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8 eps into Iron Fist and I gotta say it...

So I’m 8 episodes into Iron Fist and for a Martial Arts Superhero Show. The fight scenes are trash tbh.

 I mean after watching films like
The Raid

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Ip Man, 

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Classic Jackie Chan films 

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the choreography in this Martial Arts show is really lackluster. 

Though now come to think about it THE RAID ruined Mainstream movie fights for me lol because that movie is on a whole nother level. 

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honestly after watching this video it shows you the difference between Mainstream & Asian Martial Arts films

My Favourite Kisses

For International Kissing Day, I am compiling a list of some of my favourite kisses from different ships across the board. I’m doing this in no particular order, it’ll be mean to ask me to rate them.

1. Kim Shin and Eun Tak, I Miss You Kiss

2. Stefan and Elena, Bloodshare Kiss

3. Scott and Kira, Rain Kiss

4. Brooke and Lucas, Goodbye Kiss

5. Jackie and Hyde, Makeup Kiss

6. Mickey and Ian, “Not Afraid” Kiss

7. Stiles and Malia, Makeup Kiss

8. Shi Jin and Mo Yeon, Truck Kiss

9. Crixus and Naevia, “I Know You’re Mad But…” Kiss

10. Oz and Willow, “Panicking” Kiss

11. Noah and Rosalee, Bathtub Kiss

13. Dong Man and Ae Ra, First Kiss

14. Max and Logan, Tortured Kiss

15. Nick and June, Hallway Kiss

16. Michael and Maria, First Kiss

17. Max and Liz, Goodbye Kiss

18. Buffy and Angel, Morning Kiss

19. Piper and Leo, First Kiss

20. Matt and Julie, “It’s Not Over Kiss”

21. Dwayne and Whitley, Surprise Kiss

22. Dan and Blair “We both officially like each other” Kiss

23. Scott and Allison, Car Kiss

24. Michael and Jane, Best Kiss Ever

25. Nick and Jess, First Kiss (I don’t even watch NG anymore or care that much about this ship but this kiss was hot)

27. Amy and Jake, Real Kiss

28. Eun Chan and Han Kyul “Fuck It, I’m Gay” Kiss

29. Pacey and Joey, First Time Kiss

30. Cesare and Lucrezia, Tortured Kiss

31. Agron and Nasir, Passionate Kiss

32. Michaela and Asher, “I like you too” Kiss

33. Dae Young and Myung Joo, Car Kiss

34. Yuri and Victor, Spontaneous Kiss


I had forgotten Jackie did this. Video quality is so so, but I still love it.

Reblog if you are a fan of any of these cartoons!

- Invader Zim

- He-Man and the Masters of the Universe/She-Ra: Princess of Power

- ReBoot

- The Powerpuff Girls

- Xiaolin Showdown

- Atomic Betty

- Danny Phantom

- The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy

- Jackie Chan Adventures

- Courage the Cowardly Dog

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So Jord, since we saw your Top 5 anime Waifus I have a challenging question since I know you personally and I know how vast they are. How many Cartoon Girls have you had Crushes on in your childhood, You can choose 4 ANIME Women but I want to know how many JaxBlade haha

Oh my God Mike do you know how long this list will be haha I was a horny lil boy and had a ton of Crushes on Cartoon women hmmm I really gotta think


Okay I got em. Just for reference I dont want anyone callin me a Pedo or some crap because I was born 1990 and was around the same age or younger than all these crushes Im bout to list haha 

80s April O’neil from the 1987 TMNT

Jade Chan from Jackie Chan Adventures

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Penny Proud from Proud Family

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Starfire from Teen Titans THE GOOD ONE Oh GOD Starfire I LOVED HER

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Buena Girl from Mucha Lucha

Ty Lee from Avatar the Last Airbender

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Okay I aint no furry but Lola Bunny from Space Jam and Sally Acorn from Sonic SaTam could still get it (same voice too lol)

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Supergirl from Superman TAS/Justice League/Unlimited

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Bubbles from Powerfpuff Girls

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Black Cat from Spider-man TAS 90s spidey

Jeanie Harper from Life with Louie

Poil from Casper the 90s cartoon

Ashley Q. from Recess

Kagome from InuYasha

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Sailor venus from Sailor Moon

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Android 18 from Dragonball Z

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And Sora Takenouchi from Digimon Adventure 01 and 02,

 you know why I ship Taiora so hard BECAUSE WHEN I WAS KID I LOVED HER and IF I COULDNT HAVE HER I chose Tai as a good replacement but she went with that pretty boy musician Matt -_-

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