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Neruda (2016, Pablo Larraín)

Neruda tells the story of 10 months the renowned Chilean poet spent on the chase from local authorities before finally escaping to Amsterdam.

Larraín’s Neruda and his other 2016 film, Jackie, both deal a lot with the political atmosphere but Neruda excels where Jackie couldn't— partly helped by the fantastical elements of the story, the part-biography, part-fiction, it is a lot bolder than Jackie.

Gael Garcia Marquez is a man who has proven his mettle time and again and his oddly void performance gives Larraín the space he needs to build a story around his character.

Luis Gnecco takes up most of the screen time as Pablo Neruda and does so tremendously by his charismatic performance and Larraín’s quirks behind-the-camera.

The film began as a political drama and that irked me to some extent as any film based on Pablo Neruda should be expected to include a lot of his works. He was after all, known to most of the world as a poet rather than the Senator of the Communist Party of Chile. But as the film got to the important conversation between the austere police officer, Oscar Peluchonneau and Pablo’s lover, Delia, i began to see the second layer to the movie Larraín hid from us for more than half the movie’s duration.

Much like Neruda’s poems, the film began easily and comfortably but as it approached it’s end, it stopped being an entity and became an emotion in itself.

Pablo Larraín is definitely an exciting filmmaker who seems to know what he’s doing and is somebody i will definitely be looking out for in the coming years.