jackie giddings

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So there will be more when I'm not doing the dishes (shhh what chores???) but 1) Introduction for Jackie/Marcie bc of reasons!!!! <33333

It wasn’t often that MI-5 and MI-6 agents crossed paths. After all, the 00s were a more global operation, and the Spooks were bred as homebodies. But when Marcie’s latest mark crawled his way onto English shores, well… the agent reluctantly found herself within the walls of MI-5.

“Ah, Agent York, pleasure to finally have you with us.” Marcie smiled wanly at the higher-up that approached her with a hand outstretched; which she promptly ignored.

“Right. You’re not my partner, are you? I was told I’d be meeting a Major Giddings here. And trust me, I’ve had my research done, you’re not Giddings.” Her tone was clipped, angry as she stared the man down. This was not the way this meeting was supposed to go. She didn’t have time to play with bureaucrats, people’s lives were at stake.

“Yes, well, Major Giddings is not present at the moment. She is on-site at another pressing assignment. I’ve been assured that Major Giddings will join us presently for the debriefing if you’ll just come this way…”

Marcie turned on her heel without even waiting for the man to finish his sentence. She wasn’t going to waste time waiting for a partner who would so easily blow off a meeting with another agent. She’d just have to tell M that she would be working on the case alone.

As soon as she reached the front doors, she nearly ran into a redhead coming the other way, dragging along by a pair of handcuffs the very man Marcie had been trailing across the globe for months. The redhead raised an eyebrow at Marcie before jerking the mark forward.

“Agent York? I think I’ve found what you’ve been looking for.”

A grin slowly grew upon the 00 Agent’s face as she stepped forward and punched the man straight across the chin. She then looked up at Jackie and held out a hand.

“A pleasure to meet you, Major Giddings. You are more than welcome to call me Marcie.”