios also included Paul McCartney on bass, Ringo Starr on drums, Eric Clapton on lead guitar, Nicky Hopkins on piano.. Photo Credits; Heritage Auctions & Guernsey Photo Service

“I wrote ‘Sour Milk Sea’ in Rishikesh, India,. I never actually recorded the song. It was done by Jackie Lomax on his album “Is This What You Want?” It’s based on Vishvasara Tantra, from Tantric art. 'What is here is elsewhere, what is not here is nowhere.’ It’s a picture, and the picture is called Sour Milk Sea — Kalladadi Samudra in Sanskrit. I used Sour Milk Sea as the idea of — if you’re in the shit, don’t go around moaning about it: Do something about it.” - George Harrison

“With Eric Clapton playing on it, it was on fire, When the backing tape was played back, I thought it worked as an instrumental. 'You want me to sing on top of that?!’ There I am in the studio and there are three Beatles in the control room watching me … I guess I was nervous at first, but after a couple of takes I was into it.” - Jackie Lomax


August 30,1964- A game of Monopoly with Jackie DeShannon at Lafayette Motor Inn, Atlantic City, - Photos: Curt Gunther

“I am playing Monopoly with the fabulous George Harrison, and I could not concentrate on my Monopoly game” - Jackie DeShannon on George Harrison, Fab Four Stories (thanks goes to Andrea at thateventuality tumblr for the quote)